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Take It Black 3 (Hustler)

Take It Black 3 (Hustler)

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Take It Black 3 (Hustler):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Take It Black 3 (Hustler) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Take It Black 3 (Hustler) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Take It Black 3 (Hustler) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Take It Black 3 (Hustler) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Take It Black 3 (Hustler) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Take It Black 3 (Hustler) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Take It Black 3 (Hustler) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  1/4/2006

The saga continues…

Take It Black 3

2005, 2 hours and 34 minutes
Directed by Van Styles
Starring Jasmine Byrne, Nyomi Marcela, Aiden Layne, Dolce, Kami Andrews & Gen Padova

What You Should Know:
After a brief period of renegotiation (but fortunately not inactivity) it seems that the rumors of the demise of Van Styles‘ business relationship with Hustler have been greatly exaggerated. Bobby Manila filled in briefly, helming Barely Legal: Corrupted 5 in Styles‘ absence but Van returns to his Video Team-like roots here, directing white-hot interracial action for the series he debuted for Hustler with, one that has yet to falter or misstep. It has never been hard for Styles to acquire the services of one Jasmine Byrne and before she headed off into the sunset, it seemed Aidan Layne was rather fond of being in front of his camera, too. The gorgeous Nyomi Marcela is on hand, we get a fresh new face in Dolce and the refreshingly wacky and uber-intense Kami Andrews steps in front of Van’s lens for the first time. Let‘s see how it all pans out.
Scene One: Jasmine Byrne with Rico Strong

“I care about you. You’re not just another porn girl to me,” Van Styles says as he loads Jasmine Byrne into his Navigator. He promises to take her on a trip to give her something special. Once inside the vehicle, Jasmine begins playing with herself, hardening her nipples and letting Van thumb her clit. Jasmine plays Van out when she runs back inside to grab something she forgot: Rico Strong. Apparently this guy is indispensable to Byrne and suddenly her trip with Styles is forgotten in favor of blowing Strong near a winding staircase. After some lengthy and frankly PSYCHOTIC oral, Jasmine lets Rico wriggle her tight black booty shorts down around her hips (Jasmine fans will note she’s very thick and curvy here, not so much as of late) and off before sitting on his dick cowgirl at the foot of the staircase. Jasmine then stands on one side of the railing and let‘s Rico pound her through the bars while she reaches back to hold the railing. Styles gets this action from every angle: wide, closeup, overhead and beneath. And it looks magnificent no matter which direction you see it from. Rico and Jasmine move to a white sofa where Strong sinks his stick into Byrne‘s brown eye spoon which morphs into missionary. Some ATM here and quite a few moments where all Jasmine can do is hold on and do her best to catch her breath…but in a good way. She‘s definitely enjoying every second of this anal drilling, especially in reverse cowgirl and doggie. Jasmine practically pleads for his load and Rico accommodates her, jerking his cockpaste out onto her uppper lip. Byrne couldn‘t be happier.

Scene Two: Nyomi Marcela with Rico Strong

Rico’s back, this time with Nyomi Marcela. No doubt, Nyomi’s an absolutely gorgeous girl but the sadist in me wants to see Rico tear her prissy, too-pretty-for-porn ass apart. If for just once, Strong would fuck her like Erik Everhard, I could die a happy man. Regardless of Rico’s personal style, I know Nyomi will probably never get the screwing her prissy and petite ass truly deserves. Rico’ll do his job and she’ll just lie there and look good. Fuck that shit. I wish Jade was still working. If that were the case I‘d be writing an entirely different intro; one that focused on how Strong didn‘t live up to his last name and got turned out by the elder Marcela. Nyomi, sporting the camouflage and hot pink miniskirt Chanel Chavez wore in Barely Legal: Corrupted 2, starts the festivities by sitting on Rico‘s face as he runs his tongue up and down her gash until Marcela comes down to slurp on his pole. Nyomi rocks her pussy back and forth on Rico‘s prick mish and doggie. They kick it in to high gear somewhat in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl, Nyomi taking the time to stroke Strong up to his maximum length with her hands before sitting on it. That‘s considerate. After a nice ride, Strong strokes off into Marcela‘s mouth. To her credit, she takes the facial like a champ, sucking and stroking his shaft to make sure he‘s emptied completely.

Scene Three: Aidan Layne with Mandingo

Van’s shot Aidan before (Barely Legal: Corrupted 2, Ass Appeal 2) but never in an IR scene so Styles called on the biggest dog of them all to break the super-cute and always willing Layne in right: Mandingo. The last time we saw Mandingo in Take It Black 2, he and Tiffany Mynx were making adult movie history, meeting for the first time ever. Aiden isn‘t quite the legend that Mynx is but this is a pairing that should produce some fireworks, nonetheless. After sufficiently lubing ‘Dingo‘s cock with her own saliva via her kissable little mouth, Aidan slides him inside herself reverse cowgirl, barely able to take even half of his length. They rev up slowly, gradually picking up the pace until Aidan‘s bouncing on most of it rapidly with no problems (but lots of wincing and noisy moans). That is, until she turns around for doggie. Mandingo wields his cock like a nightstick, beating Layne‘s with it like he was the LAPD and her tattooed pussy was Rodney King in mish. He goes plenty deep, but never all the way; I fear that might actually dislodge something vital and kill her. The pussy pillaging proceedings continue in cowgirl, where Manny grabs handfuls of Aidan‘s round butt cheeks and maneuvers her down onto his lap. After a good long ride, Layne hops down and squeezes Mandingo‘s load out with her hands, letting the jizz run down over her knuckles and managing to get some up onto her chin.

Scene Four: Dolce with Mandingo

Previously unknown latina newbie Dolce sashays down the stairwell in Van‘s pad and gets on all fours on his sofa. She‘s a slim girl, not particularly busty but she‘s got a GREAT ass, Styles shows us. I hope she‘s ready for the task at hand because I doubt anyone bothered to warn her about Mandingo’s size. She doesn’t appear intimidated by it on first sight but once it’s actually in her mouth you can tell she’s a little lost on exactly what to do with it. I actually feel for the poor guy; not being able to get deep-throated regularly by anyone short of a trained sword swallower. Dolce, for her part, eventually grows accustomed to having this lamppost in her mouth and then in her snatch cowgirl. A genuine smile of deep satisfaction spreads across her face when Mandingo first thrusts upwards inside her. Not only is she taking him with ease, she‘s taking control and bouncing her ass up and down on him like a stripper and talking (“Come on, fuck that pussy!”) Damn. Go ’head, girl. They position themselves for doggie next and this is a smart move: undoubtedly, Dolce‘s best asset is her big, round ass. It‘s wise to keep the attention there. Reverse cowgirl shows off Dolce‘s somewhat hirsute pussy as Mandingo lets her grind as much of his cock up into her as she can handle. They finish up with some red-hot missionary and Mandingo pinches his ejaculation off just long enough for Dolce to get to her knees and collect it as he unleashes all over her mouth. She plays with the cum until the scene fades out.

Scene Five: Kami Andrews with Rico Strong

A natural ham, Kami Andrews LIVES for fun setups like this one. Playing a cop, Andrews, from Pittsburgh PA, says she’s gotten reports of “black cock” coming in and out of Styles’ place. She’s not going to buy the excuse that he’s “holding it for a friend” so she needs to see the black cock in question. Van apparently has never heard the ‘hood motto “stop snitchin”; he dimes his boy out and gives him up to Officer Kami. Kami lectures Rico on the dangers of him bringing black cock to the neighborhood and all the marriages he’s likely to break up if the white wives get a gander at his lengthy appendage. Kami, however, must inspect it herself. Once it hit’s the air, you can see Andrews physically change. She can‘t help it. She drops to her knees. She MUST have it in her mouth. She puts one end of the ‘cuffs around his shaft and the other one on her own wrist, literally cuffing herself to his cock before she goes to work bobbing on it. “You‘re not going anywhere, mister!” she says before wrapping her tits around his tool. Kami grunts and growls dirty demands and naughty non-sequiturs at Rico while he gives her all he‘s got in doggie and mish on a nearby barstool. “That‘s my dick, my dick…it‘s all mine. Every fuckin‘ inch of it! Yeah, yeah, yeah…get it, get it, get it! Yeah, my pussy looooves that dick…” Kami snarls.

When she gets on all fours and bends over to let Rico into her rectum doggie she tells him, “My ass is here for your enjoyment. Look at you working hard for me. That‘s a big ass for a white chick, isn‘t it? It deserves a dick like that. I don‘t fuck around, I want the BIG ones!” As she says it, she starts bucking back against Rico’s cock, impaling herself at her own pace, arching her back and undulating that gorgeous ass. ATM, of course, (“I have no problem licking shit off your dick…if that's what I have to do to get it.”) precedes the transition to reverse cowgirl anal and missionary. (“Oh baby I like that. That’s right, you’re making that pussy dripping wet. Oh, you’re getting’ it, baby…Oh God, you’re getting it nice and deep! Oh, holy shit…thank you, thank you, thank you! Holy cow, oh goodness gracious!”) This girl really likes anal sex and Rico’s cock in there. I hate to quote Kami so much but she’s so funny it’s hard not to include her random gems like, “I want a Rico car seat so I can always sit on it!” Rico finally explodes right on the bridge of her nose and her forehead to end a really intense scene. These two had great chemistry. Either that or Kami was just dying for a good fuck and Rico came through in providing it for her. Either way, really good shit.


Jasmine Byrne and Kami Andrews were, as a lot of you probably guessed before even reading the review, the pick of the litter here. Both were on fire all of 2005 and I don‘t see that changing in the coming year. Nyomi was Nyomi, Aidan remains as cute as a button (it‘s a shame she‘s gone) and Dolce was a nice surprise. I‘d have no issues with her returning in an Ass Appeal scene somewhere down the line. The only thing that truly blew me away was Kami Andrews and how much she truly enjoyed having Rico Strong in her ass. All in all, another satisfying installment and par for the course for Styles. Fans of the first two will pleased with this latest.

Bonus Features:
  • Bonus Scene (34:20) with Gen Padova with Denzel Smashington in his very first scene ever.
  • Behind the Scenes (27:23) Kami Andrews and Rico Strong do A LOT of fucking off-camera.
  • Slide Show (4:57, self-advancing photo gallery)
  • Sex Talk (1:14 of phone sex ads)
  • Trailers (10:15; Take It Black, Asian Fever 22, Black and Wild 14, Adventure Sex 3, Cumswappers 3 and Busty Beauties 15)
Crucifixio Jones

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