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Coyote22 Tails Of Perversity 11 3.5 starsTails Of Perversity 11 3.5 starsTails Of Perversity 11 3.5 stars
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Tails Of Perversity 11

Tails Of Perversity 11

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Tails Of Perversity 11:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Tails Of Perversity 11 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Tails Of Perversity 11 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Tails Of Perversity 11 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Tails Of Perversity 11 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Tails Of Perversity 11 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Tails Of Perversity 11 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tails Of Perversity 11 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  8/15/2004


Prologue Perversion: A sexual practice or act considered abnormal or deviant. Is there really any such thing anymore? That's like trying to define something as nasty after viewing a billion ass to mouths. What's nasty? Anyway, this edition of Tales Of Perversity is helmed by William H, who I think is more wacky than perverse. Roxanne Hall graces the boxcover and that bodes well for the state of perversion and Alicia Rhodes is also here, so the intensity and nastiness are well represented. On with the show.
Alicia Rhodes A Tale Of "Dusk and her Embrace" Alicia Rhodes gets into her Mercedes wearing nothing but a body chain. She's cruisin' for some strange stuff. Tony T is waiting for a bus, so Alicia attempts to pick him up. She asks him if he wants to fuck her. Nothing like being direct. Tony has nothing better to do so they drive off. She drives into a back alley and stops, telling Tony to shut up, and pulling his head into her lap. They get out and walk into what looks like a garage. Alicia is on her knees telling Tony to treat her like a bitch as he pulls his pants down. He fucks her face the way she likes it. Slobber and nasty talk. Alicia is a powerful woman by day and needs to be treated like a dirty slut tonight. Tony spits on her and smacks Alicia's ass, puts his cock out of the side of her mouth. Mascara is running and Alicia climbs on Tony's cock CG as he lay on some tires. Tony is a machine and Alicia's tits are bouncing all over the place. She lays on the tires and Tony fucks her mish with P2M leading to Tony rimming her ass. He slaps her ass rosy and then she mounts him in CG anal. Hard anal and A2M as they move to RCA. Standing doggy anal is next. A2M with forced deep throat and back to doggy. Side entry on the tires again. More A2M and doggy anal on the tires. Alicia squats down for the jizz as Tony abuses her a bit before unloading in her mouth. She had her fill and orders him back to the bus stop.
Christie Lee and Vicki Richter A Tale Of Miscreation One of the cutest newer girls on the scene, Christie Lee, is sneaking a smoke in the woods and talking to Vicki Richter about boys. Vicki also admits an attraction to Christie. She has some money, so they get a motel room to explore their sapphic sides. Well, semi sapphic. They get chummy in the elevator and entering the room before settling down on the couch to make out. They pull their tops off and lick each other's tits. Christie plays with her own pussy before Vicki gets down to eat at the "Y". She gives her a little spanking, which Christie seems to enjoy. Digital pussy probing and ass licking are also employed. It's Christie's turn to bring pleasure and she works down Vicki's body. Pulling the panties aside she finds a cock. Christie isn't even surprised. They are supposed to be best friends, so I guess she already knew. It starts out limp but Christie gets it up to speed in a hurry. She mounts that now hard cock in RC and gives it a nice enthusiastic ride. It looks really hot when Christie slows down and rocks her hips sensuously. Cut to a doggy insertion and Christie does some sexy talking while Vicki is bringing her near an orgasm. Spoon on the couch as Christie strums her clit and cums nicely. Reverse piledriver gets Vicki in as deep as possible. Cut to Vicki stroking her cock as Christie administers a prostate massage. That does it for Vicki as she lets out a watery load that gets all over her hand and cock with some getting onto Christie's face as intended. She gives Vicki's cock a post pop tit massage and some sweet kisses to end the scene.
Roxanne Hall A Tale of The Weaker Sex The scene opens in B&W with Jim Orlando licking up Roxanne's spiked heel boots. She goes into full dominant mode and throws him against a wall that has a chain link fence against it. She smacks him around and then we cut to Jim shackled to the fence with his back exposed to Roxanne's cat-o-nine tails. She switches to a paddle and works over his lower back and thighs. These aren't love taps either, Roxy's administering a beating and bad mouthing him all the while. I don't think anyone in porn looks more natural in fetishwear than Ms. Hall. Latex and leather just suit her. Jim is now separated from the fence, but his hands are still chained behind his back and he has a wide leather collar with leash attached. Roxanne has him do some more boot licking and then Jim is face down on the ground and kissing the floor. Cut to Jim bent over and Roxanne wielding a piece of plywood. She winds up and shatters the board across his ass. Cut to Jim chained to the fence again, but facing Roxanne as she tells him that he'll watch her get fucked by a real man, who turns out to be Mick Blue. The tables are turned on Roxanne immediately as Mick pulls her down to the floor by her pony tail and smacks her ass. He pulls Roxy's tits out of the latex halter and mauls them. The tails get employed lightly and Mick proceeds to manhandle her. Roxanne responds well to this treatment. Mick plays with her pussy and makes Roxy squirm uncontrollably. He makes her beg for his cock which is quite hard when she pulls it out of his pants. She sucks and spits on it while Mick continues to dominate her both verbally and physically. He has her squirming and squealing, playing with her pussy and tweaking her nipples. I love watching Roxanne. She is one of the most responsive women I've ever seen. Mick mounts her in doggy, stepping on her head a little. He pulls her into RC with some P2M and begging for more fucking. Back to RC and more P2M. Mick chokes her and then eats Roxanne's pussy making her spasm and try to run away. He chases her down and pulls Roxy back for more doggy action. She polishes his knob and sits on it in CG anal, imploring him to fuck her ass. A2M and back into her hot buns. More A2M, anal fingering with a taste and doggy anal insertion. Mick goes up and over giving Roxanne a good reaming. An exhausted looking Roxanne sucks Mick's cock and is then laid onto a carseat they've been using for what looks like a side entry position. Mick decides to eat her pussy instead and Roxanne has a good cum. Roxanne begs Mick for his cum and he lets her get him off. She's such a good girl, stroking him off into her mouth. Whatever landed on her chin is pushed back and swallowed. She walks over to the still shackled Jim and taunts him as the camera fades out. This was a good scene, but the arty monochrome was not necessary. Also, for the sake of perversity, Roxanne should have kissed Jim on the lips to seal the scene.
Cameron James A Tale of Incarceration Herschel Savage is sitting in a hospital room babbling about his balls and playing with them. A nurse, Cameron James, comes in with medication, which he tries to feed to his balls before downing it. Herschel goes into a hallucination with Cameron dressed like Little Bo Peep and holding a baby bottle for him that's filled with methadone. There's enough in that bottle to fuel a clinic for a day. Herschel suckles on his bottle and goes on again about his balls. Cameron offers to service them and is soon between his legs. Cameron swabs his nuts and then does a strip tease that cuts to her lying on the bed with Herschel's cock in her mouth. Doggy over the bed is their first position with a couple of variations making Cameron happy. P2M leads to RC and after a nice ride CG on a very wet dick. Cut to mish with Herschel babbling about his balls again. Spoon has Cameron driving back on his cock with real energy. She calls for his cum and we cut to Cameron on her knees with Bo Peep's cap on again awaiting her reward. The old relic jets a stream across her mouth and Bo Peep gives him some PCH. The fade out of the scene shows Herschel in a jail cell. I guess that was the reality. Well, as I suspected, we've fallen into wacky as opposed to perverse unless it's the age difference that's so abnormal.
Trinity Page Tale of "The Whited Sepulcher" Trinity Page is seated in some kind of throne surrounded by three men, Brandon Iron, Tony T and Jake Malone. She sounds dissatisfied with them for an earlier performance. I guess they get another shot at her. Brandon hops up on the throne to fuck her mouth as per Trinity's instructions. Jake controls her head on his cock, forcing it to the back of her throat. Brandon makes her suck deep and gets some foot action. Jake fucks her throat making the goop flow. Brandon and Jake continue to use her head and keep going back and forth. Slobber is everywhere, her mascara is running and nipples are hard. Tony finally gets into the act and forces his cock right down her throat, holding Trinity's mouth at his pubes. Brandon is back at her and soon she has three cocks laying on her face. They trade her back and forth some more, face fucking, smacking and spitting. Jake gets between her legs for a taste of pussy as Tony whips her tits and Brandon face fucks her. Jake takes over her head as she makes gurgling sounds. Now they all have to make that sound. Jake asks what she wants and Trinity replies that she wants them to cum all over her face. Cut to Trinity locked in a stockade face up with Brandon leaving his discharge on said face. Tony follows, squirting his seed and Jake glazes her with an impressive load. That's what Trinity wanted and I guess the guys are back in her good graces again.
Bonus Scene Tails of Perversity #9 Donna Marie is on a ranch and admiring the horses. She thinks they're beautiful and makes a remark about their dicks. Uh Oh! William H invites her over to his sister Mason's house for a surprise. I wonder what that could be? He leads her blindfolded over to a horse (she thinks). He has Donna get on her knees and reach under the horse where she finds a cock that immediately gets stroked. She's told to suck it and that's no problem. Mason shows up and pleasantries are exchanged while Donna doesn't miss a suck. She exposes her tits and William tweaks them. His conversation with Mason gets a little creepy and she threatens to kick him in the nuts. The guys in the costume throw off the blanket covering them, surprising poor Donna who thought she was sucking a horse, and Jake Malone demands that she continue the bj. Down she goes. Dick Nasty, the other half of the horse, adds some belligerence of his own before Donna starts to suck his cock. I can't even describe how ridiculous these guys are dressed. Some kind of rose patterned, satin kimonas with matching pants. And they've got lipstick on. They all just heap the verbal degradation on Donna, bring her inside the house and ramp it up some more. They lay her on the floor and Jake fucks Donna in mish while she continues to suck Nasty. With their pants off, I can now see that the guys are wearing stockings with built on garters. Cute. P2M and then she mounts Nasty in RC and continues her bj of Jake. P2M for Nasty as Jake mounts her in doggy. Donna gags and slobbers all over Nasty's dick. William H and Mason pet her as she gets used. Mason wants to see Donna get fucked in the ass. Nasty is johnny on the spot and he fills her ass in doggy. She licks Jake's balls and rims him. Jake rams her ass in modified spoon as she sucks Nasty. Mason has to leave to pick her mother up at the airport. Donna sucks Jake's cock right out of the oven as Nasty fucks her ass in spoon. More rimming on Jake. Mish anal for Jake as Nasty lounges in Donna's mouth. She fucks Nasty in RCA as Jake feeds her face. Donna's calling for spunk and Jake beats off onto her face. Nasty pulls out of her ass and lobs a nice load onto her face and chest. It was wacky and nasty, but she would have had to really fucked a horse to make it truly perverse (and illegal).
Epilogue Overall I found this to be quite average. As I suspected, there was a wacky factor in Cameron James' vignette as opposed to perversity. Most of what is passing for perverse is just nastiness and the most perverse scene is the TS/biological girl match with Christie Lee and Vicki Richter. My only question about that is whether it's really perverse for a woman with bisexual tendencies (a perversion in and of itself?) to be attracted to a chick with a dick, or if the real perversion is a man taking hormones and getting breast enhancements to attract other men, fucking a woman. It makes for an interesting diversion. It was a decent scene but I've seen Christie do this better for Joey Silvera. Roxanne Hall was great, but the artiness of the presentation held it back. The real art is in supplying the vehicle that brings the heat. Monochrome and motion blur are just cosmetic nonsense for when you don't have the chemistry. Alicia and Trinity kept the nastiness quotient high. I wish that Trinity had done more than a blow bang.
The Disk Trailers, a good BTS with some strong interviews by Mason and the bonus scene that added to the wacky factor.
Recommendation Rent it.

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