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Tabu Too

Tabu Too

Studio: Platinum Blue Productions
Category:  Transsexual
Directed by:
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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MD James's ratings for Tabu Too:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Tabu Too overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Tabu Too Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Tabu Too Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Tabu Too Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Tabu Too Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Tabu Too DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tabu Too A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  1/27/2007
MD James - A mystery wrapped inside an enigma

Title: Tabu Too
Released by: Platinum Blue
Reviewed by MD James

The word “Tabu” is Tongan for “Sacred”. It is also where the world “Taboo” came from, which was originally meant to prohibit the exploitation of that which was considered “sacred”.

Sadly, there’s not much that is “sacred” about this video.

“Tabu Too” is basically four scenes of off-the-wall sexual acts. We’re not talking about the truly “forbidden” kind of sex that would invoke the word “Taboo”. Instead, we’re talking about the kind that you would see in your primetime crime drama TV show… you know, the surprise plot twist. Multiply the plot twists by four and subtract the required crime scene and the witty remarks from the participants and you get this video.

Two of the four scenes involve a couple of brothers getting laid by various women, the third includes some unknown dude, while the fourth is personally handled by director Chuck Wow. (It’s good to be the king… or the director… or both.) There are really no introductions to three of the four scenes. You just go right to the heavy petting and/or sex.

Once you put the video into the player, you’re hit with a forced trailer for phone sex. Fortunately you can fast-forward or skip on through to the main title page. Once you start the main feature, you get a quick summary of the video and the scenes before going right to the first one.

Scene 1: “Hermaphrodite” – Aphrodite Jones

We get into this scene already underway, wish one of the brothers playing with Aphrodite’s “clit-dick” while she’s sucking the other brother off. Yes, Aphrodite is supposedly a hermaphrodite, although you would never know it unless you look carefully at her little clit and realize that it is the tiny head of a penis. The boys change places so each of the brothers get a turn sucking her little clit-dick while she sucks some real dick. She stands up to take her dress off and so one of the guys can fuck her in standing doggie-position. They pretty much go through as many two-on-one combinations as possible, including double-penetration, until finally the brothers both jerk off all over her face.

I’m somewhat disappointed by this scene. It was really all about the two guys getting their dicks sucked as sloppily and frequently as possible.

Scene 2: “Mother and Daughter” – Emanuelle and Emanuelle’s Mom (No, really, that’s how they have it in the credits!)

We fade into this scene, with one of the brothers kissing and groping Emanuelle while the other is grabbing his dick. Again, there’s no lead-in for this scene, it’s just right to the foreplay. They both get their dicks out and they take their turn getting sucked and jerked off by her. And just when it seems it may be too much for her to take, the camera pans to see her mother standing there, ready to go.

From this point on, mother and daughter pretty much do everything in stereo. They both suck dicks, they both get topless, they both get naked while sucking dick, and they pretty much get fucked in the same positions. The only difference between them is that Emanuelle is willing to do the nastier, sloppier sucking and fucking, including doing some anal positions, while her mom just has bigger boobs and a weird hair color. They end this little sexcapade with one of the guys shooting his load all over Emanuelle’s face and getting some in her nose. There’s nothing about what the second brother did to relieve his hard-on.

This was supposed to be one of the big “shocking” scenes, although there was very little that shocked this reviewer. The box cover describes this scene as follows: “… have one of your own fantasies come to life as this mother and daughter team fuck their way up the family tree.” There was no “up” in the family tree. There was no “family tree” for that matter. Mother and daughter pretty much worked as a tag-team, and the “shock” of having the mother show up and ready to join in was extremely weak.

Scene 3: “Auto-Erotica” - Paloma

We start with Paloma wearing a red-and-black bra and matching panties. She undoes the strings of her panties and starts playing with her pussy as the unnamed dude jerks off. Paloma quickly starts shoving fingers up her pussy. First two, then three, then four, then she ties a belt around her neck and starts chocking herself with it as she’s playing with herself.

Okay, enough of that… she turns to the guy and starts sucking his dick, then rides him in reverse-cowgirl position as she loses her bra. Then she goes to standing doggie over the chair, then anal reverse-cowgirl, anal missionary, and then she sucks his dick until he blows his load in her mouth and he slaps her around a bit. (WTF dude? Why you slapping her around when she still has your load of cum in her mouth?)

The box cover describes this scene as the following: “Get a taste of loosing your breath as one little slut dares to deprive herself of oxygen while getting pounded.” From what this reviewer saw on the video, there was nothing that came close to that description. The only oxygen-depravation in this scene involved her trying to choke herself while masturbating. Once the fucking started, it was pretty much hardcore fucking and that was it. As far as the fucking goes, though, it was pretty good. Just lay off the face-slapping.

Scene 4: “Ladyboy” - Amy Amour

Amy shows up wearing a cheerleader outfit and says that she wants to try out for the team. Chuck says the only way she can do that is if she sucks his dick. Of course she eagerly accepts. She puts down the pom-poms and goes down on Chuck. She takes off her top and skirt to show she’s got pretty much no breasts before she goes back to the sucking part. Pretty soon the panties disappear and we find that Amy… has a dick! Yes, Amy is a transsexual! But there’s really no shock to this as she simply rides Chuck in anal reverse-cowgirl position. Then they go to anal doggie position, then anal missionary, then back to anal reverse-cowgirl, then she lays down on the sofa while he jerks off all over her neck, and then she jerks off to her own little pop on her belly as we fade and go to the credits.

This scene was pretty much straight sucking and fucking. They don’t really play up on the transsexual angle. In fact it’s treated pretty casually. It’s just anal sex with someone who just happens to have pretty much no boobs and a dick.

In terms of extras, we actually have a pretty full plate. First we have the cumshot recap of all four scenes, including Amy’s little cumshot. Then we have an interview with Amy as she talks about her life and how she became a transsexual. Then there’s the series of phone sex commercials, some of which we were already subjected to when we put the video into the machine. Then there’s the static page of a few website addresses. And of course the automated photo gallery that comes without music. There are five movie trailers included, and fortunately you CAN click through each of them individually instead of having them all lumped up at once. And then to wrap up the special features, there’s an animated plug for the company that made the DVD. At least the folks at Platinum Blue didn’t scrimp on the extras like some other companies do.

All-in-all, though, we have a somewhat mediocre video. The women range from okay to less-than-okay. The story for each of the scenes, if there is any, is weak. The audio is weak. The background music played in the menu and submenu screens is actually the audio track from the feature video. About the only thing that is really good about the video is the choice of extras.

Instead of providing something “forbidden”, this video provided much that should be “forgotten”.

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