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Tabloid Tramps 1

Tabloid Tramps 1

Studio: Al Borda
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Tabloid Tramps 1:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Tabloid Tramps 1 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Tabloid Tramps 1 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Tabloid Tramps 1 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Tabloid Tramps 1 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Tabloid Tramps 1 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Tabloid Tramps 1 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tabloid Tramps 1 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/11/2001

Running Time: 94 min.

Production Date: 10 / 24 / 2000

Director: Al Borda

Cast: Sharon, Aliyah Yi, Claudia Adkins, Giana, Merlesa, Herschel Savage, Rock, Mr. Marcus, and Mickey G.

Initial Expectations: Iíve had mixed results from Al Borda. This one seems like it could be fun, so Iím hoping itís among the better of his feature.

Initial Reaction: Itís a fun feature thatís biggest flaw is the technical qualities

Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for some fun porn with a jab at celebrity screwups

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants very high technical qualities or extremely hardcore sex

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is a little uneven, and sometimes a little hard to understand. The video is a little below average, and has quite a few soft focus problems and a few spots with some bad pixelation.

Music: Normally the music is very typical porn music and is well balanced with the rest of the audio. Thereís a little bit of overpowering vocals that donít work at all and actually bring down the scene.

Menus: The menus are basic, but keep the main theme throughout rather than feeling like the standard group of menus. The chapter menu lets you select a scene based on a small clip from the feature.

The Feature: Tabloid Tramps is one of those features that had me kind of like a deer in the headlights from first looking at the box. You know youíre probably better off getting out of the way and letting it pass, but thereís something there that keeps piquing your curiosity. The style of the feature is just like a tabloid magazine. Each scene is unrelated with the exception that theyíre all about people youíve seen in the tabloids.

Amy (Claudia Adkins) , looking extremely cute in her school girly plaid skirt, white shirt, and pigtails, pays a visit to Joey (Herschel Savage), whoís worried about his neighbors finding out that heís banging her. Heís turned on by her immaturity, which Claudia plays it for all sheís worth, bringing some nice humor to the scene. She starts off sucking old man Herschelís cock, frequently taking it a little too far into her mouth and often giggling when her mouth isnít stuffed full of cock. Herschel returns the favor by licking and fingering her pussy while Claudia moans away and continues to spout off with amusing juvenile comments. Herschel also works Claudiaís ass over with his tongue and spanks it while he fingers her pussy. Finally, Claudia hops onto Herschelís cock and starts fucking him so hard that I thought she might break Herschelís hip. They work each other through a couple more positions before Claudia asks Herschel to fuck her in the ass. Herschel fucks her ass from behind, and even sucks his dick clean between positions. Claudia finishes it off by taking a nice spunk shot across her face. Herschel, being the professional he is, doesnít even land a drop in her eye. This is a great scene thatís as much fun as it is hot.

Mr. Marcus runs into a kitchen with a knife and wearing a white shirt with O.J. written in blood. As Mulder has been saying all along, the truth is out there. Heís surprised to see natural but average looking blonde Sharon there, whoís waiting for Kato. She panics a little, not buying his story that he killed a deer, but comes right over when he tells her he wants her to suck his dick. She does a good job handling Mr. Marcusís cock, and takes it almost all into her mouth. He repays her by slapping her ass and licking and fingering her completely shaved pussy from behind and as she lays on the kitchen center aisle. He gives in to her begging for his cock, and starts fucking Sharon as she lays there, pulling her hair and letting her energetically thrust herself back at him while Sharon ferociously rubs her clit. Sharon also takes it form behind before dropping to her knees to suck him to a finish. She doesnít get a chance for any joy juice from the Juice, however, because the limo driver shows up and Mr. Marcus runs off to hide his knife and head for the airport. The sex here is a little above average, but Mr. Marcus does such a great job as O.J. that the setup made the entire scene more enjoyable.

Lorena (Merlesa), an average looking brunette with a nice real body and an unattractive tattoo that runs across both her shoulders, starts the next scene out on the phone with a friend complaining about her husband, John (Mickey G.), whoís somewhere else. She tries playing with herself a little, but canít get into it. She finds Mickey downstairs jerking off to a porno and starts chewing him out for not being upstairs fucking her. She makes him come over to eat her pussy and ass before working his cock with her mouth and hand. Mickey fucks her pussy next, starting in doggie and then working through a couple more while Merlesa complains about how she wants to be fucked harder because he never fucks her any more. They also talk a little about fucking her ass, but unfortunately it never happens. He finishes it off by unloading a fair pop in her mouth. Lorena finishes Joey off afterwards so heíll never cheat on her again, and weíll leave it at that.

Married reporters Connie (Aliyah Yi) and Maury (Herschel Savage) talk about what theyíd really like to do with some of the people at work. Herschel starts out going down on Aliyahís pussy with his tongue and fingers, before letting Aliyah show him how talented her mouth really is. She works Herschelís cock with at least a gallon of spit, which covers a good portion of her ample tits. When Herschel finally fucks her, sheís all cleaned up, which Iím guessing is because it dried in the time it took Herschel to recover from her blowjob. Aliyah lays there fairly still as Herschel starts fucking her, but any energy she saved there comes out when she hops on Herschelís cock to ride him. Aliyah warms her ass up for Herschel with a small dildo before letting him fuck her back door, and leaves a vibe on her clit as he works her ass. She stays vocal throughout her ass fucking, but you donít get to see her face much which makes me think this might not be too comfortable for her. They finish it off with a nice pop on Aliyahís face, which she takes with a great smile.

Finally, Heidi (Giana, an attractive dark haired beauty with real tits wearing some hot lingerie), fresh out of prison, calls a few of her old clients to try and start things out again. After making a few calls, sheís joined by her boyfriend (Rock) whoís been waiting to get a little pussy. He starts off playing with her pussy while she sucks his cock, and then pulls away so he can concentrate completely on her pussy. She gets her turn to concentrate also, working his cock and balls over with her hand and mouth while looking up seductively at him. She hops on him to suck him a little more before turning around to ride his cock, and sucks it a little more before letting him fuck her from behind. They finish it off with a little spoon action and Rock blowing his ball butter on her face, which she recoils from, apparently mostly from the very realistic fear of losing an eye. Although itís a little above average overall, Giana brings things down a little by hear pop fear and by laughing a little during the scene.

Although Tabloid Tramps 1 doesnít have a plot running throughout, the small vignette plots are very enjoyable. The cast all seems to have fun with their characters, and they start to lose it a little when playing their roles a few times. Of course, all this doesnít matter too much if the sex isnít any good. Thankfully, itís pretty good, and the cast seems to enjoy it just as much as the setups. There are a few problems, such as Mr. Marcus not having a pop shot and Aliyah not seeming too into her anal, but itís still quite a bit above average. Itís definitely fun enough to be worth a rental, and many might get enough replay value out of it to actually buy it.

Extras: The photo gallery contains a nice selection of about forty snapshots. Thereís also the usual selection of trailers from the Pleasure family, as well as internet and phone sex information.

Themes: Straight, spanking, rimming (male > female), anal, ass to mouth, and inter- racial

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Tabloid Tramps can be found online for between $18 and $25 with only a couple stores offering it for under $20. Although itís a lot of fun and has some hot sex, Iím not sure if itís quite worth this much. The technical aspects have quite a few problems, and there isnít really anything for extras. Iíd highly recommend it for renting, and from there you can decide if you want to pay the full price to have it on your shelf for good.

Note to Al Borda: Please watch your technical qualities a little closer. Thereís some good stuff here, but the technical problems will chase off quite a few people in the future.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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