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Swinging American Style: Vegas Or Bust

Swinging American Style: Vegas Or Bust

Studio: Vivid
Category:  All Sex , Amateur
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fu_q's ratings for Swinging American Style: Vegas Or Bust:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Swinging American Style: Vegas Or Bust overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Swinging American Style: Vegas Or Bust Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Swinging American Style: Vegas Or Bust Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Swinging American Style: Vegas Or Bust Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Swinging American Style: Vegas Or Bust Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Swinging American Style: Vegas Or Bust DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Swinging American Style: Vegas Or Bust A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  12/1/2012
Phil Varone—the former drummer for Skid Row and Saigon Kick—takes his traveling fuck-show on the road in “Swinging American Style: Vegas or Bust!”, a decent production from Vivid. Indeed, Phil heads out to Las Vegas for the AVN Awards in this release, and…once there…he joins up with some of his friends from the online swinger community. Pounding out a rhythm in three separate scenes, Varone delivers the goods with varying results. Generally, the sequences tend to get better as they progress, as the first is okay, the second is good but lacks full-on intercourse, and the third is actually quite good. Of course, throughout, the action is captured on low-end equipment and without much (if any) use of professional camerawork. For some, this will add to the gritty “amateur” feel of the work, while—for others—it will be a complete turnoff. How one reacts to this release will likely vary widely based on personal tastes, though it’s safe to say that the strength of the production is clearly in its final segment.

In terms of the sex, Scene One starts off with the married owners of an internet swinging site—Scott and Nicoletta—being interviewed in a hotel(?) room by Phil. They give some interesting insights into their relationship and “the lifestyle”, before Phil eventually asks to bang Nicoletta. After a bit more discussion, they go at it. The action here appears to be captured by (at least) two cameras at times—one a handheld that the participants use (usually Scott, who doesn’t get in on the sexy-time until later on, then later by Phil), and the other(s) by someone else or on a tripod. Getting things started, Nicoletta blows Phil, and they transition into a “69” position. Ultimately, after getting off, she strokes him to a hard-on, and he gives her a pounding with his big drum-stick. After rolling through a handful of realistic positions (fairly normal stuff, no wild monkey sex here), Scott’s cock finally ends up in Nicoletta’s mouth as Phil nails her from behind. For a time, she blows Scott with Phil filming, and then all three wind up in the action together. Ultimately, Nicoletta works Phil up to attention with her hand again and then brings him to orgasm. Next, she takes on her hubby, with their coupling eventually culminating in her jerking him to completion on her tummy. This ends up being an okay sequence. (It’s kind of cool to see Phil’s glaze on her wedding ring, I suppose...and it’s nice to see Nicoletta do the work in unloading the guys.)

In Scene Two, the next swinging couple from the site—Brad and Siri—is introduced. Since(?) this production’s filming, Siri’s been in a decent number of other adult productions, and she’s looking good here. A short-haired, fuller-figured blonde with large natural breasts, it doesn’t take much for her to attract Phil’s attention…nor does it take much for her to pull down his pants and start sucking him off. Again, a two(?)-camera motif seems to be at play, and Phil gets in there for some lengthy b.j. and titty-fucking action. The festivities end with a pop on Siri’s ample bosom, followed by a bit of oral cock clean-off. Too bad he doesn’t fuck her.

Up next, in Scene Three, is a blonde cougar-type from New Zealand, Kiwi, being interviewed about hers and her husband’s swinging lifestyle. After this interesting material, there’s a cut to the interior of a party bus, complete with stripper poles, music, and multi-colored lights. Kiwi, Siri, and another blonde, whom Kiwi apparently picked up along the way, are there with Phil and Brad. After some soft girl-on-girl action between the ladies, Phil’s cock comes out, and the party gets rockin’. There’s plenty of oral attention here for everyone (though the focus is far more on Phil than Brad), and Phil ends up fucking all three of the ladies. The fact that he lays some heavy pipe in the woman who wasn’t originally part of the whole group (at least nominally) is pretty hot, and it’s good to see Siri get tapped, as well. This little soiree finishes off with Siri taking Phil’s nut on her chin, tongue, neck, and chest. Of course, she tastes some of his gift and enjoys it, too. Despite its graininess and amateur feel—perhaps even complemented by it, this scene really works out. It successfully captures the spontaneity, fun, and heat that one would expect from a swingers’ party such as this.

Bonus-wise, there’s a “Photo Gallery” slideshow that puts forth some often-grainy / out-of-focus shots from the production. (An investment in a still camera other than a point-and-shoot or cell phone might not be a bad idea, as the low-light shortcomings of the equipment are fairly overt…not meaning to come off as snarky here, of course.) There’s also a “Cumshot Recap”, a set of four “Previews”, and the ads and anti-piracy PSA under “Vivid Extras”.

In all, there are three scenes here. The first is kind of ho-hum, the second is decent but really could have used some full-on action, and the third is excellent. As to whether this release is worth it to any particular person or not, it will really depend on that person’s relative tastes for a raw, amateur feel versus gloss, planning, and perfection. For those who fall into the former category, this may work out. For those in the latter, it’s likely a good idea to avoid this one. Overall, I enjoyed it, but this is largely due to the final sequence and not the rest.

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