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Swine's P.O.V.

Swine's P.O.V.

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MrHarvard's ratings for Swine's P.O.V.:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Swine's P.O.V. overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Swine's P.O.V. Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Swine's P.O.V. Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Swine's P.O.V. Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Swine's P.O.V. Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Swine's P.O.V. DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Swine's P.O.V. A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by MrHarvard  on  1/10/2009
Swine's POV

Actors/Actresses: Andrea Ash, Haley Paige, Lea Stevenson, Nikki Nievez, Sunny Lane
Studio: Voyeur Media
Released: 2005

Scene 1: Haley Paige

This scene starts with beautiful and voluptuous Haley Paige on all fours staring deep into the camera wearing a silky black thong rolling over her nice tight and plump ass and a bra which only serves to cover her nice supple breasts. The cameraman delights in noting, “Today is my lucky day” and continues on to note “a lot of working class guys don't get hot chicks like you.” This style of porn, point of view, aims to approach the viewer with an inside look as if the viewer were actually fucking the star.

Next, Haley begins to seductively crawl towards him with a vigor and hungry sexually-appealing eyes with a wide smile and a body moving towards his hardened cock. As she moves towards him she sits back on her round ass and he rubs her soft, supple breasts as she softly moans with delight. She then pulls her breasts out of her black and lacy bra letting her them, with hardened nipples, fall softly down against her young, curvy body. She then turns around and moves forward letting her large, nice ass move center to the viewers face, letting it out in all its glory. He begins to rub his hands all over her nice large ass letting it run through his hands. She enjoys it immensely. He says he doesn't care how old she is but that she's there and they “get to fuck today.” Haley really enjoys this as he lets him rub his hands across her ass and move aside her nice black panties and rub her wet pussy.

Haley excitingly lets out that the age she first had a cock in her ass was 22. She turns back around exposing her beautiful panties, slightly slid to the side. Tim Swine gently slides his thumb across her beautiful pussy lips and she jerks back a little, letting out a soft giggle as she enjoys how his fingers feel on her wet pussy. Her enthusiasm for him is exciting. Haley giggles and says, “it's very sensitive.” She then moves her body so that she's laying sexily on her stomach and opens her mouth and starts to lick and swallow on his dick and moans vehemently at the same time. Tim Swine says, “that mouth is like velvet” and she agrees! Her mouth steadily moves up and down as she swallows his engorged cock letting the saliva drip down it. He leans back into his chair and she crawls again so seductively towards him begging for his huge cock. She opens her mouth wide and again takes it all in. That Haley is one dirty little girl. Her eyes deeply focused on the camera as she comes up and down while her lips are wrapped tightly around his cock.

She then slides her wet pussy on his hard cock as she faces him riding cowgirl. Her pussy lips slide gently down covering his entire hardened cock while her juices slowly drip down it. The camera angle causes the viewer to truly believe that he is fucking Haley. As he's fucking her she leans back. Her pussy and breasts wildly moving up and down on his cock bouncing with every erotic thrust and she moans as if she was having orgasm after orgasm. Her body works his cock for a little bit more then she shoves in back in her mouth as if she wants to taste and swallow her juices. He then asks for the “Haley Special” Haley sits away from him letting her ass and spread pussy lips face the camera. Her ass is nice and plump. She moves up and down letting her ass cheeks shake wildly. Her pussy lips just drip with juices down his cock letting it flood as she moves up and down and moaning loudly. She gets off of his cock and begins to suck once again. He then motions to put her up into a doggy style position. Her ass hangs out as she's waiting with pure ecstasy. I could've used a little more dirty talk.
She then fucks him for a while in this position but then she does the most amazing anal scene. He says, “why are you on your back?” She giggles and says, “that means we're going to have anal sex.” He slides his cock deep in her open ass. With her legs spread open his cock slides deeper and deeper into her already swollen ass. She's moaning and feeling the pleasure as she moves onto his cock and thrusts herself back onto it as he pulls away. She loves it. He pounds and pounds her until she wants to suck the ass juice off of his dick. She swallows his cock letting her lips rub onto it and slide down his shaft.

She then rides his cock once again, this time with his cock deep in her ass and the swine watches as she pounds his rock hard cock deep into her ass. She moans and screams out as each thrust occurs. She loves the way his cock slides into her ass. She then leaps down and wants to suck the cum out of his cock and taste herself. She lays back onto her back after she sucks and sucks him. She lets him slide deep into her ass screaming, “Oh yes, I'm so ready for your hot cum!” He then pulls out of her and shoots it all over her eager face while she moans and feels the dripping hot cum fall down her beautiful little face and ends with a big smile.

Scene 2: Andrea Ash

We start this scene with young Andrea laying on the body of the Tim Swine facing the camera in a true POV fashion. She's wearing a nice soft lacy yellow top which slides easily over her large breasts with already hardened nipples. Andrea Ash was a newcomer to the POV scene with only doing three POV scenes before this one. Andrea tentalizingly licks her fingers and rubs them on her hardened nipples playing with them. Andrea then lifts herself up and bares her fully naked ass so that all can see and Tim Swine rubs his hand all over her ass and slaps it. He then rubs his fingers over her pussy letting it glisten with her juices and slides his fingers inside her. She then sits on the couch spreading her legs and lets her soft, juicy pussy lips slide open. Tim Swine asks her to masturbate and she happily agrees. She rubs her wet pussy lips and moans in enjoyment.

Sexy Andrea crawls towards Tom letting her breasts slide from side to side as her hard nipples are readily in view. Her eyes locking onto you. She buries his cock in her mouth and she enjoys every bit of it. She then lays onto his cock and starts to ride it letting her pussy drip with juices. She's not too talkative though. He then fucks her doggy style which she enjoys moaning out loudly. She then takes his cock in her pussy and he fucks her for a while. He pulls out of her and she sits down on the floor and opens her mouth letting her tongue out and he shoots his hot cum all over her face and into her mouth as her eyes are facing you. It's a very sexy scene but I have seen better.

Scene 3: Sunny Lane

She starts out in this scene with a sexy pair of pink panties and bra to match. She lays back and plays with her pussy. She then shows her nice round titties with pretty pink nipples. She pulls her panties off and enjoys as Tim Von Swank eats her wet juicy pussy. She says, “ I want you to come play with me” as she leaves her legs wide open. She then gets on her knees ad says “you want me to get the meat, the big hard cock.” She then sucks down on his dick licking it and playing with it deep in her mouth. She then begins to lick his balls letting her sexy eyes hit the camera. It's a very good view. He then titty fucks her as she moans out in lust. She then lays down missionary position and lets him slide his hard cock deep inside her pussy letting out, “I didn't know you had that much girth.” She loves fucking him. She then sucks his cock and lets her mouth tastes his juices saying, “tastes good.” She then rides him cowgirl facing Tim as he slides his dick deep in her. As he's fucking her she starts to shake and begins to cum all over his cock. She then sucks on his hard cock Sunny then bends over the couch and moans out, “I want that big fat cock deep inside of me.” He fucks her doggy style. She enjoys it immensely. He pulls out of her and cums all over her face, mouth, and hair. She loves every minute of it.

Scene 4: Lea

. We start this scene with Lea crawling towards us in a black, jewel studded, see through, set of bra and panties which show off her sexy toned abs and beautifully curved body. She fucks very nicely. I am not necessarily a fan of her because she doesn't totally seem into it.

Scene 5: Nikki Nievez

Nikki starts this scene with a nice view of her ass with it's nice round shape and sexy pussy lips pushed with her legs. She lets Tim Swine slide a finger deep in her asshole. Nikki then sucks on his cock while her ass sticks out. He puts her doggy style and slides his dick deep inside her and calles Nikki a , “hot little bitch” and she replies, “that's right!” He then proceeds to fuck her doggy style over and over again as her hot little ass moves back on his huge dick. She loves it and moans out in ecstacy. She then pulls the cock out and sucks hard on it as Von groans. She then gets on her knees and buries his cock down her throat and enjoys every second of it. He pushes her head down as she sucks and sucks. The camera angle works for this shot. She then takes out her large breasts and rubs on them teasing him. She then takes off her clothes and lays down, back on the bed spread eagle and lets him fuck her widly, shoving his cock deep inside her juicy wet pussy.

She then lets his cock dig deep inside her while her breasts are bouncing around. She then gets down on her knees and sucks his cock while looking deep into the camera with her eyes straight into yours- it's hot- and she sucks and sucks. They go back into missionary and fuck some more. She then says, “I want to be butt fucked by that big, round, cock.” He then slides the cock deep inside her ass digging it deep and you can see how much she likes it by her expressions. She loves it. She then alternates between sucking his cock and missionary. He then bends her over and says, “slips that big fucking cock deep in my ass” and he does! Great camera angles as he fucks her hard in the ass. She then lets him fuck her over and over... then he pulls his cock out and lets Nikki suck on it and he cums all in her mouth and then the finale... she kisses his belly.

Extras: there's an extras scene but it's not much action.

Final Summary Analysis: I enjoyed the first scene, the second too, but the scene with lea was a thumbs down. A good fPOV but get hotter girls next time. I'd say a 5 out of 10.

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