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Swim Meat (High Octane)

Swim Meat (High Octane)

Studio: High Octane
Category:  Gay
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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carlash's ratings for Swim Meat (High Octane):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Swim Meat (High Octane) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Swim Meat (High Octane) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Swim Meat (High Octane) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Swim Meat (High Octane) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Swim Meat (High Octane) Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Swim Meat (High Octane) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Swim Meat (High Octane) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by carlash  on  8/4/2001

This is the first High Octane film I saw, and I was looking forward to it after seeing several good reviews of other, similar movies by Herve Handsome. The movie is good, but certain things bugged me in it, and I figure that I will try one more of this type, one that got a great review, and see if it is any better.

Swim Meat is "about" seventeen guys in a recreation center, centered around a swimming pool. Things start as they seem to be having a swim meet (racing by swimming, for those totally sports-ignorant), when some horseplay starts. One of the boys gets a lungfull of water, and this leads to the first scene...

SCENE 1: Milahy H., Istvan S. (Coverboy), and Laszlo L.
Milahy and Istvan carry the unconscious Laszlo into a locker room, where Istvan gives poor Laszlo some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Well, when Laszlo starts to come to, he reciprocates with a little tongue, and Milahy, seeing Laszlo distracted, decides to do some mouth-to-cock resuscitation. Pretty soon, the three are going at it like... well, like porno stars, I guess. Milahy is a cutie in this scene, with just enough body hair to be hot-but-not- scary-hairy. He bottoms for both the others, and is the only one who doesn't wear a swim cap through the whole scene. He sounds eager the whole time, especially when he is trying to fit both Laszlo and Istvan's cocks in his mouth at one :) He also cums while getting fucked, and is hard almost the whole scene... basically, he is the perfect porno boy!

The other two in the scene aren't quite so flawless... Laszlo never even has a cock near his mouth that I saw, and the tattoos on his arms are just dorky (the kanji on his back are nice, though). Cover-boy Istvan really gets into the oral stuff- he seems to love playing with Laszlo's cock, but who wouldn't? However, he looks entirely disinterested while fucking Milahy, and his grunts of pleasure sound far too fake to be pleasing

Overall this scene is great- very sexy, with three cute boys fucking in al kinds of positions, if in set roles as tops and bottoms.

SCENE 2: Zoltan C. and Attila H.
Two very muscular boys in a hot tub. Again, the top here (Zoltan) doesn't even try to suck on the furry Attila. Zoltan is pretty hot, and Attila is decent, but the scene doesn't light any sparks. Were there at least a little ass- play here, the scene would have improved remarkably (Zoltan especially has a cute little bum), but it goes strictly oral to anal. Attila barely even cums at the end, to such a degree that the camera has to pan up close so you can even see that he did.

SCENE 3: Attila L., Zoltan L., and Imre T.
Zoltan is lifting weights in the gym when Attila and Imre (the lifeguard, but also the scrawniest guy in the movie... what gives?) enter. They chat a little, then get frisky. Honestly, this scene didn't do much for me, even though there isn't much to say. The top still won't suck cock, and none of the three guys are all that hot. Imre (another boy with a tattoo down his arm) looks a little too young, even though he is cut like and Adonis, but I am sure that most guys would like him. An average threeway, on the whole.

SCENE 4: Peter T. and Gabor M.
See scene 4. No, really, because that's all this is- only the guys are by a pool, they aren't so muscular, and Peter is downright unattractive. Gabor looks so much cuter in his other movies (under a different name), for some reason... part of it might be that he looks a lot older here, and needs to shave more often. Anyway, the top (Peter) never does more than kiss Gabor, and goes straight to fucking Gabor after getting a little head, then both cum after about three position changes. It is even more of a shame because Gabor eats ass so well, but doesn't get the chance here. He does admirably well bottoming for Peter, but this scene is another flop.

SCENE 5: Balazs T. and Zsolt K.
Finally, a decent couple scene. Balazs looks a little scary on the box cover, but is really cute on film, and Zsolt is pretty hot too, and another furry guy. Zsolt is showering, then Balazs comes in next to him and grabs his cock.. so much movie, so little plot... (sigh). Anyway, the bottom, Balazs, goes down on Zsolt, then miracle of miracles, Zsolt gets on his knees and gives a little oral luvin' back. Zsolt actually gets a little rough with Balazs in this scene, pushing him against a wall and, while fucking him, holding his hands behind his back. It's just enough spice to make it all that much more sexy. Each gives a little oral assistance to the other for cum shots, which, if a guy has to finish by his own hand, is still nice. I was very disappointed when half of Balazs' cumshot is missed by the camera; he produces a decent load, but you only catch the tail end of it. This is the only decent couple scene in the movie, but it is a very good scene.

SCENE 6: Robert P., Sandor S., Laszlo F, Lajos D., and Attila J.
This is the first scene I jumped to when I got this movie, and, along with the first scene, is what makes the rest of the movie seem like poor fare. The two bottoms in this scene are hot- Attila is the coverboy from Sportsmen, and is so much sexier as a bottom than he would be as a top. All the guys are ready to suck each other off, and through many position switches, etc., they each get turns plowing Attila and Laszlo. The three tops aren't as hot as the other two, but still do their job. Oh, and the plot is that Laszlo gives a blowjob to Robert in from of the other guys, then they all get frisky. Anyway, you never lose track of who is doing what to whom, and the scene is plenty long... a well-chosen culmination to the video.

Guys' Looks: The guys are European, uniformly muscular, and all decently hung... but some of them have faces that are downright homely. Only one guy was actually unattractive, and about a third of the guys were really cute, but there were no guys that just make you cream when you look at them. There is body hair in this movie, I warn you, but all the guys with hair are actually cuter for it. Oh, and I do wish they would come up with more names for the guys... there are too many Attilas, Gabors, and Zoltans, you know?

Extras: So-so. There is quite a long "behind-the-scenes" selection where a photo shoot first with all the models, then with individual ones occurs, totaling well over half an hour of time. The material is nice, but director's comments during the shoots or at least the models and photographer speaking would have been better. Even if the boys don't talk in English, it would have been cool to hear what they were saying to the photographer. There are also a few pics in a slide-show section, but it is just box photos and stills from the scenes, with maybe two pictures you haven't seen yet.

Audio/Visual: For some reason, foreign models always seem to sound infinitely more sexy than (most) English-speaking models. Perhaps because they don't engage in corny dialogue, especially during the sex, but instead express their pleasure through the universal language of grunts and moans... or maybe because they actually sound as masculine as they look (mostly). Either way, the guys' vocal work adds a lot to the movie- it's amazing how such a small thing can make a big difference, isn't it? One other thing is that the song in the first and last scene can be a little distracting... in the last scene, there is a time where it restarts for no reason that is a little jarring. Also, in one of the couples' scene (5 I think), you can here what sounds like a woman's voice somewhere.. very faint, but curious.

Lighting, video quality, and video editing is mostly superb, but there is one thing that could have been improved- the scene selection. It's not all that difficult to add more cuts in the selection so someone could jump to, say, a position they really like, or so on more easily. Also, most of the "warm-up" to each scene is left on the end of each previous scene, so there isn't nearly the sexual build-up there could be. I guess this was a concession to those who want to see the guys naked faster, but foreplay can be sexy, too.

Overall: It starts well, it picks up midway again, and it ends well... the stronger scenes really do hold up the weaker ones, but there are a few glaring flaws.

1. No ass-play! Not one errant finger, not one curious tongue.. you are lucky to even see much of the penetration. It is a new porno no-no for my list (ok, I don't have a list yet, but trust me after I finish this review I will have a good start). My kingdom for some rimming!

2. Trade tops. Way too many of the tops in this scene ought to have had a cock in their mouth at some point, at least! They don't have to suck cock well (most of the guys in the flick who do please a pecker orally aren't very good at it either), but they should give it the good ol' college try, at least. Maybe that's why they didn't get rimmed... regardless, this is number two on my list.

3. Absolute absence of dialogue. Yes, they don't speak English, but they can do more than just grunt and moan- though I do really like the grunts and moans :) You can even see the models talking in the "warm-up" to each scene, and things would have been sexier if you could have heard them talking. Number 3 on the list....

4. Guys just fucking. Except for the first scene, there was no attempt at all to create sexy stories to why these guys are fucking- basically, they just grab a body part and yank, and that starts the scene. The CPR thing in the first scene is truly hot, too (if unoriginal), and that makes the lack of plot through the rest of the movie all that much worse.

Basically, there are a lot of little things that keep this movie from being "great" instead of "just ok"

Despite all this, I did like the movie... there are just other movies that are better. If you really have a swimming fetish, or are looking for some cute muscular guys having mostly tame sex, then this movie is worth it. Half of the scenes are excellent, half are average, and that even out to just a somewhat better-than-average movie.

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