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Sweet Obscenities

Sweet Obscenities

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Sweet Obscenities:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sweet Obscenities overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sweet Obscenities Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sweet Obscenities Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sweet Obscenities Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sweet Obscenities Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sweet Obscenities DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sweet Obscenities A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  11/18/2004
Prologue Aurora Snow brings us a collection of women regaling us with their fantasies and some smutty talk. A couple of my favorites, Ashley Long and Gia Jordan have scenes and women I've been meaning to look up, Pason and Victoria Givens, round out the cast. Let's see what they have to say for themselves.
Pason opens the video giving us some verbal and physical tease, asking if we want to see all the things she's showing us. I think we're all in agreement. Yes! After masturbating to an apparent orgasm, she's joined by Aurora, who interviews her about her fantasies and that leads into her sex scene with Alex Sanders, who's going to grudge fuck Pason. He fondles, smacks and rubs up on a simmering Pason before sticking his tongue in her ass and pussy. He picks her up for a standing 69. He puts her down on the couch with her head hanging over the arm rest to fuck Pason's face. Sitting on the couch, Alex gets more head from Pason, who pulls off her corset, revealing a very tight looking body and her enhanced boobs. She sucks with energy and does some titty fucking. Pason climbs on the cock in CG and Alex fingers her ass. A portent of things to come. Cut to anal penetration in doggy and it goes in like a hot knife through butter. No hands A2M and back to an up and over anal doggy. More A2M and back to doggy. Rinse and repeat. He really goes to town on her ass this time and Pason cleans his cock again before moving to RCA. She drives her ass down on his stiffy, feet on Alex's haunches. Lengthy A2M and back to RCA, kicking one leg all the way out to show her athleticism and flexibility. That's all for Alex and they cut to the pop shot, delivered to Pason's mouth. Some nice PCH to draw out the last seed and a fade out.
Ashley Long informs us that she likes cock and pussy. I love the way she says cock. Her accent and the look on her face make mine drool. Ashley's going to pair up with Aurora in this scene, but first she must tease us. She strokes and fingers her pussy and ass, tasting her fingers and regaling us with her potty mouth. After a little mini "o", Ashley's ready for the main event, but Aurora has to have a very short conversation with her. Ashley beckons her over and Aurora licks her tit a little before Sascha rises from behind the couch. He gets between the girls and they team up on sucking his cock. These two are mistresses of the oral arts and look great meeting at the head, doing a tongue dance at the top. Sascha starts to eat Ashley's pussy and Aurora ramps up the bj with some deep gagging head. Sascha gets behind Ashley to fuck her doggy while she eats at the "Y". Nice squishy sounds coming from her pussy. He moves to Aurora, fucking her in mish while Ashley jills off over her head. Ashley does P2OGM and then sits close enough for Aurora to lick her slit. Ashley polls the other two on where Sascha should stick his cock next. The answer is unanimous, Ashley's ass. Sascha sits on the couch and Ashley plants her ass on him in RCA. Her pussy looks like a blooming rose as she works her sphincter over his cock. Aurora plays with her body as Ashley really grinds that cock into her ass. Such a lovely sight. Aurora does A2OGM and re-plants the cock in Ashley's bum. And again. Ashley does A2M and sits right back down on the cock. She and Sascha finger Aurora's holes and she does no hands A2M as they transition to anal doggy for Aurora. Sascha buries it extra deep before pulling out to give Ashley a taste. Back to doggy and Ashley strums herself while cheering them on. Aurora does deep A2M and gets reamed in doggy some more. A2OGM for Ashley and she just wanks away as Sascha drives home in Aurora's ass before pulling out to cum on Ashley's face and mouth, which she so generously shares with Aurora.
I have heard of Victoria Givens, and seen pictures of her, but this is the first live scene of hers that I've viewed. She seems like a "do everything" kind of woman, so I'm expecting something torrid here. When I look up the word pornstar in the dictionary, there's a picture of Victoria accompanying the description. She is the stereotypical stripper/pornstar with platinum blonde hair, heavily made up and a very enhanced chest. She unveils her body a little at a time and talks about how she likes big cocks. Lee Stone is her foil today, so she got her wish. A little masturbation on some stairs and Victoria's good to go. She's got a bunch of body glitter on so she's going to look really good when she sweats. Aurora does her little interview and Victoria elaborates on her love of big cock some more. Lee interrupts and they start to grapple. He fondles her hard with some ass smacking before eating Victoria's ass and probing both of her holes with his fingers, feeding her some taste. He eats her pussy and actually gets his tongue in there. A rarity in porn and Victoria seems to appreciate it. She pulls his pants off to get at his long shlong. Victoria's no novice at this. She takes him right to the pubes repeatedly. There's some verbal communication between them and Victoria has a hint of a southern accent. Very sexy sounding. After a nice lengthy bj we cut to a standing doggy insertion. Lee works it in nicely, and when he pulls out for a second, there's a lot of juice following his cock out. Lee lays back on the stairs, suspending his trunk, and Victoria sits on him in RCA. Victoria really spreads her legs wide for this and Lee gives her an energetic pounding. A2M and they move into a standing doggy anal that is quickly moved onto all fours. Victoria's giving Lee carte blance with her ass and he's just pounding away. A2M and more up and over doggy anal. More A2M and cut to the pop shot with Lee giving Victoria a cum moustache. Some PCH and a smile from Victoria.
Gia Jordan, by her own words, is a "cock crazed, fucking maniac". She's going for two today. She does some light masturbation and tease to prepare herself for her men. A short conversation with Aurora where she reiterates her cock crazed personna. Brett Rockman and Tyce Bune cut the blather short and feed Gia their cocks. Tyce face fucks her and goes right to the pubes. Brett is a little more of a challenge, but Gia's very game. She thrives on this. They probe her throat for a while getting ever rougher and deeper. They run a train on her face as she lays back and get them to fuck it deep. They put her up on the couch on all fours and Tyce goes straight for the "A" in doggy as Brett continues to get laved. The guys switch positions so Brett can get some ass. This is turning into an A2M merry go round as they rotate on Gia. Reverse piledriver is next for Tyce, then he rotates a half turn into a scissor for maximum penetration. Brett goes piledriver next, getting very happy in her ass. Tyce opens her ass some more with his hand before dropping into the piledriver again and making a full turn spin in Gia's ass. Talk about circus acts, he's just working out on her body. Brett goes reverse pile himself. Tyce goes in for some more and Gia says she wants a DP. Cut to Gia sitting on Tyce in RCA and Brett filling her pussy for the penetration she requested. P2M while she's dancing on Tyce's cock and cut to CGDP. Gia's looking for deeper penetration in her ass as she pulls Tyce into her body. Cut to Tyce nailing Gia's ass in mish as she tries to coax the cum out of Brett's gun. Tyce pulls out and lets out a nice stream across Gia's cheek and into her mouth. Brett takes over Gia's ass and gets his load off onto her other cheek and into her mouth. Some PCH and nice comment from Gia to end the scene.
It's Aurora Snow's turn and she will also take the time to tease us with her masturbatory fantasies (or ours). She gets four fingers up her pussy and tastes the treat. She sticks her ass in our face and smacks it hard before planting her hand back into her vagina. Holding that position, Aurora works both holes. She wants a hard fuck and has picked Van Damage to work with. Her laundry gets dropped quickly and Aurora gives Van one of her patented, two fisted, deep throating blow jobs. She is good with the stick. There's no doubt about that. Aurora gives Van the super deluxe bj before sitting on his now very hard cock in CG. She does some reinsertions with pussy gaping. They hold that position for awhile and Aurora's ass gets progressively pinker as Van adds some smacking to her rear. He lays her on her back for mish in her very wet pussy. Anal insertion is in doggy and it goes very smoothly. Aurora gapes repeatedly and fucks back on the cock in her ass. Cut to mish anal with Aurora strumming her clit and getting very wet. More cavernous gapes and some A2M. They move to RCA, a wonderful position for Aurora lovers everywhere. She hops off, ostensibly for A2M, but there's a cut to Aurora two handing Van into her mouth for the closing cumshot.
Epilogue This was a good video. Nothing really earth shattering, and no scenes that are going to be etched in my brain or libido, but good, even quality. Ashley Long was a standout, as usual, and Gia didn't disappoint either. She let her mouth get her into trouble, and her body, out of it. I liked Victoria Givens, but to be honest, the implants are a little off putting. Pason's scene was ok, but probably the weakest of the DVD. Aurora has just kept growing as a performer, and it doesn't seem to matter who she's paired with. She just goes for it, and with confidence. There was less physical participation by her than in the other videos I've reviewed. The videography and lighting were very good. Sin City obviously gives Aurora the tools necessary for a good production.
The Disk There are bios of all the stars. I don't know who wrote them, but Ashley Long doesn't come from New Jersey. It's possible she's never even stepped foot in that state. A photo gallery, BTS, pop shots and interviews as well as some trailers. Mayhem always has a good package.
Recommendation A decent rental and a good buy for fans of Ashley wanting to horde her non condom scenes. Also, Gia has been garnering a lot of fans lately and I don't think they'll be disappointed.

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