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Sweet My Ass

Sweet My Ass

Studio: Anarchy
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Sweet My Ass:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sweet My Ass overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sweet My Ass Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Sweet My Ass Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Sweet My Ass Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sweet My Ass Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Sweet My Ass DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sweet My Ass A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/20/2006
Welcome fans to Leah Luv's directorial debut and who better to help her out than best friend Hillary Scott who stars in the first scene. Leah's wanting to shed her "sweet" image and through the course of this dvd she'll do just that until the final scene where she does something pretty special in porn, double anal and luckily yours truly was there to catch this live along with Hillary who was giving moral support as well as some seriously hot self nipple licking which didn't make the dvd but did make it onto my digital camera!! Now back to Leah's dvd!

Leah Luv & Hillary Scott:

Ok we get this party started right with these two hotties sitting out by the pool. Hillary asks if this is the day and Leah says yep, it's time to devirginize her ass! Ok that's stretching the truth a bit, lol, but for purposes of this dvd it's all good. Hillary picks up her cell phone, pardon me mine's ringing, darn it, it's not Hillary calling! Miss Scott then shows Leah a pic on her cell phone of the cock that's coming over to plug her butt. I must add that the green bikini Hillary's wearing is giving me some serious wood issues!! Well they need to prep that ass so Leah gets in doggie while Hillary being the good friend that she is starts witha few fingers as the camera zooms in. Leah's got a nice ass fans but I'm sure you all know that. The chemistry between the two is so good and so natural but I know how close they are really so that helps this scene greatly. Hillary eventually works in four fingers in Leah's ass and I bet she'd fist her and probably did but we couldn't see that part. The guy arrives and the girls go to meet him and it's Jay Ashley who is waiting at the door. Leah rips his shirt off and Jay's soon depantsed himself and the girls are down giving his cock some love. Hillary changed her outfit to a blue one, I missed that at first, nicely the top comes off letting those great tits of hers come out but the focus pretty much stays on the ladies polishing Jay's knob. Moving to the sex Jay sets his sights on Leah's pussy to start nailing her in spoon while Hillary straddles Leah's face giving her that sweet juicy pussy to eat out. I loved seeing Hillary sitting on Leah's face like she did here and she also does the friendly P2OGM clean off too. The girls work in some dirty talk too before Jay gets his first taste of nailing Hillary's kittie which he does in a standing doggie while she munches on Leah's pussy. You also see Jay showing Leah how the anal will look as he drills Hillary's pooper still in doggie. There were a few shadows here but you still got a good shot of Hillary's filled ass. When the shot goes to an overhead view the lighting gets much better. Ok we get a quick transition to Leah's ass being filled in mish with Hillary right there to offer support with some dirty talk, Leah rubs her pussy and you get some small gaping as Jay's nailing that ass. Like a good friend Hillary also gets in some A2OGM and this mish/ piledriver offers a good view of the anal pounding. Taking a pause we get Hillary moving in to finger Leah's ass and she's quickly up to four fingers sliding in and out with a few good closeups for you to see and Leah also cleans those fingers off with her mouth like a good whore! The girls then get side by side in doggie and Jay goes from ass to ass with Hillary doing more ass tasting. Leah then gets on Jay's schlong for some good hard reverse anal pounding and the scene wraps up with Hillary taking the load in her mouth and then sharing with Leah, first she blows a few bubbles! This was a great scene and it's all due to the great chemistry between Hillary and Leah. A fine beginning.

Alicia Angel:

Alright that was a super first scene and this sexy young lady is up next. The scene starts with Alicia and Leah in the car, I think they're on the way to the gym to find hot guys! I think Alicia is shy around the guys, lol. Leah spots the guy she wants Alicia to talk to and she hops out and runs up to him. She sure doesn't appear shy though, must have been those huge muscular arms. The two have a pleasant coversation by all appearances. "Buster"then joins them and they give him a ride, he lets them know he's horny after working out,lol. Leah isn't sure he can handle both of them but I think they are going to try! The in camera views aren't bad even with Leah driving. Alicia has heard working out makes your stamina better and Buster agrees, ok let's get to some action!! Now inside we have Alicia in a very sexy lime green outfit, tight shorts, mesh top which comes off and Leah's not going to be in the scene it appears so Alicia is all by herself as she takes on this big cock. The rest of her top comes off revealing some nice titties and her bottoms are gone too though you don't get an ass shot for a bit. Alicia does a pretty good job getting his cock all wet and then on we get a 69 with Alicia on top so finally that ass is shown off as our man licks that pussy pretty good. Sexwise you see Miss Angel done in cowgirl--- very nice booty shots here, then it's on to mish, a standing cowgirl and also a reverse is shot. Leah stops by as we also get Alicia's ass fucked in reverse and there's a good floor shot included in the footage. Buster then wants Leah to come in and see Alicia's gaping ass and she does, to bad she didn't suck his cock here but Alicia does doing A2M and then Leah does get in there for sloppy seconds! Buster then gets back to nailing that ass in spoon and we get Leah popping in from time to time getting closer views of the action, even helping put the cock from Alicia's ass to her pussy and then taking it out to clean it off, she's learned well from the Super Asswhore! Sweet after some A2M clean up we get Alicia in the piledriver position and they get in some more hot anal action leading to even bigger gaping plus a few pussy farts are heard! We end this well done scene with a decent mouth pop and Leah comes over to lick the cum off Alicia's chest and around her face and the two swap a couple of times. I bet they'll be back to that gym again real soon! But the scene doesn't end well as Alicia sees Leah pay Buster so she thinks she was set up.

Amber Rayne:

On we go and we start with Alicia visibly upset calling Amber to come over and help her get Leah back. Leah doesn't know obviously and then we get Amber showing up with Dick Delaware in tow. Everyone heads to the living room where Amber and Dick sit on either side of Leah. Ok things get physical real quick and Amber gags Leah's face, she's going to show her what happens when her girl Alicia is fucked with! Amber is very vocal in her abuse to Leah who stares up. Dick watches from close by and he pulls Amber off at one point but I think he just wanted to try and catch a shot of her ass as she bent over. Amber then starts disrobing for Leah and she's going to show Leah just how to be a whore. Dick's pants are ripped off and Amber is doin some intense gagging in no time. Amber's shorts come off and Dick does a little fingering before we resume the oral assault on Amber's throat and they include a good side view for this and the camera pans over to Leah watching but it's hard to tell if she's scared or not. Ok they pause so Amber can go over and berate Leah some more, then she's back over and taking a seat on Dick's dick in reverse cowgirl. Amber does some P2M while maintaing the dirty talk now to Dick but it's not mean spirited like it is to Leah. Amber then gets back on in reverse and there's a great spread leg shot here. After some more P2M she crawls over to slap Leah around a bit, not to hard mind you, then it's back over for more hard fucking this time in cowgirl. Dick then picks his girl up for some standing cowgirl and the body slapping is heard loud and clear friends and you get more P2M with some good gagging too. Amber then wants to know if Leah wants to watch her take it in the ass, bet she doesn't know how so she's got to show her, obviously she's watched that first scene! Regardless, it's Dick's schlong which soon visits Amber Rayne's ass starting in doggie and we see A2M like I suspected we would. More anal then follows in doggie, reverse and finally from piledriver anal we get the pop rained into Amber's mouth. She shows the jizz off to Leah and she gives Leah the last warning to not fuck with her girl again as she spits the jizz into Leah's face. This was a good aggressive scene though I wished Leah had been brought in at some point but guess that didn't fit the whole "punishment" scenario.

Mia Bangg:

This scene starts with Leah sitting in a big black leather chair and it appears she was diddling her pussy lost in thought. She sits up then and you can see the light bulb over head burning bright as she's had an idea so she gets on the phone. Leah calls Mia to bring over a stack of paperwork she left behind and then she gets this evil grin as she makes another phone call, this time to Seth and she tells him about a new ass she's got for him but he's got to fuck her good! Poor Mia doesn't know what she's in for, lol. Seth is down for it so then we see Leah sit back with a big smile on her face. Cut to Mia walking in wearing a gold bikini, she drops the paperwork off as Seth shows up behind and he's got a lustful look on his face. He's quickly fondling those large perfect mellons of Mia's and they kiss briefly before he munches on those tata's. I just love Mia Bangg's tits, just a big load of boob!! Mia is pretty happy when she feels the bulge he's got and she's soon slurping hard on Seth's dick. Leah then walks in and she's very pleased to see what's going on and Seth gets a taste of Leah's perky tits before she drops down to help Mia give the blowjob. We get a nice POV shot of the girls sharing. Leah then sits down to play with herself while Mia carries on doing some serious gagging. Mia gets a good strand of spit hanging down during this intense knob polishing. Mia then asks Leah what she wants her to do with this big cock and of course it involves some sexual intercourse! Mia gets on in cowgirl and we get her equally nice ass shown off, fucking A those are some great ass cheeks which the camera zooms in on. Leah then steps out leaving just the two of them again and we get Mia hopping off to do P2M then getting back on this time in reverse and fuck those tits flop beautifully, man those are some hot tits!! Leah then rejoins the show when Seth slides in Mia's ass in spoon but the money shot comes once again in reverse cowgirl as now we have Mia's ass filled and the tits are still doing their amazing dancing. We end with a good load shot into Mia's mouth and she does a little cleanup as Leah watches close by. Leah licks up some of the cum and the two briefly touch tongues as we close out this very nice scene.

Leah Luv:

Well we finally get to see Leah back in action, she's been spectating the last few scenes but here she's going to show the whole world just how unsweet she is, doing double everything-- cock sucking, pussy fucking, and most especially double anal! She lays it all out for us before calling in her cocks, Rick Masters and Scott Lyons. I will add for all you to know that both Hillary Scott and I were watching this pretty blond do all this nasty filth! Ok we get going with Leah doing some oral to the guys and we get a pretty good close view as she works in some hard and nasty gagging. Of come the clothes and in go the cocks, one at a time to start. Rick nails Leah pretty good in mish while Scott continues to get his knob polished, then he gets a turn taking Leah from behind. On we go to some cowgirl and this shows off that nice little butt of Leahs and it's hard to think she'll be double stuffing that tush shortly. Leah still being boned in cowgirl calls in the second dick to double stuff her pussy and our camera guy manages to get a good open shot showing off that ass. A few times we zoom in on Leah's face and she's got the most intense look and hey she's being fucked pretty good so that's to be expected. Leah then gets in reverse where we get a wet climax or two and after the scene she really soaked the couch and floor with her cum! The boys also double pussy fuck her in reverse here. Leah then wants the two of them in her ass so she gets in cowgirl once more and they go right to the double anal bypassing the regular dp, you get a fine view for this double stuffing. Leah's giving us a good running commentary too during the scene which sees her do A2M, then finish up in piledriver where she takes one load in her pussy and the other in her ass-- cumfarting some out so if you're squeamish turn away!! Leah then relaxes a bit showing us that freshly fucked pussy/ ass and here she does the squirting and after the camera stopped rolling she did a bit more of this almost reaching the desk I was sitting at!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well for a first time I'd say Leah did a fine job picking some great girls, I really enjoyed Mia as usual and Alicia was real hot too. I'm not as much into the whole verbal abuse angle though Amber Rayne did a great job with it. Of course the scene with Hillary and Leah was awesome, those two work together so well and it shows. The extras for this include a picture gallery, some trailers, and some behind the scenes mostly with Alicia. If you want to see Leah stretch herself a bit-- double anal, double pussy then definitely pick this up and for fans of Mia, Alicia, and Hillary you get great work from them here as well.

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