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Swallow This (Northstar)
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Swallow This (Northstar)

Studio: Northstar Associates
Category:  Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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HowDoesPeterNorthCumSoMuch?'s ratings for Swallow This (Northstar):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Swallow This (Northstar) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Swallow This (Northstar) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Swallow This (Northstar) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Swallow This (Northstar) Sex rating 0 stars
Plot/Acting Swallow This (Northstar) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Swallow This (Northstar) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Swallow This (Northstar) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by HowDoesPeterNorthCumSoMuch?  on  12/15/2005
9 of the most beautiful up and coming porn sluts are about to take the Peter North cum swallow challenge. These girls are hungry for cum, Peter North`s cum and he as usual is more than willing to give each and every girl more than she bargained for. I can`t even look at an adult movie boxcover without seeing at least 1-2 porn starlets that have worked with Peter North. Him and Ron Jeremy are just a few of the legendary porn studs still very much active in the adult video business. While Ron is famous for being one of the most recognizable porn studs ever and being nicknamed the hedgehog (because of his fat, little hairy body. Peter North is often referred to as the loadman or the decorator because of the incredible reach and copious, large volume of his cumshots. At the end of Peter`s scenes he stands next to the girl`s face with his dick, leaving her face covered with enough cum that it looks like a bukkake, like about 3 guys (sometimes even more) came on her face. Seriously, it is unreal and disturbing the super-sized loads of cum he leaves on these girls faces and mouths and etc.

I am going to rate each Peter North cumshot on a scale of 1-6 being the weakest load and 7-10 being a monster load.

Scene 1: Delilah Strong is interviewed by Peter. She say`s she is new to the biz and Peter says they had met a few times but nothing happened then he asks her about the Peter North swallow challenge then she say`s swallowing is one of her favorite things and then she goes right to work sucking his cock. I have wanted to see this girl work with Peter for some time now so I am happy. She also sucks Peter`s balls pretty good too. She talks really nasty througout too. For the cumshot, she licks under Peter`s balls and say`s "I betcha can`t wait till you see this big cock cum down my throat huh? You wanna see me choke on all that cum? All you`re gonna get out of me is a big smile then she licks his shaft a few times then the cumshot which I give a 7.

Scene 2: Ava is introduced to us by Peter North he asks her if she is here because of an ad about the Peter North challenge and he asks if she knows who he is and she said my friends say you have a huge cumshot. She quickly finds out and Peter fills her mouth up like only he can. I give this shot an 8.

Scene 3: Next up is hot latina honey, Valerie Herrara otherwise known as MaryAnne. She walks into the room and is sucking on a lollipop and say`s she is here for the Peter North challenge. He looks at her with the lollipop in her mouth and say`s do you have an oral fixation and she say`s yeah. And he say`s I got something right here and he shows her his dick and she say`s "yeah you do, wow that`s too big". Then she jokes and laughs with Peter a bit before she is on his dick. She sucks cock like a pro. After an intense cock sucking from her he asks her if she`s ready for the Peter North challenge and shoots an awesome amount of cum so large it is unbelievable first a couple shots hit her in the left eye and the rest hit her mouth and the floor Peter misses alot but still manages to fill her mouth right up with cum. He stands there with his dick next to her face as his dick oozes out cum 3 times each time dripping like a water faucet, as MaryAnne say`s he`s not human.

Scene 4: We are intoduced to the lovely Hailey Storm she say`s she is ready for the Peter North challenge and sucks his cock like the hot little slut she is. She has a husky, sexy voice. Anyway the cumshot is an instant 10. She holds a huge mouthfull of Peter`s cum in her mouth before swallowing it like it was nothing. He shot about 12 big shots right into her mouth. There is so much she has to laugh, poor girl.

Scene 5: Next we have cute little brunette Harley she seems pretty shy and doesn`t seem like she really knows what she`s in for. She shows off her excellent tanned, cute little body. She has one hott ass. Then she looks at Peter`s dick and say`s you`re huge. And he replies with I`m not even hard yet and she say`s are you fucking kidding me? After that she goes north right on Peter`s pole. Then after some great cock sucking she prepares for the Peter North challenge. She seems pretty suprised as Peter starts cumming allover her mouth and onto her lips he leaves quite a large accumulation of cum on her lips she has to laugh she shows us a huge mouthful of Peter`s cum and winces with another laugh she is really not enjoying herself here, then the background voice asks her if she swallowed and she looks at him like she again really wants no part of it but she does swallow and she winces again say`s ewww, and laughs again. I give this popshot a 10. Best scene in the video I think.

Scene 6: Jewel is up now. She is a tiny very cute little blonde. She looks like too nice of a girl to be in porn. Anyway she introduces herself to Peter and say`s "I`m ready for the challenge". She also say`s she is only 18. She starts blowing North and continues for some time and then she finally say`s "I`m ready for the Peter North challenge" and Peter unloads a monster load right into her adorable, slutty little mouth. The shot is stellar 10.

Scene 7: Peter intoduces us to 2 newbie sluts, Erin Moore and Haley Scott. He asks them if they have heard of the Peter North challenge and they have and are ready for it. Peter comments how Erin has worked with him before but then he say`s he hasn`t worked with Haley. She say`s she is new so she`s very excited about the challenge. Both girls take is pants off and atack his cock with their slutty mouths. then these 2 kinky little sluts devour Peter`s dick and when he finally cums it is buckets into Erin`s mouth as Haley looks on with great anticipation even after he is done cumming Erin keeps coaxing several more drops of cum out of his dick with her hand and mouth. Then the girls swap Peter`s cum several times then they both swallow it. Cumshot is another 10.

Scene 8: Last girl is Alicia Angel. She say`s "I came for the Peter North swallow challenge. Peter say`s "I`m sure you know about my reputation then". She say`s "I do" She remarks "I`m glad someone was ready for the occassion" (referring to his erect penis) she starts sucking his dick. In the middle of it she kisses his cock and goes mmm then say`s "wow... with this big of a cock there`s definately a way there`s lots of cum" then she shows off her body and ass and goes back to sucking Peter`s cock then the cumshot. The first 2 shots land onto her right eye and eyebrow the rest find their way into her mouth, then wipes the cum from her eye and eyebrow and puts it into her mouth then she gargles then swallows it, yet another monster load from the sperminator. I give the shot a 10.


I loved the Alicia Angel scene the most. All the girls were great really but Alicia Angel showed such great enthusiam in my opinion, plus I liked the nasty cum gargling she did with Peter`s sperm in her mouth. If you are into cum swallowing or bukkake cum swallowing Peter`s got you covered, well of course not you but the girls he works with. They get more than a mouthfull in this awesome series. Check it out.

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