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RLD Fiend Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District) 4 starsSwallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District) 4 starsSwallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District) 4 stars
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Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District)

Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Fetish , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Fandsen's ratings for Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Swallow My Pride 7 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Fandsen  on  8/24/2005


Ava Ramon, Daphne, Hillary Scott, Jackie Ashe, Kelly Wells, Megan Martinez, Victoria Sweet Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard, Michael Stefano, John Strong, David Luger, Toni Ribas, Steve Taylor

Initial Impressions:

Looking at the front cover of Swallow My Pride #7, I'm instantly drawn in by sexy cover-girl Jackie Ashe. Jackie is a great looking brunnette with perky natural tits and a great smile. Infact, the cover shot on Swallow My Pride #7 is one of the best I've ever seen. Jackie isn't posed awkwardly or dressed rediculously. Instead, she is posed innocently in a well lit room. This cover alone will probably be responsible for some of the sales and a great number of rentals for Swallow My Pride #7. Big thumbs up to RLD and David Luger on this cover shot.

Unlike the front cover, the back cover gets straight to the point. It contains a montage of shots from each scene, most of which show two male performers working on one of the girls. At the center of the back cover lies a larger shot of Kelly Wells doing double anal. The back cover photos look a bit dark for my taste, but they are in line with the quality of most back cover shots. Dark or not, the photos give the viewer a pretty good idea of the action to come.

Scene 1: Kelly Wells, Manuel Ferrara, John Strong

Scene one opens with kelly wells sitting on a bed doing an interview. She's asked some of the ussual questions as she is asked for her qualifications for Swallow My Pride #7. Her answers seem extremely calm and rather scientific, but i get the distinct impression that she is a complete professional. At the tail end of the interiew Kelly shows her tits and ass to the camera, and announces that she is “going to get stuffed in my little fuck holes.” The action begins as John Strong and Manuel Ferrara swoop in from the sides, already hard.

The action starts with a double BJ. Things get rough as Kelly takes some throat fucking and gagging while going to work on their cocks. Luckily, kelly doesn't seem overwhelmed by the rough oral sex. The sex begins as John and Manuel pull off her skirt and John begins fuck her pussy in the cowgirl position while Manuel continues the oral assualt. Kelly asks for a cock in her ass, and Manuel is happy to provide this service. Manuel starts pounding her in reverse cowgirl, and soon John moves in for reverse cowgirl DP. Next, kelly is positioned in the cowgirl position again, and given some cowgirl DP as well. At the tail end of the cowgirl DP Kelly gapes a little, and moves into doggy anal with manuel as she sucks John and recieves some more gaping.

Throughout the scene she is semi vocal as she moans and yells occassionally in response to the pummelling Manuel and John deliver. Finally, Kelly is slid into position for the DAP advertised on the DVD's back cover, and shows her HUGE gaping ass. Kelly does some ATM as they switch positions yet again, and seems as willing as ever as she is manuevered into spoon anal, more doggy anal, and eventually piledriver anal from both John and Manuel before they both cum in her mouth.

John is first to pop, and provides Kelly with a hefty load which she gargles and swallows before asking for more. There is a cut, and a little more sex before manuel empties into Kelly's mouth. For this load she tries to swallow without closing her mouth, which doesn't seem to work as well. Finally, the scene cuts to a third guy who recieves the works in a “mini scene” before also cumming in her mouth.

Score (4.5/5): Overall, this was a great scene. It's the first i've seen with Kelly Wells, and i was quite impressed. The sex was rough and came in a barrage of different positions, but it never seemed like too much for her to handle. The only downsides to this scene were the lighting, which seemed to highlight any redness or paleness on the performers, and the pop shot progression at the end, which felt a little awkward. The mini scene didn't seem to add anything to an already more than complete scene.

Scene 2: Jackie Ashe, Erik Everhard, John Strong

Scene two begins with the films cover girl Jackie Ashe perched on the toilet (not going to the bathroom, just sitting) talking to the camera as she begins to tease the viewer by revealing her amazing tits and ass. Jackie's looks live up to her cover shot, which is saying alot. Rather than doing the typical interview, Jackie dictates to the camera and claims she is going do amazing things with the two cocks she is provided. And as expected, the scene cuts to the action.

As in scene one, the sex begins with both male stars coming into view already hard. John strong moves in from the right, while Erik's battle cruiser flanks the petite Jackie from the left. Without pause, the fondling and oral action begins. Both men thouroughly work Jackie's pussy in positions ranging from spoon to piledriver. This scene is very tame in comparission to the first (no anal, no Dps, none of the really rough stuff), but that makes sense considering Jackie is clearly less experienced than kelly.

At the end of the 2 on 1, Jackie happily recieves and plays with both men's seed. This time around the scene cuts to 2 mini suck and swallow scenes in which Jackie again has some cute camera talk and some great gargling/swallowing.

Score (3.5/5): This scene was a solid contribution to the DVD. It wasn't as rough or as energetic as the first scene, but its definetely worth a watch. Jackie seems happy throughout the scene, and provides some really sexy eye contact and cum play. The lightning was a bit more flattering in this scene, and the two mini scenes at the end seemed much more appropriate in this scene. Depending on how much like Jackie's look, or how high of a priority looks are in a scene you may rate this scene higher/lower than I have.

Scene 3: Hillary Scott, John Strong, Toni Ribas

This scene begins with Hillary addressing the camera and talking about how badly she wants take a cock in her ass as well as how much she wants to swallow cum. I'm convinced! She teases the camera and plays with herself as she changes into a nice pink and black outfit for the scene to come.

This time, both men approach wearing jeans. They are both clearly already hard, so Hillary wastes no time in undressing them and going to work with some rough oral. The viscious oral assualt progresses with throat fucking and gagging as Hillary begs for more. The actual sex begins with spoon vag and reverse cow girl vag at a vigorous pace while the throat fucking continues. Soon Hillary asks to be fucked in her asshole, and moments later her wish is granted by John Strong, who ravages her ass in reverse cow girl anal. Anal and ATM occur in a series of positions (with the exception of DP positions) until both men are ready to pop.

Hillary takes each load in her mouth to gargle and play with before swallowing. Again, we are treated to some "mini scene" action following the 2 on 1, which provides some extra action to end the scene. I loved the eye contact for all the swallowing and oral in this scene, and for fans of smeered masquera this scene has a bit of that for you as well.

Score (4.7/5): Wow, a near perfect scene, especially if you are a Hillary Scott fan. For how small and delicate she looks she handles the rough sex with ease. Most importantly, she looks like she is into the sex, and doesn't struggle with anything. The most memorable thing was the great throat fucking and anal sex. I'm not a huge fan of throat fucking and gagging, but i definetely enjoyed it in this scene.

Scene 4: Daphne, John Strong, Other

The scene opens with Daphne on a bed doing an interview. She claims to be new to the business, and talks about her work before porn. The interview is a bit tedius, and Daphne seems embarassed as she tries to answer the questions. Both male stars move in while the interview is still going on without a cut, which is a pleasant change from the cut used in previous scenes.

Daphne's scene starts out fairly slow and contains only vaginal sex. She gets put in plenty of positions by the two studs, and the action takes place on a bed which is a good setting for this softer slower scene. However, the speed of some of the action isn't quite in line with the rest of the film. Although the Jackie scene was tame, it had a lot of energy in it, which i feel this scene does not.

The popshots proceed as normal, with each shot being swallowed. Unfortunately, Daphne doesn't seem into it at all, and she lacks the eye contact that that the previous girls had. As ussual, we are treated to two mini scenes to end Daphne's scene. There is actually some kissing/caressing in one of these mini scenes, which is a drastic change from the mood of Kelly and Hillary's scenes.

Score (2.5/5): This wasn't a terrible scene, but it wasn't a great scene either. To some viewers, the change of pace from hardcore fuckfest to softer vaginal only scene might be nice at this point in the dvd, but to others it may seem like a waste of dvd space.

Scene 5: Megan Martinez, John Strong, Toni Ribas

The ussual begin of scene interview begins with Megan on a nice couch. She is given a pretty in depth interview concerning her previous work, her first sexual experience, and even if she has ever swallowed before. This might be the best interview so far, or at least it seems the most genuine. As ussual the scene begins when the two studs come into view with full erections.

The action starts with nice slow head before Megan gets spoon vag from John Strong. There are plenty of good positions, including some great legs pulled back reverse cowgirl, some good standing penetration, some hillarious standing sixty-nine, and some great off the couch piledriver.

Megan handles the swallowing well, but she doesn't play with the cum much. She also has a couple quick fuck and swallow mini scenes to finish the dvd.

Score (3/5): This scene was a solid ending to the dvd. There was a nice variety of positions. This scene had a slower pace than some, but Megan seemed to be more interested in the sex than daphne, so this scene gets a three.

Overall Impression:

There are a few very interesting things to mention in my overall impression of Swallow My Pride #7. First, the dvd seems to have a unique blend of scene types. On one hand, Kelly Wells and Hillary Scott both deliver rough and scorching hot scenes. They have plenty of gagging, gargling, and gaping. On the other hand, Jackie and Megan's scenes are a bit softer, and stick to vaginal sex. The common ground for these scenes is they are nearly all two on one (MMF), each has one or two mini scenes shot in POV, and of course all scenes contain swallowing. With a theme like swallowing, I'm surprised that every scene was shot as a two on one rather than three or four on one. However, i love the fact that this swallowing flick isn't all oral and has great sex scenes leading into the swallowing at the end.

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