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Surreal Sex 2

Surreal Sex 2

Studio: Low Art Films
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Surreal Sex 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Surreal Sex 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Surreal Sex 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Surreal Sex 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Surreal Sex 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Surreal Sex 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Surreal Sex 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Surreal Sex 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  5/22/2011

Prologue This is an interesting looking video. The director, Oren Cohen, used to (maybe still does) represent Anarchy, a busy concern that was known mostly for meat and potatoes porn and lack of originality. This newer company, Low Art, appears to be aiming for just the opposite of their name. It advertises "Shot on Film", and the cover photos indicate a more stylized approach to content. Add to that, there are five hot women, with three, Asa Akira, Natasha Nice, and Charlotte Vale, being sure fire starters for me, and I'm intrigued. Let's see if it lives up to the cover blurb, the prettiest filth...period.
The video opens on the face of Natasha Nice, the camera traveling down her soft, beautiful body, bedecked in frilly pink lingerie and black stockings. Natasha is one of the most beautiful and natural women on the pornscape, yet gets little attention for it. Hard to completely understand because she can be a real hellion in the sack, even if she hasn't indulged in butt sex. The lighting for this scene is low, but saturated, as I expect most of the scenes here to be. Natasha is joined by a stark, naked Nick Manning, who grabs her head and plants a long, loving kiss on the pyt. He grabs a handful of tit as they kiss, then Natasha is magically naked as he laps at same and goes down to feast at the "Y". A little too quick to the clit for my taste as Nick is in a hurry to get Natasha off, but I know she really likes hard stimulation there, and now is no different. He grabs her by the hair to kneel and suck his dick, something she does with gusto and depth, and nice shiny slobber. She doesn't just suck his balls, Nasty rubs them all over her face. They start to fuck in RC, Natasha grinding and swirling, screaming in delight when Nick grabs her ass and pulls her down hard on his cock. Doggy against the wall, punishing strokes that she loves. With one leg raised and a cunt full of dick, Natasha strums her clit furiously, screams out an orgasm, and lays back on a chair for mish. He's rock hard, she's wet, and has no bottom, nor any compunction to restrain as Nick pounds at the wide spread prize. Cut to Natasha gagging herself on Nick's stalk and presenting herself for cum. She's jiggling those hot tits while he spanks, offering her face for the dumping ground. He jerks out a nice load, well captured as it splashes her countenance and fills her mouth. Cut.
This was a nice looking scene with a hard feel to the fucking. Short by today's standards, but definitely containing some high points, especially the pounding mish that was so gratefully received. The camerawork and lighting met my expectations for this video, and lent an erotic feel to it.
In a concept film that emphasizes art, who better to put on display than Asa Akira, an erotic bundle in any surrounding. The camera does the same journey as for Natasha, from the face down the body. A lit candle is on the floor, boding well for one of my favorite kinks. Asa has some extra artwork from her neck to under the right shoulder and on her back, painted in a rich blue for this video. She fingers her meaty, wet pussy, and tastes the juice in a nicely captured shot. Her background is a wall and iron gate, the candle sitting on the shag rug in front of her capturing Asa's attention. A sly smile crosses her face as she nears it. Asa licks at the base like it was a thick cock, her eyes already going tilt with lust, and the flame dying out, maybe from her hard breathing. Cut to Asa handling the newly lit candle by the gate as Mr. Marcus reaches through the bars to take it away. Asa's body panting, Marcus tilts it toward her upraised tits and sends rivulets of hot wax down her scalding body. He flings it away and fondles her body, settling on Asa's aroused nubbin. They kiss through the bars and Marcus stands up to offer Asa some penis. The bj is slow and worshipful, and nasty, then the gate is opened and Asa can be more freely fed. Cut to standing doggy against the wall, more new markings along Asa's side reinforcing my feeling that it's only makeup, thankfully. Marcus laps at the hot, wet pussy, Asa sinking to the floor and shaking her moneymaker as he pounds his thick cock into that tight hole. Up and over fills Asa to the brim and puts her in a pleasure/pain reverie. She sucks her juices and climbs on in CG. That hot ass is active as hell as Asa folds the big dick in her hot place. Marcus makes sure she's good and stretched as he pushes in as deep as he can get it, then he eats some ass while Asa beats off. Spoon, Asa seemingly enjoying the show as much as we do, then backing up on the cock to Marcus' delight. Pushup doggy as Asa barely raises her hips, yet jerks him off inside her pussy with her inner lips clutching. Marcus goes hog wild pounding Asa into submission, deep, hard strokes eliciting euphoric screams. Deep mish, Marcus always giving Asa room to fuck back. P2M, then more pushup doggy, and Marcus serves up his libation hot, streaming cum onto Asa's face and into her mouth.
What happens when a purported piece of art meets a real work of art meats a hard cock. Magic. This pairing is steamy from the outset with nice erotic imagery, then hot, hard sex. Asa's no shrinking violet, and she loves getting pounded, Marcus delivering the goods, no problem. Beautiful scene.
The third scene opens with a dick in covergirl Angela Aspen's mouth. Her eyes are glued to the camera as she works her lips over, going ever deeper, and flashing the bird to the viewers or lensman. Head so sloppy she has to shake the saliva off Ralph Long's cock. It must be good, too, because Long looks like he's struggling, his eyes wincing in pain or deep concentration. Angela mounts in CG, and dismounts to feed him some tit. They fuck in doggy next, and more bj action after that. Mish, leg raised, Angela trying to get Ralph to step things up. RC puts the balls in her court, but she seems to be playing keep away. More dick sucking, and doggy again. Angela goes ass up, face down, as Ralph churns away. He shakes his load out over her face and Angela cleans up. The camera actually missed most of this shot, going right from the stroke to the messy aftermath.
This was the wild card scene for me, as I have only viewed one Angela Aspen scene previously, and don't think all that much of Ralph Long. It was neither arty nor the performance artful, and didn't even feel fully realized. A big comedown from the previous two scenes.
The US military's latest gift to porn, Chayse Evans, visits Nick Manning in a military hospital. He's going stir crazy and doesn't like the way he's been treated. Chayse has the cure, fuck doll Charlotte Vale. She's outfitted in pink baby dolls and Nick orders her to "Suck it fuck doll!" Chayse is barking orders and abusing Charlotte, first ordering her to suck Nick's toes, then his cock. She's not holding back on the spanking either, as one of them makes Charlotte howl. Forced deep throat while Chayse manhandles Charlotte's pussy, then strips to join the sweet lovers. She starts by pulling Charlotte off the cock to show her how it's done, then passing it back to her to see if the lesson was learned. They pass it back again, Manning in typical form, sounding like a loud idiot. Charlotte mounts the cock in CG, Chayse alternately licking balls and smacking Charlotte up. Sergeant Evans bends over for some fucking, her pants still not completely off, and Charlotte sucks her tits. Manning really steams into her, and Chayse sounds a bit overcome, leaving more than a little dew on his dick. Charlotte spreads for mish and Chayse feeds her some ass. Chayse smacks her face and Manning squeezes Charlotte's pierced nipples. Chayse takes the dick in a side entry while Charlotte nurses her tit. Manning goes from Chayse's cunt to Charlotte's mouth to drop his load. Charlotte cleans her face to return to the barracks.
Stylistically, this scene doesn't belong anywhere near this video. Functionally, it doesn't really fulfill its purpose either. There's plenty of abuse, both verbal and physical, as both Charlotte and Chayse are kind of wired that way anyway. But the fucking just doesn't get there, and Manning's faux dominance really sucks here.

A bonus scene taken from Lust Lover, intro-ed by it's trailer.

Lovely brunette, Jayden James, running a clear, bulbous dildo from her wet mouth along her body, right down to her hosed toes, and back up to her mouth. She lubes up her tits with Astroglide and fucks her cleavage with the toy. Lots of lube on her pantyhosed crotch for more toy tease. Cut to Jayden fucking herself through a tear in her hose. Her feet have been bared, and she plays with them too. She tastes her cunt off the dildo and sinks the hard piece back home, letting it hang out while she massages her toes. Pump, pump goes the piston, and back to her mouth and feet. Jayden finishes fucking herself, and she licks the glass bulb one last time.
This scene related better to the first two scenes than the two that actually followed. Nice looking and sexy/erotic. Foot lovers, especially, would get a kick out of this.

Epilogue I believe there's some irony intended in calling a company Low Art, then trying to produce something visually stunning, and even going to the lengths of shooting on film, as advertised on the boxcover. Two scenes into this video had me very pleased, and at the very least, looking forward to something special with Charlotte Vale. I'm not sure what happened after, because the Angela Aspen scene totally tanked. Technically faulty, with no chemistry, it just didn't fit right. Then, the Charlotte, Chayse scene seemed to be cut from a completely different cloth, and the result was akin to a parody of scenes that both have done better elsewhere. Still, I'm going to credit Natasha and Asa for pulling this DVD a bit over average. Theirs were scenes worth watching, and of a quality that would sit well for couples, at the very least.
The Disk Aside from the reviewed bonus scene, there's a high quality photo gallery and trailers.
Recommendation With VOD making such an impact these days, I'd say that, if available, the Natasha Nice and Asa Akira scenes would be good to get. Otherwise, this is a rental.

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