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Joe Shaver Surfboys Taken Downunder .5 starSurfboys Taken Downunder .5 starSurfboys Taken Downunder .5 star
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Surfboys Taken Downunder

Surfboys Taken Downunder

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay

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Ryder7's ratings for Surfboys Taken Downunder:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Surfboys Taken Downunder overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Surfboys Taken Downunder Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Surfboys Taken Downunder Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Surfboys Taken Downunder Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Surfboys Taken Downunder Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Surfboys Taken Downunder DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Surfboys Taken Downunder A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Ryder7  on  10/8/2005
Set in and around the beautiful beaches of Australia,

"Surfboys Taken Down Under" features a gorgeous cast of fit & trim surfer types. The movie is directed by Mike Esser and condoms are used.

Jake is a photographer. He and his boyfriend Rory are on vacation in Aussie land. Jake, a cute brunette is snapping photos of Josh, a hot looking blonde posing against the crashing waves of the beach and rocks. He's wearing a skimpy red speedo which our photographer coaxes him out of with some extra cash (I would too) Soon Jake is naked as well and both guys are rolling around on the beach while the surf splashes all around them ala "From Here to Eternity." They then retreat behind some rocks and take turns sucking each others hot cocks. The scene ends with our blonde friend getting jerked off and cumming.

Our next scene has 2 hot brunette surfer-boys exiting the ocean with their boards. They are soon out of their tiny black speedos and play wrestling on the beach as their dicks flop around. They both end up lying down and making out. They take turns sucking each others hard cocks while being watched by Rory who is sitting on a sandhill. Our voyeur is invited over and the three cuties are soon going thru some sensuous cock sucking. One scene where the 2 surfer boys are sucking Rory's big thick uncut cock made me pre-cum...I wish it lasted longer! Our trio then gets into position for a combo 69 w/doggie style fucking. The scene ends with all guys jerking off to orgasm. The cum shots here are pretty decent.

Next up, we have a foursome on the beach amid the rocks. All studs take turns sucking each others cocks. They then pair off for some pretty decent doggie style ass fucking. The scene ends with 3 of our guys kneeling down around the 4th who is laying in the sand allowing his glistening chest to be the recipient of all their jizz.

We head to Jakes rented home. He and the 4 Aussie lads are out back among the pool shooting pictures. Two of the guys, (Josh and a brunette) pair off to a grassy hill overlooking the countryside. They begin sucking each others rods until hard. The brunette is soon on top of our hot blonde and fucking his asshole in the missionary position. Our top soon has Josh's ass off the ground, legs high in the air and pounding away while also jerking off bottom boys' cock. Our blonde bottom soon takes over and jerks a nice load out of his cock while still being fucked. Our brunette withdraws and jerks a nice spray all over our spent blonde. Nice scene!

This segment opens with one of Jake's models taking a leisurely shower out back. After a nice camera pan down his body and dick, Jake enters the scene. The two kiss and take turns sucking each others dick. The model then turns Jake around and shoves his dick up his hairy asshole.
They move into some doggie style and then flip into some hot pounding missionary. The top briefly jerks Jakes' dick (something I LOVE to see in gay porn when two guys are fucking) Soon, our bottom takes matters into his own hand and jerks his dick til a nice load pops. (The way the camera is held, I couldnt tell whether the top was still fucking him) after Jake cums, the top-boy then jerks a creamy load which he wipes across the photogs' face and mouth. Pretty decent.

Now we head back to the beach, where two of the boys (one of them Rory)exit their speedos and after a brief kissing session, move their hungry mouths to each others dicks. They continue to suck in a variety of positions until Rory offers up his ass for some "bone ala doggie style" I liked how he kept masturbating his tool while he was getting fucked from behind. The top pulls out and milks his dick on Rory's ass. Rory then kneels in the sand and jerks his big dick shooting a load that would make Matt Ramsey,aka,Peter North proud. The scene ends with the naked lads holdng hands and running into the crashing waves of the ocean.

Jake & Rory end their vacation by heading back to England. Both guys are in bed. Rory is wearing a crisp white pair of Calvin underwear and that big cock of his is nicely outlined. Jake is topless in a pair of jeans. They begin kissing and soon Jake is stroking Rory's meat thru his underwear. Both get naked and attack each others tools with their hungry mouths. Jake especially goes to town on Rory's thick uncut cock, gobbling and slurping it up. They move into some 69 and continue sucking away.

Jake then takes Rory doggie style and pounds into his ass. When Rorys big dick isnt bouncing up and down, he is jacking it while Jake screws away. Now its Rory's turn and he assails Jakes asshole missionary style. Jake furiously jacks his cock while Rory is going to town on his hole. The finale is kinda weak... while Rory give us that great money shot of shooting cum, we never see Jake shoot at all.

In closing: After watching 2 dismal Mike Esser flicks: The double features I reviewed, Till He Comes & Fantsay Isle, I was expecting another bore fest. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised with Surfboys Taken Down Under. At a run time of just 92 minutes, this is def' a must see rental. Very rarely do I recommend blind buying movies to anybody.

Extras: A 10 minute behind the scenes, that is only an intro to ask each guy his name and age.

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