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astroknight Supersquirt 3 4 starsSupersquirt 3 4 starsSupersquirt 3 4 stars
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Supersquirt 3

Supersquirt 3

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Squirting
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Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Supersquirt 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Supersquirt 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Supersquirt 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Supersquirt 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Supersquirt 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Supersquirt 3 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Supersquirt 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Supersquirt 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/27/2006
Well it seems Tiana Lynn is looking to relinquish her title roll in the Supersquirt series and wants to find a replacement. Patrick Collins knows this won't be easy due to the hot energy which Tiana puts into her scenes. Tiana lists five girls she thinks can do the job, Angela Stone, Annie Cruz, Kat, Karina Kay, and Missy Monroe. So we get to watch as Tiana watches the five scenes unfold. In between each scene we go back to Tiana sitting in a chair taking notes on what's she's witnessed. I can say whomever takes over this series has some rather Wet Shoes to fill as Tiana did bring such wonderful spirit to her scenes and that ass is irreplaceable it's so fucking hot. In another dvd which just came out you get that great ass filled once more with cock so at least one more anal scene for all you Tiana Lynn fans to look forward too. Here we get some of squirtdoms finest shooters in a contest of sorts to see who will take over, let's find out how they did.

Annie Cruz & Kat:

I have to give it up to both girls in this as each comes out guns blazin if you will and the wait is a short one until each has squirted for the first time. The girls have some fun with each other before the cock is brought in and the squirting continues as the scene goes and you have some good hot anal shot as well. The one problem I guess I had with this is when Annie would squirt sometimes you had Kat's face below her pussy and on a consistent basis Annie would shoot her squirts straight up into the air basically so you had lots missing Kat's face. Now there were times when Kat's face was above Annie's pussy and it was here the best shots occurred, and Kat for her part had pretty good aim with her spurts and rest assured both girls do get plenty of female juices to taste before we end with Annie receiving most of the jizz to her face. The energy from both was very good I thought and I'd only suggest in the future when Annie's in the scene if you really want the most effective face splashes when she squirts you need to have the girl, preferably or man with their face resting above Annie's pussy as that's where the squirt goes when she does it.

Angela Stone & Eva Angelina:

Now we come to this scene which I found somewhat disappointing sadly. The girls are wonderful performers but there was pretty much no interaction with Eva and Angela's pussy when she squirted and man does this girl squirt a ton. I really think it's a no contest as to who should be the next squirt queen, I'm calling it right here. Angela Stone to me shoots the most and shoots her juices with the best aim as well. When this woman lets it go she really lets it go and there are usually 4-5 spurts flying out before she stops. Sadly here none find Eva's face so you got a lot of squirting but it flew harmlessly through the air finding now home other than the floor I presume. Now Angela for her part did some P2OGM when our man was fucking Eva and the girls do a little cum kissing when he pops on Eva's red boots and there's one final squirt from Angela to those boots which she licks up. So sadly a scene with two hot girls but I thought they were misused, if Eva didn't want to taste the squirt this should have been just Angela and the guy or perhaps two guys.

Missy Monroe:

Our next scene begins promisingly enough with our man face deep in Missy's twat, the legs are spread beautifully and it's Mark Ashley down there so I am confident he'll be tasting some squirt pretty soon. First we get some very nice floor shots as William H braves the waters so to speak placing himself right under as Missy's diddles herself. There is some wetness but not a huge spurt but you do see some juices dripping off the toy as she cleans it with her mouth. Mark then slides right into that wet pussy for some mish action and we see Missy's body kept beautifully open to the camera and the spurts of juice intensify from her pussy as the lense is coated. Other action has Missy on all fours on the wooden floor and Mark lays pipe in doggie and then in cowgirl where again William braves the waters getting down at an optimum floor angle. You do see the lense coated again but I'm not seeing the sheer volume of say an Annie Cruz or especially Angela though I've seen Missy squirt some good ropes just not yet in this scene. The reverse cowgirl was really nice as finally her tits were fully visible and the flopping was great and the squirting got better too. We end with Mark popping between her tits and she rubs it in as well as bringing some up to her mouth for a taste. Ok a good scene but I've seen Missy do much better so I don't think this will get her the gig, I'd be welcum, though, to see her try again as Missy is a fabulous fucker!

Tia Tanaka & Angela Stone:

Okay we get another chance for Angela to shine and I'm happy for her. Tia is having her birthday as we see a nice cake presented to her and instead of Tia blowing out the candles with her mouth we get Angela furiously whipping out a torrent of juices which easily put out those small flames. Our man then comes in and dips his cock into the cake so you will be seeing the girls having their cake and eating it too!! Angela helps out rubbing the cake/ icing all over his cock then letting Tia get in there for some knob polishing and seeing this bj was a bit different with the cake coating but it was much better than recent attempts at being different I watched such as underarm fucking or spitting into the lense. So all you shooters out there try using a cake and letting the girls suck the cake off it and lick the icing from the balls!! Tia's got a tasty little tush which Williams takes notice of and nicely it's shown off when she rides in cowgirl. Angela then takes over in reverse with some squirting and some is shot in spoon also but sadly like Eva we see no tasting done by Tia though she takes a super facial popshot and Angela is right there to lick the excess cum from around her mouth. So again a slightly disappointing scene featuring Angela, damn it she's not being utilized here really good, lol. You have two scenes with her and basically no one tasted her squirt besides her though the cake angle was a nice wrinkle to the scene.

Karina Kay:

Okay Tiana comes to her final scene to view and Karina is all smiles as we initially see her and wow what a fucking awesome shot we get of her ass, William thank you man and especially thanks to Karina for being blessed with such an ass. In addition to that fine ass we see she's also blessed with two great tits and a pretty cute face too. Karina is soon showing off those boobies but it's soon back to that ass which I could really stare at all day long. Karina then has a seat and spread her legs open for some pussy stroking and the floor shots here are perfect showcasing that pussy along with those nice titties. Karina then goes for a journey , alittle crawling is involved so we get more good butt shots and she arrives at a rigid cock which she subsequently engulfs with her mouth. Besides the fine bj we get some titty fucking shot before Jake Malone turns Karina over to begin fucking her in mish. Jake is no stranger to squirt scenes and he revels in the ladies splooging their love juice all over his mug. Karina does have some nice orgasms but nothing quite as strong as Annie's or Angela's but like a good trained puppy Jake gets right down to lick it all up. At one point you have Karina sitting up and from an really good upclose shot we watch her get some good squirts out to the floor and she nicely slurps them up sharing too with Jake who also gets down to do some floor licking. You also have then getting in a 69 with her on top and at one point she literally sits right up smothering his face and you couldn't see it but you just know Jake was grinning!! We end this well done scene with Jake popping in her mouth and she shows off the cum a bit before swallowing.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Okay so Tiana has seen all the girls and she reports back to Patrick telling him that it's Annie Cruz who she has tapped as her replacement and I can't say I'm surprised as she did have some great squirts in her scene with Kat. Patrick says it's a one shot deal and we'll see how it goes from there. Patrick asks for and receives one final look at those awesome tits of Tiana's. I was sad to see Angela not shown off better as if she'd been in that scene with Kat instead of Annie then I believe Tiana would have been picking a different girl. Of all the girls shot for this Angela by far had the most volume and best aim with her squirts. Next time they will have to place whomever works with Annie above her pussy for the best shots when she squirts as she tends to shoot straight up while Angela has pretty good control shooting out straight from her pussy and not upwards and for sheer volume no one in this dvd came close to the juices Angela Stone shot out. I'd love to see more with Karina too as of all the girls save for perhaps Missy she's got the best body when it comes to tits and ass, for me anyway, well if Tiana had been active in this she would have had best bod. Extra wise you get some bonus footage, a bonus scene from Supersquirt 2 and this time we do get to see that awesome ass of Tiana's in action along with Flower Tucci so if you've shot your load like me I'd hold off on watching this scene until you could reload! There are also some behind the scenes for this one. I'd have Angela Stone back in the next one and please pair her up with a girl who likes tasting squirt rather than a girl who will basically sit by as the squirts fly harmlessly through the air. A rental for sure for squirt lovers but it's no the best in the series.

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