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SuperBoys in the Fast Lane

SuperBoys in the Fast Lane

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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Netguy's ratings for SuperBoys in the Fast Lane:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
SuperBoys in the Fast Lane overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks SuperBoys in the Fast Lane Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks SuperBoys in the Fast Lane Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex SuperBoys in the Fast Lane Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting SuperBoys in the Fast Lane Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras SuperBoys in the Fast Lane DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality SuperBoys in the Fast Lane A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Netguy  on  10/31/2005

“Superboys in the Fast Lane” features a cast of spanish and latino guys, with just pretty standard sex, and just a series of segments. It opens with a pretty cute Spanish guy, on the cover, dressed in a tux waiting for someone or something. Just as he begins to get impatient a black man arrives with a bunch of envelopes. The dialogue between them is in Spanish so I’m not sure what it was all about. But who cares, the black guy drops to his knees and unleashes the cute one’s big, uncut cock and begins to suck it. It’s a big meaty cock that is just begging to be sucked. The black guy continues to suck him and then pushes him back on the couch and kisses and caresses his chest and nipple, working his way up to a passionate kiss while keeping one hand on that delicious cock. After a bit of nice kissing and sucking the black guy sits on top of the other back to front and takes the cock for a ride. They continue their fucking on their sides with the black guy continually moaning and groaning. I grabbed the remote and turned the volume down, it got to be pretty annoying. The coverboy does a nice job of ramming his ass and almost pushing his partner off the couch. They fuck all over the place, missionary, doggy, on the floor on their sides, and finally the black guy ends up riding him again. He keeps his hand over his own cock pretty much all the time so you don’t get to see him, that is until the end when the both jerk off. The cute guy sprays a nice big load far up onto the others chest and the black guy shoots a decent wad himself. Not bad.

The second segment takes place in a garage where a dark haired, slender, guy seems to be there to pick up his car. The other guy has a shaved head, and is rather muscular and stocky, with tattoos down his arms. The dark haired guy goes to work on the others cock, getting it all nice and wet and hard. The stocky guy knows what he wants and grabs the other’s hair and fucks his mouth, sticking his cock as far as it will go. After some brief sucking the dark haired guy leans up on a bench and gets fucked from behind. These guys sure like to moan and we get another one here. The stocky guy has a great ass and does a fine job of fucking him. Again it seems to be pretty one sided as the dark haired guy then rides the other back to front, then turns around and faces him. As their thighs and ass slap together he rides the dick furiously, working himself up into a frenzy. They stand up and continue fucking away like there’s no tomorrow. This guy just can’t seem to get enough cock. The end up like the first two jerking off, neither shooting that spectacularly. Had the stocky guy been paired up with the cute one from the first segment that could’ve been really hot. Oh well, I’m not a director.

The third scene is a three-way in a jail cell, all average looking, one guy has a dirty blond hair, a dark skinned guy with a shaved head, and a lighter skinned older guy. The guy with all the hair works over the other two’s cocks, taking both in his mouth, then taking turns sucking each one. The sucking doesn’t last to long before they get in a double fuck. All our on their knees with the blond getting fucked by the dark skinned while the other fucks him. That’s kind of brief too. In kind of a nice shot though, this time with the dark skinned guy on his knees getting fucked by the older one, the blond is lying down underneath sucking the one getting fucked. It just looked hot. The older one then rides the dark guy leaving the blond with not much to do except rub their asses, and watch. The do a bit more of the “double fuck” on their sides and ends with some nice cum shots here. As the older one gets fucked by the dark skinned guy he jerks off a decent load onto his leg, then the dark guy shoots a real nice load, then the blond, and even ends with the older one shooting yet a second time!

Finally the last scene has a guy with long hair, pierced eyebrow, and a bit creepy, calling someone, a fuck buddy I’m sure. Actually an exterminator it appears shows up and before you know it the long haired guy has pulled down his overalls to reveal a nice, tight, muscular body and a big cock. The exterminator sits back on a small sofa and lets the other go down on him. He gets a nice slow blow job and the long haired guy almost takes it all the way down to the base. The long haired guy removes his clothes, leans over, and takes the other guys cock up his ass. He begins slowly and after getting it all the way in begins to drive it on home. After getting it from behind the well built guy sits down and the other sits on top of him. They move to the floor and continue fucking on their sides before ending back on the couch in a missionary position. The muscular guy pulls out and lets his jizz ooze out onto the others cock as he jerks off himself and the long haired guy shoots a nice load up onto his chest before it ends with the credits.

Well, this wasn’t exactly my “cup of tea”, but I’m sure there are plenty of you guys out there that might enjoy this. Of the cast I found only a few to be cute or attractive but to each his own. The audio and video were fine and the DVD includes 4 trailers, scene selection and a photo gallery, the standard fare. The sex for the most part was just ok with nothing really extremely hot or that outstanding.

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