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Super Squirters 3-Pack

Super Squirters 3-Pack

Studio: Venom
Category:  All Sex , Box Sets , Squirting
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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T0MBOne's ratings for Super Squirters 3-Pack:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Super Squirters 3-Pack overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Super Squirters 3-Pack Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Super Squirters 3-Pack Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Super Squirters 3-Pack Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Super Squirters 3-Pack Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Super Squirters 3-Pack DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Super Squirters 3-Pack A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  3/22/2009
Jordan Septo's SUPER SQUIRTERS arrived at my doorstep as a three-pack with the first three in the series from 2005, 2006 and 2007. These DVDs have already been reviewed so I am going to try something a bit different.

With the help of a little-known device called a Squirt-O-Meter, I am going to review each female almost solely on her squirting performance. Readings from the Squirt-O-Meter measure intensity and frequency of squirts.

A super squirt, a fountain or a gusher, registers {{{{{ on the Squirt-O-Meter; a big squirt that's not quite a fountain or gusher registers {{{{, a regular old squirt registers a {{{, a little squirt, a few drops shot out of the pussy, registers as a {{ and a baby squirt, a few dribbles out of the pussy that can sometimes be mistaken for spit or recent squirt drops, registers a {. So, lets get this Squirt-O-Meter-Orama going here.

Jordan Septo's SUPER SQUIRTERS (2005, Venom)

FLOWER "I love to squirt all over my man" TUCCI

Forget the fact that Flower takes an anal pounding from the get-go and that she has retarded looking blonde streaks in her hair. What about the squirting?

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Okay folks, Flower Tucci is frequently a big-time squirter in this 22 minute scene. According to the Squirt-O-Meter, she is not super squirter.

MISSY "I can't wait to come all over these boys" MONROE

In case you forget, Missy's name is tattooed on her ass. Choking, gaping, DPs and double vag-Missy does them all but the Squirt-O-Meter does not care.

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

So, Missy Monroe is just a little squirt or a baby squirt in this 35 minute scene. She's so cute with her baby squirts that this cover girl comes back for more later in this DVD.

NICKI (Is that spit or a baby squirt?) HUNTER

Choked with her own hair and slapped on her face, a spitting Nicki fights back then takes an anal pounding for the hell of it. But what about her squirting skills?

Squirt-O-Meter reading

Tough girl Nicki gets in a big squirt there at the end but her 34 minute scene shows she's really an infrequent little squirt.


Pale Angela's pink pussy takes a pounding and she makes "glup glup" sounds during some choking but what about her squirts?

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Angela Stone registers the first super squirts on the Squirt-O-Meter scale. Her first two fountainous squirts are the highlights of this 21 minute scene. Angela, you are a big-time squirter and a candidate for super squirter. (Maybe you and some one like Supergirl!)


Pale and tiny Trinity takes an anal pounding while Missy promises more squirting. Yes, but how much more?

Trinity's Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Missy's second Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Well, I guess no matter how hard she tries, Missy is just a little squirt. Trinty's lone squirt shows that she needs to try harder.

So, Super Squirters 1 features a few super squirts from Angela and a bunch of big squirts from Flower. The rest of the performers left many dry patchy stretches in their squirting perfomances so this 2 hour and 13 minute dics receives a little squirt rating of {{ outa {{{{{.

Jordan Septo's SUPER SQUIRTERS 2 (2006, Venom)

FLOWER "I'm back to squirt for you" TUCCI

Covergirl Flower holds off for awhile with the butt fucking but what about her squirting? Can she top her performance from the Not-So-Super Squirters ?

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Flower checks in with another fine squirting performance with frequent squirts and big squirts. The frequency of this squirting performance helps this scene eclipse her previous scene.

KAT "I can't wait to squirt all over your cock"

The cute 20 year old Latina with braces in her mouth takes an anal pounding from a couple of well-hung guys. She handles a few DPs, some A2M shenanigans, toe sucks, lick ups and lord knows what else in this 40 minute scene? But is she a candidate for super squirter?

Squirt-O-Meter Reading

Kat's squirting takes awhile to get flowing. The poor girl licks up after her near super squirt so let's call her a big-time squirter.

ANGELA "You guys wanna watch me squirt all over the place" STONE

Angela dives into a few straight sex positions and makes some "glup, glup" sounds during blow jobs but is she ready to achieve super squirter status?

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the Squirt-O--Meter recorded Angela's super duper fountain squirt and a super gusher squirt in this all-wet 21 minute scene. How about a round of applause for Angela Stone, a true blue super squirter!

ANNIE "I like to squirt when I get fucked" CRUZ

Her tits slapped and her neck choked, Annie settles into a series of straight sex postions and dick sucking sessions. But can the incredibly cute Ms. Cruz squirt? You betcha.

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Wow, the ol' Squirt-O-Meter nearly blew a fuse trying to count all of those squrts. Those last squirts find Annie propped up on her shoulders in front of the couch taking a rainstorm of squirt on her face. For this and the frequency of squirts, Annie is super squirting champeen.

NADIA "I really wanna squirt today" STYLES

Nadia is a cute girl but can she squirt with the best or is she part of the rest?

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Well, Nadia can come over to my house and squirt anytime, anywhere but she's certainly not a big-time squirter according to this 23 minute scene.

Okay, so some super squirters have emerged on this second disc: Flower, Angela and Annie dampened up the place quite a bit. It's a major improvement over the sometimes dry and lackluster Super Squirters 1. Super Squirters 2 rates {{ 1/2 outa {{{{{ for being a mostly solid squirting DVD.

Jordan Septo's SUPER SQUIRTERS 3 (2007, Venom)

CINDY "I'm a big squirter" JENNINGS

Cindy comes right out and says it; she's a big squirter. Cindy takes her shoes off and takes a pussy pounding but what about her "big squirter" claims?

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Hey big squirter, ba-baaa-da-daa-daaa, squirt...okay, so the girl really is a big squirter, meaning a big-time-squirter almost in the same league as Flower and the rest. A solid 29 minute squirting scene.

LEXI "Just thinking about it makes me horny" LOVE

Lexi shows us her gaping asshole but that means nothing to the Squirt-O-Meter. Nor does all her anal sex shenanigans.

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Lexi starts off as a solid squirter but "wimpers" like a baby squirter for the finale.

ANNIE "Spray my fuck sauce all over you" CRUZ

Annie, squirting Annie, is back and she's crusing for a butt-fucking bruising but can she top her frenzied first squirting scene?


Annie super-squirts with such a fountainous stream that the squirt landed in her mouth once, missed another time then landed in her mouth another time and dribbled out the side. All in wet day's work for Annie. A solid 30 minute squirt-o-rama.

ANGELA "I need to cum again" STONE

Anglea really looks great in this scene as she allows her toes to be sucked and licked. Will this toe sucking and pussy fucking push her towards super squirting stardom?

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Someone should shoot Angela's squirts in 3D. Her squirting triggered by her toes being sucked then her pussy being fucked is off the Squirt-O-Meter charts. So who can follow this performance?

KEEANI "I love to squirt alot" LEI?

So, Keeani likes to squirt, too. She likes being choked (or does she?) and gagging and spitting at the camera, saying crazy shit like "I'm a filthy fucking whore" or "I'm a fucking cock addict" or the ever popular "I'm a hooker-whore." Oh my gosh. She can do and say all the crazy shit she wants but the Squirt-O-Meter only cares about one thing: squirt.

Squirt-O-Meter reading:

Keeani can squirt a-plenty but she could only muster up one big squirt, which leaves plenty of baby, little and regular squirts. Via the Squirt-O-Meter, she nearly earns squirter status, but all her crazy shit drives me crazy, so she's a little squirt in my book.

I would say that SUPER SQUIRTERS 3 is the best of this trio. Chop off that foolishness with Keeani and that's a great gonzo DVD. As is, SUPER SQUIRTERS 3 receives the mostly wet rating of {{{ outa {{{{{.

The SUPER SQUIRTERS 3-Pack starts off with a few tired scenes on the first DVD, gathers momentum for the second DVD, then uncorks a few great squirting scenes on the third DVD before dropping off the deep end with the final scene. Extras include stuff like behind the scenes features and cumshot recaps. Why not a squirt recap or rewash or whatever? Anyone else want to review these squirting DVDs? Feel free to borrow the Squirt-O-Meter anytime.

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