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Super Girl

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Super Girl

Studio: DBM
Category:  Freak

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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Super Girl:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Super Girl overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Super Girl Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Super Girl Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Super Girl Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Super Girl Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Super Girl DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Super Girl A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  11/28/2003
(Dolly Buster / DBM)

A compilation of scenes featuring the improbably busty German favourite Dolly Buster is hardly the sort of thing I really go for these days, and it does seem that the public in general have left big boobed, big name stars like Dolly behind too. But there's a sound reason for picking this one up, as I am on something of a quest for Angelica Bella, and one scene in particular.

Angelica and Dolly - from Dreams of Anal
This is the scene in question. Like all the scenes here, it's been shorn of any set-up or context, and opens with Angelica licking Dolly's attention-grabbing boobs. They are of proportions utterly at odds with her slim body and limbs, and if the rest of the movie is not to your liking, you can always ponder the status of her knockers. My guess is though they sometimes almost look real, the earlier scenes here have Dolly sporting a boob job that's gone somewhat saggy and thus looks slightly more realistic, and later she regains the lift at the expense of any semblance of realism. Her hair is preposterously bouffant; her make-up makes her look rather stern.

I won't pretend to be a fan of Dolly, nor shall I pretend that this scene is perfect. It suffers from the usual bad music, the dubbing, and the director's myopic and frustrating fixation with close ups at the expense of admiring the girls or showing their reactions. The latter is damn near unforgivable when Angelica Bella is in the scene.

Angelica is the kind of girl who always looks like she's just had sex, and with every glance and gesture gives the impression that she wants it again…maybe even with you, dear optimistic reader. Tousled brown locks, beautiful face, gorgeous, curvaceous body. You'd think it something worth showing off a little more, but for the most part we're treated to unconvincing "lesbian" play with fingers and a dildo repeatedly slipped into Angelica's ass and pussy, one to the other. There is virtually no sense of desire or attraction between the women whatsoever - tit and pussy licking, fingering, but no kissing.

And yet, for all the flaws, the heat does rise in the scene, perhaps as a product of anticipation rather than the actuality of the action. Simply, there's something rather exciting about seeing Angelica spreading her sumptuous stocking-clad thighs far and wide so the cruel looking older woman may slip her fist into Angelica's sweet pussy. It's full, deep and sensuous fisting rather than hard and fast, but quite full on nonetheless. Dolly removes and reinserts her lubed hand, turning it agonizingly and erotically round in Angelica's vagina, while she simultaneously uses the vibrator on her anus. Angelica's nylon-wrapped toes tantalizingly waver in and out of shot and occasionally the director (Dino, I presume) deigns to flash a shot of her face. She seems to be far more into it than Dolly, whose severe expression barely wavers as Angelica squirms sexily under her ministrations.

Dolly and Brunette 1 - from Venecia Calling
A rather attractive, pert-breasted brunette skims down Dolly's tights as the scene begins. Dolly looks a little more natural in this scene, if that's not too hard to believe, given her collagen pout and fake breasts. Her hair is a more realistic shade and she almost looks pretty. The girl takes off her clothes, wrapping her white body round her waist, and licks Dolly. She then takes over and most of the action consists of Dolly jamming fingers in wince-inducing fashion into the brunette's nether regions. Sensitive viewers will cringe as little lube is in evidence and the fingers Dolly insistently jabs into her slim, pretty friend's anus are tipped with nails that could slice bacon. Ow! Like the Angelica scene, it rather peters out at the end, less of a proper conclusion than evidence of following action, perhaps.

Dolly with Christoph and Richard - from Dreams of Anal
The mildly amusing opening has Christoph and Richard apparently in conversation, the joke being that they are oblivious to the fact that Dolly is blowing their dicks. Though the sex is conventional, there are still a few surprises. In her black stockings and lingerie, Dolly looks about as good as I've seen her. In this scene, her boobs are heavy and pendulous, judging by their motion during the energetic screwing they almost look natural, which I suppose they must have been, once upon a time, but I still get the feeling of being conned.

Dolly also smiles, which is a turn up, and her evident enjoyment of these men, bouncing herself long and hard on their cocks, speaks volumes about her act in the girl-girl scenes. Christoph and Richard, who looks incredibly fresh-faced - I can't imagine the date of this scene - attempt to keep Dolly happy as required, though sometimes these usually reliable studs are struggling. Come on her face and silly talk about "Dolly Buster, queen of porn" wrap up an unexpectedly lively scene, slightly overlong, perhaps, but lively nonetheless.

Dolly, Brunette 2 and Moustachio Man - from House of Sex
It's '80s fashions and furnishings a-go-go, as Dolly and her pal work over the dick of some moustache-sporting medallion man (envisage several members of the German World Cup squad for Italia 90), apparently in a bedroom set from Miami Vice. Dolly sports a shock of platinum blonde hair, backcombed and sprayed rigid. No sniggering at the back, please. Both women, wearing lingerie and black stockings (getting a hint of why I still maintain a hankering for this stuff?), hop onto the bed to continue the action. Dolly gives the guy a good suck and then the brunette and he join together to warm Dolly up by rather awkwardly pulling her pussy open by catching her labia piercing with the spike heel of a shoe. Looks painful. Our moustachioed friend fucks both women for a spell, before he pops his cork over Dolly's pubes.

Not to worry, as the bell tolls (yes, it makes no sense to me either) Dolly's hand is lubed and ready to repeatedly thrust into the brunette's pussy, a small dildo goes into her anus. As the guy recovers to continue fucking Dolly as she fists her playmate, it really strikes me just how good it might be to see action like this, shot with today's stars and by today's standards, in one of the many orgy titles, for example. This trio, fucking, sucking and licking together, supply the requisite strength and energy but are not nearly as photogenic. Still, our man does manage to take Dolly in doggy, and the brunette slips a dildo into Dolly's pussy when the chap slides into her arse. It's strong, quite energetic action but it's undeniably dated in style.

Dolly and Jean-Yves Le Castel - from Miss Italy
Dolly starts off in a blue polka dot outfit that's soon removed as she dishes out some oral relief to the callow youth (slight exaggeration) that we would eventually come to know and love as Assman - Jean-Yves Le Castel. Dolly tenderly sucks him, taking as much as she can, and he repays her with a pretty solid seeing to in numerous positions over the course of a straightforward, fast-moving scene. Even allowing for the dubbing and quickfire editing, it's pretty evident that Dolly is feeling it. Unfortunately, as she keenly moves herself on top of Le Castel's cock, it's impossible to avoid her fully inflated knockers, which do detract. Still, it's a no-messing screw and while hardly unique or memorable. She tosses him off into, or more exactly on to, her mouth to finish.

Dolly with Jean-Yves Le Castel and J.P. Armand - from Buster Booster 1
Finally, another well-paced scene with Dolly now in dressed in black, with floral undies below, her hair is extravagantly piled up to the extent that her head seems to half in dimensions when Le Castel presses her into his lap to suck him. Gold earrings shaped as the Yves Saint Laurent logo seem to sum up her ostentatious form of glamour. Maybe a similar notion of style to one that considers Gucci or Versace stylish would consider Dolly really attractive.

In terms of their style, Le Castel is in an early example of his beardy mode while I suspect Armand has never been in fashion. They are here to give Dolly a good old shagging, anyway, and that's just what they do. They make rather crude use of her mouth, take turns fucking her and double penetrate her twice. The first time is almost cute, as Dolly wraps both arms lovingly around Jean-Yves as he plunges into her. It's rather disarming to see - one of only a handful of moments where Dolly actually looks like a woman enjoying sex rather than a porn caricature. She turns round and takes his knob romantically up her arse while straddling J.P. The DP is generous, the come loads fired over her boobs a little less so, but it's nice to see Dolly getting down and dirty herself, as she occasionally gives a sniffy impression of leaving the strong stuff to the hired hands.

So, was it worth it for that one scene? Well, I'd say "just about". While I accept these things are very much a matter of individual taste, I had forgotten just how exciting this sort of action can be, and doubly so to see a wonderful star like Angelica Bella being so open to it - in terms of attitude, as well as physically! I find Dolly less essential, and arguably at her best when either screwing a guy she really likes, where we see her spark up a little more, or doing unspeakable things to young lovelies like Angelica. Personally, I find her physical charms are less compelling. For Dolly Buster fans, I can imagine this is much more enjoyable, though I suspect diehard supporters already have many or all the scenes, and DBM rather annoyingly avoid mentioning exactly which movies they originate in, nor their age (I'd guess a period from the late eighties to the mid-nineties). Thanks to Scott Kinney for the information.

Still, pretty much everyone on show here puts in a decent effort. Considering an oft-repeated complaint of German porn, I feel that it's not necessarily the performers who make it seem stilted or remote - sometimes the camera work is like that too. While unstinting in supplying the close-ups, the director, Dino, adopts a style that often fails to convey a sense of vigour, energy or motion. Many present-day viewers will wonder why they keep the camera back and scream at them to pick the damn thing up and get in there. But they won't, you know, they're not listening! An acquired taste perhaps, but that that's the style of it. Again, I might complain about the out-of-context nature of the scenes, which I suspect worked better with their original context, but I knew the deal before hand so I'll just have to live with it! However, unless you're a dedicated Dolly or Angelica fan, I suspect you may not wish to do so.

DVD Comments
Though they were originally shot and lit to a sound, basically professional standard, the picture quality is still surprisingly good, considering the age of the scenes, more so when considering the less-capacious DVD-5 format is used. The disc also uses the NTSC format, so no problems for North America viewers. There's the odd blip or two and some slight signs of excessive compression but nothing to seriously spoil your viewing.

The audio is a different story. Though it's in MPEG2 rather than Dolby stereo, quality is not the problem. Not even the dubbed dialogue threatens. No, it's the endlessly looped, plinky-plonky soundtrack of my nightmares that is hard to put up with. I can't complain, I knew it would be there, but it's still barely tolerable. You may be unaware of this, but it seems to me that virtually any Magma, DBM or Videorama movie made from about 1988 to 1998 or beyond, even, had the same selection of terrible, royalty-free inanity as the soundtrack. I always wondered what happened to Richard Clayderman…

The extras are okay, not special. There's a selection of six trailers, a photo gallery, box covers of the Dolly Buster series (but no information about which movies originally contained these scenes) and website information.



Dolly Buster, Angelica Bella, Christoph Clark, Richard Lengin, Jean-Yves Le Castel, J.P. Armand, others
Running Time
NTSC / All regions
MPEG2 / dubbed German dialogue
Disc Features
Photo gallery, trailers, "VHS revue", website information

Tip of the hat: Scott Kinney, for identifying the origin of the scenes

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