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Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies

Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies

Studio: Avica
Category:  All Sex , Foreign , Straight

Released on: 
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Evil_Rip's ratings for Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Evil_Rip  on  8/6/2001

Super Collection: Erotic Indian Bodies
: Avica
Type: Indian, Asian, Import
Starring: Nonny, Monak, Shelly, Wane, Rolla, Tom., Fawea, Duckku
Director: Tomy
Producer: Macc Gill
First Impression: Wow very fancy credits at the beginning. And very beautiful Indian Women on the cover. And this DVD wasn't cheap either. This must be a high quality product. Opens with great picture quality

Final Thoughts:
Avoid this at all costs. If you have an Indian fetish, or are an Indian looking to see what Indian porn has to offer. This ain't it. This was a waste of my money, and it will be a waste of yours. This thing had no passion. No decent structure. The first 40 minutes are kinda softcore. You don't get to see anything!
The chapter menu shows four scenes.

But there are actually more than four, they just aren't stopped properly. There are a total of TWELVE.
Well. I didn't like this DVD. But it's a lot more enjoyable than either Butt Sluts 2 or Penetration #1. Those are the DVDs to hate.
This one was subpar. And I felt ripped off cuz the cover had such beautiful women on it
If you saw this you'd have to wonder are these really the people behind the Kama Sutra?
(hey evil.. why's your final thoughts first?
So you know the truth without having to read further!)

Looks: The box cover is misleading! The beautiful women on the cover is not in the DVD. In fact they have nothing to do with each other!

Likes: The Box Cover. That's about it. There are a couple of really hot girls.

Dislikes: Everything! This movie sucked period. The action sucked. There weren't very many cute girls. Most of the girls looked like they were hungry. The guys. Man These guys were ugly. I've seen a lot better and more fit Indian guys. There was one guy that had a good face, but the rest ewwwww.
The women well they had no steam. A few were very hot but the camera man and lighting are bad.

Music: Fucking Aye! The first 2 minutes there is dialog. Then bam! No more audio! Its all music. You don't get to hear the girls moan, or any other sounds. Just plain stupid music.
Degree of Roughness: Less than adequate sex. Some Extended foreplay. A lot of normal play.
Enthusiasm level: Some looked like they were hungry and this was a way for them to eat. This could put you to sleep.

Kinda done by scene, please look at screenshots to have a better understanding of what I'm talking about.

| Rev iew | Opening | Scene1 | Scene2 | Scene3 | Scene4 | Scene5 | Scene6 |
| Scene7 | Scene8 | Scene9 | Scene10 | Scene11 | Scene12 |

Here's the Group getting ready for some fun. There's a waterslide. Some of the Girls jump into the pool as well. One of the guys is talking with the older woman.
Plus the menu showing off Four chapters.

Boom right to mounting the girl. Hey cameraman focus on the action. And why is everyone trying not to show their faces? Looks like an internal cumshot. And the guy is still pounding away.

Girl takes a bath. She soaps herself up very well. IF she had smiled more it might have been enjoyable. But she looks so cold and unfeeling.
Then the guy comes in and they take a bath together. He soaps her up again! After she spent all that time getting clean.
So how did I feel about this scene? Its rather softcore. We know they're not doing anything. And we don't see anything happen.

A bit of an older woman. She's also kinda on the chubby side. Let me say, Some women look good fleshy. Some women don't. She happens to be of the latter. She plays with her breasts in the bathroom. And fingers herself. This is pretty much a scene to show off her large tits.

Here comes Grandma. I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves. They don't show anything below her shoulders so you won't be hurt. This lasts all of a minute. I guess she just wanted to be on film.

She's a short girl with large breasts. And they get licked all over the place. Then they get washed. At least she smiles and looks like she's enjoying the attention.

Some of you might enjoy this one. Its one of the better scenes of this film. It's a lesbian scene. As you can see the girls are having a good time caressing each other. Too bad there isn't enough lighting. When filming dark skinned people you need a lot of light. And the cameraman wasn't very good either. But at least there are some good shots.
This was a very long scene so that's why there's a ton of screen shots.

Wow look at those big black nipples! This scene actually has a lot of closeup of the action. And the expression of the girls face.
And who is this guy that's looking in? They kiss for all of 30 seconds and boom he's entering her. I suppose this ends with an internal. But we don't get to see that. Instead we see this big pot belly.

It's the girl from scene2. And she's giving a Blowjob. Look at her tease that cock, as she only licks the head. What a tease. But the damn cameraman keeps zooming in too close and it goes out of focus. Then they have sex for a bit then boom he shoots his load on her chest. We don't' see his cock shoot it out though. Look at her expression, she's like "Hey what the hell was that it?"

I don't know what else to say about this scene. Except again missionary position. Where's the kama sutra loving? I've downloaded Indian porn of the net. And the guys and girls do all kinds of hot positions. This scene is just boring. He must be pumping the right way though, cuz look at her grip the bed sheets.

Hey its one of the lesbians from scene6.And she's very cute. Hmm a shower scene. She looks to be enjoying herself. The guy who then comes in seems to know how to touch her. He's got a pot-belly too. No big deal, he knows what he's doing. First she blows him a bit, but he doesn't get hard! Then he eats her a bit. He sure seems to be sucking the life out of her clit. Then back to sucking him off. Again he doesn't seem to be getting hard.
Why does she remind me of the Indian version of Katie Holmes?
Maybe I'm just seeing stuff.
Anyways when the move into the bedroom the cameraman again is having trouble focusing on the action. Its like watching the Blair Witch project.
But viola! A Scene that's just not missionary! Now if only the orinigal audio was included. The scene doesn't end with any money shot. They just fall onto the bed.

Another beautiful women. With large tits. Hmmm showering and fingering herself. She doesn't look to happy. But once the move the bedroom and start fucking she looks to be having a good time. Ends with no money shot. It just cuts to the next scene while he's in the middle of doing her

It's the girl from Scene2 and Scene8.
She's drinking some beer. Looks like she's loosended up and having more fun.
Whoah an internal cumshot and then he sticks it back in to ride her some more and then he builds up intensity then.. then.. the DVD ends.

Extras: What extras? Except feeling Extra Ripped off.

Would I buy another in this series:
Fuck no.
Would I watch it again.
There is the lesbian scene. Plus the girl that looks like Katie Holmes. So I might pop it in occasionally.

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