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Sunset Strip (Dreamland)

Sunset Strip (Dreamland)

Studio: Dreamland
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Black Panther's ratings for Sunset Strip (Dreamland):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Sunset Strip (Dreamland) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Sunset Strip (Dreamland) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sunset Strip (Dreamland) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Sunset Strip (Dreamland) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Sunset Strip (Dreamland) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Sunset Strip (Dreamland) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sunset Strip (Dreamland) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Black Panther  on  5/1/2004
Running Time: 1:51 minutes

Production Date: August, 2001

Director: Cash Markman

Company: Dreamland

Cast: Jewel De'Nyle, Keri Windsor, Stevie, Tommy Rose, Gina Ryder, Allysin Embers, Randy Spears, Herschel Savage, Mickey G, Lee Stone, George Kaplan (non-sex) & Frank Bukkwyd (non-sex)

First Impressions: I first viewed this film strictly on the strength of the cast. I'll watch anything that has volcanic women like Jewel and Keri in it. I'd only seen Tommy Rose once before, but was immediately impressed by her beauty and sexual heat, plus she has a flirtiness to her that I really like. I've always liked the looks and body of dark-haired Stevie, but hadn't really been impressed in anything she's done yet. Hot Gina Ryder is another brunette that I wanted to see more of.

The scenario: Randy Spears plays a porn writer now down on his luck. He's on the run from IRS agents, who want him to pay the money he owes. After dogging them, he escapes into the residence of a former porn actress played by Jewel De'Nyle. Her creepy butler mistakes him for an escort that she's hired for the day. After insulting and then fucking him, she tries to convince him to stick around. Not yet convinced, he goes back to one of his former companies looking for his money. The director tears up his horrible "clever" scripts and doesn't pay him. He next goes over to the producers office, who got him in trouble in the first place, to pitch more of his scripts. The producer has his assistant bring up one of the writer's old scripts that he submitted awhile ago called "Sunset Strip." He's taken with the assistant, played by Keri Windsor, until she unknowingly trashes him and his script. He goes back to Jewel after the producer turns down his script. She basically hires him as her bitch, plus gets him to write her comeback movie. I left out quite a bit because I didn't want to give away the whole movie.

Who's like it: Anyone one looking for a good story and very hot volcanic sex.

Who wouldn't like it: People into lots of anal and gonzo sex. Actually this is as hot as any gonzo I've ever seen.

Scene 1: Jewel fucks Randy after thinking he's an escort. Jewel's character, although ditsy, is not a nice person. They fuck in her bedroom. Jewel is wearing sexy blue lingerie that stop at her sexy waist. She starts by giving him a very sloppy blowjob. I'm not normally a big fan of saliva dripping, but Jewel somehow makes it very hot. Excellent shot of her sucking his dick while she's bending over. Randy helps even more by gently grabbing the back of her head and pulling her head back and forth on his dick. After putting on a condom, they start fucking in mish. He starts licking her pussy with Jewel bent over a long chair. He then enters her pussy from the same position. They then move to cowgirl in the same chair. Randy tries to slow down for a second, but Jewel's so turned on, she takes over telling him she really wants to feel him. Randy finishes by cumming directly into her open mouth with Jewel licking it up. This was a very hot scene. Jewel stayed in character somewhat, but her heat still shines through. 13 minute sex scene.

Scene 2: The next scene between Allysin Embers and Lee Stone was alright, but Allysin didn't really do it for me. This is the only scene with anal sex in it. Others might enjoy it. No condom used either.
13 minute sex scene.

Scene 3: Mickey G. plugs his secretary played by Tommy Rose. Tommy is a very cute petite blonde
with a well-toned body. Mickey starts by sucking her hard nipples and rubbing her pussy through her white panties. She then gives him a great blowjob thats shown from great angles. I especially liked the way she was playing with dick and licking it. Mickey then bends her over his desk and fucks her hard from behind. Usually when actresses are saying "oh my god" throughout, I tend to believe their embellishing their pleasure, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Tommy's seemed very real to me. He then turns her over and the do it in mish. Great view of her pretty and tight pussy and his dick going slowly in and out of it. No condom is used. He starts by fucking her very slow and starts going faster. Very hot! He ends by spraying his cum all the way across her body and up into her hair. Wow, was this scene hot! Tommy's one my favorite now. Another 13 minute sex scene.

Scene 4: Randy and Keri imagine a sex scene thats played by Herschel Savage and Stevie. Stevie looks fucking great here. They lie down on the floor with Herschel sucking her nipples and licking up and down her body. Very sensual! He then starts to lick and finger her pussy. Stevie then gives him a slow rymthmic blowjob thats again captured very well. Again very hot! Herschel then sits on the couch and they do it in slow-and-hard sitting-cowgirl. No condoms used. There is a great exchange where he tells her how tight her pussy feels and she says how fucking hard his dick feels inside her. He then bends her over and takes her doggystyle. Great angle here. They alternate between him fucking her slow and hard, and her fucking him slow and hard. Damn! They then start fucking lying back down on the floor with her facing away from him. She tells him to fuck her pussy, which he does perfectly. He pulls out and cums directly into her open mouth. Stevie constant groaning was quite nice. I'm now a true Stevie fan also. Yet another 13 minute scene.

Scene 5: Keri does a g/g with Gina Ryder who's filling in since Keri's starting to think that her and Randy will never really get together. As a general rule I don't usually like watching g/g. Thats only because they are usually shot horribly. This one is shot pretty good though. Would have liked longer full-body shots, but thats alright. They take no time getting each others temperature way up. Knowing Keri would probably have the last scene, I came back to this one later. I'm glad I came back to watch them break out several dildos, including a double one. Keri is shaking off one of her powerful orgasms by the time this scene ends. Would have liked to have seen Gina get fucked in this film, but probably wouldn't have been able to take it. 8 minute scene.

Final Scene: Randy and Keri finally admit their feelings and then get it on. They start with a lot of touching and kissing on a couch, then he starts sucking on her nipples. He then lies her down and starts to expertly eat her out. I could literally feel Keri's intensity start to rise. Keri then has him lie down and gives him one of the best extended blowjobs that I've seen in quite sometime, ball-licking and plenty of deep-throat action thrown in. Randy then turns her over with Keri directly facing him for mish. I knew right then that it was only gonna be a matter-of-time before Keri came. The only question was when and how often in my mind. Randy slowly enters her extremely tight pussy and starts to perfectly fuck her slow and hard. No condom used here either. Keri is feverishly rubbing and slapping her clit. Sure enough, she has her first powerful osgasm within about 3 minutes. Randy keeps going though and hits enough sweet spot. Keri puts both of her hands tightly over her mouth and literally bengs Randy not to stop. He doesn't and she cums probably even harder in less then a minute and a half. Keri is giving him some of the most intense eye-contact throughout that I've ever seen or unfortunately witnessed. Most men would kill to have their women look at them even once in their lifetime like that. Her hands are clenching his chest so hard, that I thought she was gonna pull it off. They then collapse to the floor with Randy still inside her. She looks like she's still coming. The way she is sitting on top of him with her legs tightly clenched together says it all. She then tries to move, but can't yet. She tries again in a few moments, and still isn't ready yet. She slams her hands down on his chest, starts fucking him for about 30 seconds and has to stop again. The way she's opening and closing her legs is too fucking hot. She then tells him twice how good he is. She then starts to ride him very very slowly for about another 2 minutes until she can't take anymore. I'm guessing they had to stop right there for awhile, because they completely switch frames with her sucking his balls and him dropping his load into her mouth. She's still licking on his balls when it ends. By far one of the best scenes that I've ever seen. If Keri was faking that, she's deserves a pulitzer surprise. I thought I was gonna pass out after this scene ended. If that scene didn't win any awards, something is wrong. A mind-boggling/dick-boggling 20 minute sex scene.

Final thoughts: Until recently, I hadn't seen too many films by Cash markman that I liked, the exception being a film called "Heart Breakers" made the same year. The story wasn't great, but it was better than most I've seen recently. Some thought obviously went into the writing. The sex is really why I rate this film so high though. The one knock on films in the past, is that the sex scenes are sometimes way too short. Most of the scenes get extended way beyond the normal porn range. The extra time really allows the already hot scenes to really heat up to a higher pitch, especially the one with Randy & Keri. I knew Jewel would be great, and suspected Tommy would be to. The real surprise to me was Stevie. I hadn't seen her in a lot of films, and the ones that I did see, never heated up like I wanted them to. Herschel really gets her going here and seemed to kinda wear her out. Actually I think all of the older guys like Randy, Herschel, and Mickey G should be praised here. Older guys like these can sometimes take a lot of flack from viewers who think they are too old to still be onscreen. Without these guys, I'm not 1000% sure the scenes would have heated up to the extent that they did. I was a Keri Windsor fan the first time I saw her eventually do a guy on film. I've become an even bigger one, if that is even possible after viewing her in this one. I'd be surprised if she doesn't make one of porn's hall-of-fames eventually. Jewel, Tommy, and Stevie all made me cum

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