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Sun Goddess Malibu
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Sun Goddess Malibu

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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fu_q's ratings for Sun Goddess Malibu:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Sun Goddess Malibu overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Sun Goddess Malibu Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Sun Goddess Malibu Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Sun Goddess Malibu Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sun Goddess Malibu Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Sun Goddess Malibu DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sun Goddess Malibu A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by fu_q  on  7/30/2009
“Sun Goddess: Malibu”, directed by Joshua and starring Teagan Presley, is a better-than-solid entry into the solo-girl and girl-girl genres of adult films. With a cast consisting of Teagan, Sasha Grey, Bree Olson, and Gianna Lynn, it’s hard to see how they could go wrong, and, indeed, they do not go wrong. There are four solo-girl scenes presented in this production, one for each of the four girls. All of these offerings involve the use of dildos / vibrators—Teagan’s being taken anally. Further, there is a four-girl orgy that caps off the last half (approximately) of the feature that is off-the-charts in terms of heat and intensity. The highlight of this scene—of which there are many—has to be Teagan taking heavy, anal strap-on action from Sasha. While there are some technical issues, they pale in comparison to the heat of the material and don’t seriously diminish the value of the work. All in all, this title is definitely recommended.

Inserting the Disc / Main Menu
Upon inserting the DVD, we are taken directly to the Main Menu. There, we find “Play Movie”—which is where we’ll start, “Scenes”—a standard scene selection device, “Special Features”—which will be covered at the end of this review, and “Trailer For Sun Goddess: Malibu”—which is as its namesake would tend to indicate. As mentioned, let’s get this party started with “Play Movie”.

Opening Credits
The opening credits appear to be identical (or strikingly similar) to the aforementioned trailer. After they play, it’s off to Scene One.

Scene One (Teagan Presley)
This scene is a solo-girl scene involving adult film industry superstar, Teagan Presley. Teagan starts out dressed in a shiny, turquoise bikini and is outdoors on the deck of a fancy pool at a nice home in Malibu. The visuals are stunning—and not just in terms of the landscape in the background. Physically, Teagan is a slender blonde who is tanned, has nice-sized enhanced breasts, and has her womanhood fully shaved. She has a good deal of tattoo work, including some cool, sleeve-like art on her left arm—awesome. Teagan is in top form.

Teagan Presley—as gorgeous as ever.

This scene involves a good deal of posing, teasing, and slow stripping by Teagan, followed by a steamy masturbation sequence. During this action, Teagan makes use of a glass-like, “candy cane” dildo that she works anally. The scene essentially ends with Teagan doing an ass-to-mouth on the dildo—smoking!

Overall, Teagan looks great and does a great job here. While there are some unique angles employed, there are also some camera and / or editing issues—there’s a bit of jerkiness to the camerawork here and there, and the sound appears (to me) to be out of sync (?) in at least one place. That said, these issues don’t take away from the festivities too much, and this segment of the disc is definitely worth a look—particularly for fans of Ms. Presley.

Scene Two (Gianna Lynn)
This scene is also a solo-girl scene, this time involving Gianna Lynn—a slender actress of Asian decent. Gianna starts out wearing a shiny, gold bikini and she is in the same setting as Teagan was but further back—near a swirling, in-ground hot tub that is surrounded by a swimming pool. Physically, Gianna has nice-sized enhanced breasts, is fully shaved, and has some interesting tattoo work prevalent on her tummy and pelvis—cool.

Gianna Lynn—excellent posing.

Gianna does some posing, stripping, and masturbating in this scene. Helping her out with this last activity is a silver vibrator that she licks, sucks, and penetrates herself with. After finishing up with the vibrator, this scene essentially comes to a close.

All in all, this is a decent scene. There are still some of the same technical aspects as before—both good and bad—with the exception of the sound issue. To the best that I can tell, the sound problem only appears in part of the first scene. Again, they don’t detract enough from the proceedings to be horribly meaningful. For fans of Gianna Lynn, this sequence is worth checking out.

Scene Three (Sasha Grey)
Sasha Grey, an adult film industry megastar and mainstream cross-over success story, is up next in this solo-girl scene. Sasha is attired in a black bikini, and she is outdoors on a grassy hill by a V-shaped cherry (?) tree. Physically, Sasha is a slender brunette with perky natural breasts, a womanhood that is shaved but for a tightly-trimmed triangular patch just above the lips, and a porcelain-hued skin tone. Sasha looks magnificent.

Sasha Grey—what a shot!

As with the other scenes thus far, Sasha does some sexy posing, teasing, and stripping. A masturbation sequence ensues, which culminates in the use of a black vibrator with a jeweled base. There is insertion of the vibrator here, and the scene essentially closes out with Sasha cleaning it off with her mouth.

In total, Sasha does an excellent job in this segment of the disc. Her dirty talk really livens things up, and she looks as good as ever. The camerawork / editing here is similar to that of the previous two scenes, with some interesting angles employed but also some minor issues. It is definitely worthwhile to check out this scene.

Scene Four (Bree Olson)
This night-time scene, which involves Adam & Eve contract girl, Bree Olson, represents the final solo-girl segment of the production. Bree begins the scene wearing a white thong bikini, and the action takes place in the same setting as in Scenes One and Two. This time, however, Bree is at yet a different part of the pool—one with an elegant fountain that serves as the backdrop for her personal activities. Physically, Bree is a tanned, curvy blonde with nice-sized natural (?) breasts and a womanhood that is bare save a tightly-trimmed triangle just above shaven lips. She is looking good.

Bree Olson—tasty!

Bree starts out with the requisite posing, teasing, and stripping and then begins to masturbate for the camera. Included in this fast-paced, fairly-heavy action on Bree’s part is some intra-masturbation spitting (on her pussy) and also the use and hard pumping of a flesh-colored dildo. The scene essentially ends with Bree licking off her phallic implement.

In all, Bree does a really good job here and puts forth a very good scene. She is quite energetic and appears to be really into her role. Similar comments can be made about the camerawork / editing here as were made for the prior scenes, but—again—there is nothing that detracts too heavily from the festivities. For fans of Bree Olson or solo-girl masturbation and tease, this one is recommended.

Scene Five (Teagan Presley, Sasha Grey, Bree Olson, and Gianna Lynn)
With this next night-time scene, business picks up. Here, we have a full-on, four-girl orgy that involves all of the actresses that have had scenes thus far. The action takes place pool-side (same pool) on four brown lounge chairs that are covered with red towels. Teagan Presley is wearing a hot-pink bikini to start things off, while Sasha Grey is dressed in a red and black, striped bikini. Bree Olson has a red g-string bikini on, and Gianna Lynn is attired in a dark-pink bikini. All of the women are looking great.

Teagan and Sasha—heating things up.

Gianna and Bree—steamy!

There is a lot that goes on sex-wise in this scene. Kissing, making out, and fondling are all prevalent in this portion of the disc, and finger and oral work abound amongst the various participants. Additionally, Sasha rims Teagan and fingers her ass. Teagan and Bree finger their own asses at certain points over the course of the activities, as well. Gianna does some rimming on Sasha, and all four ladies receive hot dildo action from other participants, with Teagan’s being anal and the others’ being all vaginal. Teagan does ass-to-mouth on both fingers and dildos that have been up in her backside, and she takes some seriously heavy anal strap-on action from Sasha. Bree also takes strap-on action from Gianna, but this is all vaginal. The sex essentially ends with a kiss between Sasha and Teagan.

In all, this scene—which takes up nearly half of the production—is absolutely scorching. All of the first four scenes really serve as a tease and a momentum-builder for this one, which is off-the-charts. Indeed, there is little bad that can be said about this segment of the DVD and a lot of good. All of the women do a great job, with Teagan really standing out due to her anal antics and willingness to do it all. Any of the camerawork / editing issues that may be here—and there are at least a couple of instances of these again—melt away under the intense heat and eroticism that is this scene. Don’t miss out on this one.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
The bonus materials can be accessed via the “Special Features” option in the Main Menu. They consist of a “Photo Gallery”—which plays a slideshow of “pretty-girl” shots and stills from the movie, a “Web Access” option—which just gives the website for the production, and a “Behind the Scenes” option—which is quite interesting and enjoyable, particularly in showing how Teagan warms up for an anal scene. Sasha Grey’s interview here is also worth a watch / listen.

Teagan shows off her preparatory butt-plug. Note to the director: use this item in a scene!

The ever-charming, ever-intriguing Sasha Grey gives an interesting interview.

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