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Sun Goddess Malibu
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Sun Goddess Malibu

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Sun Goddess Malibu:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Sun Goddess Malibu overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Sun Goddess Malibu Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Sun Goddess Malibu Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Sun Goddess Malibu Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Sun Goddess Malibu Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Sun Goddess Malibu DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sun Goddess Malibu A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/18/2009
Good day porn fans, fresh back from LA and another fun trip out to see the best in the biz, take a few pics and yes hit a couple sets too. Well time to get back to the written coverage of this biz and this title is one I picked up while out on this latest trek. It features four gorgeous girls doing solo teases and then hooking up for a little four on four action!! Not meant to be more than an advertisement for this new company from what I gathered and it just kept getting bigger until we have the four girls shot in solos and then doing the nasty with each other, hey the more exposure for your new company the better I say. So let's hit a few highlights.

Teagan Presley:

So the opening shot is a nice swing around to a frontal view on Teagan. It's a nice day out too, some clouds in the sky but it's a beautiful shade of blue which went well with the blue bikini that Teagan was showing off for us. The greenery surrounding her too set a good tone for the scene. There is some black & white spliced in too and we have Teagan working those gorgeous eyes too early on and the bit of wind blowing through her hair was a nice occurrance too. It isn't long until we start seeing the first of many images of her ass and for any Teagan fan I think this is the shot we want and want a lot, close in, pulled out some but mostly we want that booty firmly in our sites and you get that here. The way her hair would fall down over her breasts and in between them too gave a nice look too and Teagan not saying a word does a wonderful job conveying her sexuality with just her eyes, movements of her hand and a good twirl around to let her ass have the final word! There was music playing which eventually stops as we get to some water being poured down over her front and back sides-- wet tits and ass, that's whay I'm talking about. Teagan finishes this fine solo show off with some sit down pussy stroking and yes there is toy play as well, her ass sees some action. Well this was a great solo and had me warmed up to see Teagan do more but we have three more ladies to check out first.

Gianna Lynn:

We move on to this lovely young lady who starts off standing between the swirling whirlpool and the pool behind-- do we want to cool her off or warm her up!!We get a couple palm trees in the shot too and the faraway shot soon moves in closer as we get Gianna showing off the eyes and hands working in tandem to draw you in. They have music again mixed in to help along, not that Gianna needs much, she's looking real good. For being outside and there being sunlight involved I have to say so far both scenes have done a great job in showing off the girls and the lighting hasn't been an issue at all. We get Gianna on her stomach and seems she's decided to stay close to the whirlpool which is doing a great job of having the water bubble about. The music stops once Miss Lynn gets serious about the pussy stroking and she gets a fine rhythm going here. They work in the good closeups and yes she does eventually make it into the hot water, helped those pussy thrusts with her toy I imagine. No ass play and we end with a great closeup on Gianna's face.

Sasha Grey:

Our third girl up has had quite a good year so far with a mainstream movie coming out as well as her continued success in the XXX biz. The scene here takes Sasha away from the water and places her in a green dominated environment from the grass on the ground to the big trees which tower over her. This creates some shadows with patches of sunlight too. Sasha is always captivating to me visually from her face to her body, especially her ass which I just can't get enough of. Sasha does some casual walking here, enjoying the moment letting her hands trace over her body, lifting up her long black locks and letting it fall back down. It takes her awhile but she does finally look at the camera and bingo those eyes zero in on you and like a tractor beam draw you in. The slow reveal of that perfect ass was superbly shot, the shape coming into view, a perfect bubble ass. We lose the music but gain chirping birds and I liked it as well as the continuing hot visuals of Miss Grey. Next to her ass I have to say her eyes are what impresses me the most with her, of course her performances not withstanding. Sasha uses a nice sized tree to prop herself up and diddle her pussy, this gave us a good ground view and the uses some great close in shots too. Sasha doesn't forget to use a friend so we see toy action too towards the end.

Bree Olson:

Our final scene takes us to the evening hours and with a great shimmering shot we move up to Bree who's flashing that million dollar smile and the white bikini is perfect for her body. She's another who uses the eyes to bring you in and then the titties come out and well all bets are off as those are fantastic boobies. With the water in the shot too I was enjoyin life and Bree lifting up the hair, using the eyes and then we get some ass views. If you don't want to fuck Miss Olson after watching this you never would. The close in ground view looking up at her tits was great as well. Bree even lets a quick giggle escape which was cute, then we get some licking of the fingers, more fantastic close boob shots, rubbing spit on her nipples, had me wanting to jump through the screen and get a mouthful. We get our first talking too as Bree pipes in with a few words. Seems we're getting more close in shots this tease and I'm totally fine with that. Of the four girls Bree's got the best overall body in terms of what I'm looking for- not that any of these four lovely ladies wouldn't be just a fantastic well, ya know!! Bree makes great use of a water sculpture to have a seat and then use the water to help get that pussy even more wet than her fingers were already making it. We make it four for four with toys too as Bree brings in a beige colored cock to diddle her coochie eliciting the most vocal response so far of the girls as she achieves orgasm.

Teagan, Sasha, Bree, & Gianna:

The final scene opens with all four girls facing the camera with their asses and there's no mistaking each bum especially Sasha's which is just bubblicious here. She is paired up with Teagan while Gianna's having a nice handful of Miss Bree Olsons's bottom. The girls soon have all sorts of ass caressing going on, Teagan does a nice kneel down as ass kiss on Sasha. Of the four girls I've seen Bree do the most g/g and watching her kiss with Gianna you can tell, the tongue action was best here, not that it wasn't pretty good when the shot switches over to Sasha/ Teagan. Bree's good too with the hands dipping down into Gianna's honeypot! Liked it too when Teagan kneels down and gives Sasha some standing oral-- don't see this a lot in g/g plus we get some fine Bree boobage when the shot swings over to them-- so it's a balancing act between the ladies with the closer/ pulled out shots being fused together pretty good giving you both. No surprise that Bree just attacks Gianna's pussy when it's presented to her. Teagan looks good giving oral but when they show it side by side I have to give Bree the edge, she just seems to devour that pussy with each tongue lick. Now I did sense a little 'show' a couple times when Bree looks at the camera while Teagan didn't and kept up a solid pace to her oral. Things gets even better when Sasha swings around to lick a little ass on Teagan and the girls are getting closer too as Teagan's able to lean in and kiss Bree who's still hard at it fingering Gianna's pussy. The ladies are fully involved now as we get face sitting from Bree to Gianna-- leading to loud exclamations from Miss Olson but Teagan is also leaning in to lick Gianna some. Ok I've seen it before but watching Sasha munch on Bree's lovebox will never get old and we start to get toys in the mix too as Gianna's doing some anal work doggiestyle on Teagan. You see the shots go back and forth on the new pairings, no surprise I enjoyed the non toy action with Bree and Sasha more but then Teagan's anal play was in doggie so that involved some fine ass viewing- great for sure but not enough to sway my opinion on toys in g/g scenes. Loved the train where we had Sasha on Bree's face giving us that great bubble ass, then you had Sasha munching on Teagan who was on top of them all and Gianna on bottom getting her a faceful of pussy! The last fifteen minutes or so is dominated by toys so fans of that in their g/g will love the cumclusion to this, the ladies mix it up again so far as who they fuck and the visuals stay good too with the fusing of close in and pulled out views. There is some licking to the their holes but for the most part the plastic toys have the spotlight to close this one out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well for a first effort this was good, you give us some solo teases to wet the appetite and then bring the girls back for a very good four girl party to end it. The earlier action in the finale was more to my liking, no toys and we had fantastic views of the ladies here and throughout for that matter. Fans who do enjoy the toy experience in their sapphic trysts will like that the majority of the scene towards the end feature this sort of action. I wouldn't go so far as to say this was the best sapphic scene ever captured but it was a good representation for the genre and for fans of the individual girls shot. Worth a rental at least for the cast and you have the beautiful location too which helps a lot. Extra wise there's a 25 minute BTS where we get some chatting with three of the girls, Bree doesn't make an appearance that I recall. I'll be curious to see the second effort which I believe features Eva Angelina-- definitely something to look forward too!

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