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Suite Dreams (TitanMen)

Suite Dreams (TitanMen)

Studio: TitanMen
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Suite Dreams (TitanMen):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Suite Dreams (TitanMen) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Suite Dreams (TitanMen) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Suite Dreams (TitanMen) Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Suite Dreams (TitanMen) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Suite Dreams (TitanMen) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Suite Dreams (TitanMen) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Suite Dreams (TitanMen) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  10/31/2008
It was a canny move on Titan’s part when they decided some time ago to dive into the fabulous gene pool of Eastern Europe. For as we know the guys there are not just beautiful but downright godlike. It is also unfair that in addition to exquisite looks they are hung like young donkeys. In these Titan Fresh productions the guys are young and, yes--godlike, and of course hung. But as the films seemed to be a gay porn version of Three’s Company (three scenes each featuring three performers) the action has been much of a muchness.
In my reviews I have suggested, cajoled, and pleaded that it might be nice now and then to feature just two performers in a scene, or perhaps even four to break the repetitiveness. With the film SURPRISE PACKAGE there was a bonus scene with just two beauties sucking and fucking and HOT SHOTS also had a hot little twosome. Now, this one (SUITE DREAMS) starts off with a duo that is a scorcher. I am not under any illusion that my reviews had anything to do with their putting a bit of variety into the series, but it is a certainly a much needed and welcome change.

The action takes place in a hotel whose employees who do everything to make their guests stay a pleasant one.

The film begins with the nicely-muscled Edvar Soucek heading into the shower, Edvar has a pair of buns one would love to dive between; and when he turns around there is an large, attractive, uncut piece of meat hanging from a hairless crotch. (Edvar’s cock was flaccid at this point, but mine sure wasn’t.)
With the shower over, Edvar wraps a towel around his waist and goes to admit the bellboy with his luggage. Edvar grabs the bellboy, played by cute Raffael Najman, and gives him a passionate kiss. (They kiss often and ardently through the scene.)
Edvar soon has Raffael out his clothes and both head naked into the bathroom where they stroke one another’s burgeoning pricks. Raffael has a manly cock for such a small lad. It is a match for Edvar’s turgid tool.
After more kisses, Raffael drops down to suck on Edvar’s mighty monster, licking it with his pierced tongue, and swallowing it down with no fear of getting hair in his mouth. Edvar takes his turn on Raffael’s manly endowment. Raffael then returns to servicing Edvar until his chest is covered in Edvar’s cum. Edvar then kneels so that Raffael may cum on him.
A dissolve finds us in the bedroom with the two beauties kneeling on the bed engaged in a kiss. Raffael then gets on his hands on knees to offer up his ass to this gorgeous guest. The asshole has been shaved on Raffael’s fuzzy butt. Edvar tongues it and then fills it with spit-slickened fingers before sending in his cock. A great close-up shows parting the sphincter a sliding in. They fuck in both the doggy and sidesaddle positions before each shoots a second load to finish up this sizzling opener.

The second scene takes place in the hotel bar where young Max Fonda and his buddy Mark Zebro are somewhat inebriated. Zebro is a well-known performer in films from Eastern Europe, including some bareback ones. Mark calls over the waiter, the adorable Simon Dusek, with a complaint about the drink and seizes the sweet young lad with unrestrained ardor, cramming his tongue down the young lad’s throat, and stripping him naked. Max attempts to join in but is pushed back into his chair and must-for the moment-content himself with just stroking his fat cock.
Mark and Simon begin fencing with their stiff cocks: Mark’s broadsword versus Simon’s sabre until Simon decides to take things into his own mouth.
When Simon goes down on Mark, Max feeds Mark his hitherto-neglected dick. Simon can barely consume Mark’s hefty organ; but he gives it the old college try.
Max then decides he wants to swing on some cock and goes to kneel before Mark and Simon. He goes to work on both their dicks, seeming to find Simon’s especially tasty. (Again as with Raffael in the first scene, Simon may be small, but his cock is not and Max has a dick that rivals Mark’s.)
Simon then takes over sucking them until this courageous youth is covered in the others’ cum, and spatters the floor with his own spending.
Moving into a room with a welcoming fireplace the three continue their fun and games. Max now has his turn with Simon as the adorable youth leans over and offers his ass to him. As Max condoms up and fucks that pert young ass, Simon once again attempts to swallow down Mark. Simon has less trouble taking Mark’s cock when Mark and Max change ends. Simon has more luck with Max’s cock, sucking it all the way down until his nose is in Max’s pubic hair.
Then with Simon lying on his side, Max once again takes over the fucking, fucking the cum right out of the lovable lad. Mark spatters Simon’s chest while Max douses Simon’s ass.

Brunet Jarek Soldan and blond Brian Brower are seen dashing up the stairs to an outside patio. Arriving at this upper level they shuck off their backpacks and begin making out. As their passion escalates Brian takes Jarek by the hand and leads him indoors.
We cut to the bar where we find Mark and Max once again. Nicky Janson is with them but quickly leaves to head off to the bathroom to take a piss. We watch him at the urinal.
Jarek and Brian have arrived indoors but are too horny to make it to their room and start getting it on right there in the hall. They tear off their clothes and Brian sucks on Jarek’s tits. Hard cocks jostle together and Jarek gets on his knees to swallow Brian’s.
It is at this point that our little pisser arrives on the scene. He takes off his shirt and takes out his cock. Brian sees him and invites him to join in. Then in a sequence that revives the pattern of previous films in the series everyone takes a turn sucking the cocks of the other two.
Following a standing jack off, the threesome moves of to an area containing a small sofa on which Nicky kneels to get ass-fucked by Brian and face-fucked by Jarek.
Jarek and Brian switch places whereupon Jarek’s cock enters Nicky’s distended hole with ease. Brian returns to fucking Nicky, this time however it’s in the missionary position. After a bit, Nicky then sits down on Jarek’s upstanding dick. The film ends with all cumming.

Bonuses include an all-too-short photo session, cumshots, and previews for four previous Titan Fresh films.

Director Oldman shows that he certainly can direct a scene with just two performers and it is the highlight of the film. Personally, I find sex with one on one to be much hotter than sex with two on one--except in real life; and only then when one happens to be the “one” that is serviced by the other two and is never the odd man out.
The Titan Fresh series seems to be getting better and better. This is definitely one to check out. SUITE DREAMS will induce sweet dreams.

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