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bono-ONE Suck It Dry 4 4 starsSuck It Dry 4 4 starsSuck It Dry 4 4 stars
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Suck It Dry 4

Suck It Dry 4

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Oral , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Rasputin's ratings for Suck It Dry 4:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Suck It Dry 4 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Suck It Dry 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Suck It Dry 4 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Suck It Dry 4 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Suck It Dry 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Suck It Dry 4 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Suck It Dry 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Rasputin  on  8/26/2007
Oral gonzos are my thing, and Bobbi Bliss is on the short list of my all time favorites. So when I heard she came out of retirement and did a movie, I had to have it. And the folks who made this put lots of other hotties with great oral skills in here, so much so that I ordered the first 3 movies of the series after seeing this one.

Most scenes have a white, cut, cock, ~9"?, but not too fat to fit. It is a good prop for the girls to work with. Scenes are all B/G, mostly oral but a couple tit fucking excursions. Things start with a solo tease, usually go to POV then a side view, and there is always a segment with long, involved attention given to the balls, more than I've seen before. The cocksucking action is mostly such that the girls can show off their talent and enjoy themselves, although the main man here does take an active role. There is none of the overwhelming, hold on for dear life, snot slinging face fucking, not that I don't love that, too, but this is more subdued and professional.

The menu offers a look at websites (two URLs with pictures), trailers (3 movies), a cumshot selection where you can go to individual girls by picture and name, or play a cumshot reel, a scene index with names, or play movie.

Video quality is good, and the audio stays at the same level, and tracks with the action. There is no background noise or music once the action starts.

Movie opens with each girl identified in scene order, giving a clothes on tease. On the whole, these are very hot athletes. This is followed by action shots with the names, again in scene order. Now on to the scenes.

Bianca Dagger appears here in a red fishnet outfit, and teases us with a nice ass and perky tits, but we don't get to see the kitty. Action starts with POV, kneeling, with her hands behind her back. There is a view from the side, and she gets about 7/8 of the way down on this long dong, and into the start of her throat. Action is a bit deliberate, but the heat is there. She crawls towards the POV camera and asks permission to suck balls, and does so for a LONG time. I kinda got a new arousal trip from this, I like it. The surprise (sarcasm here) ending sees cum gluing her eyes shut, and penis re-insertion, like all the scenes.

Bobbi Bliss is next, and she looks healthy, beautiful, hot, and gets interviewed about her web site and the possibility of opening up a cock sucking school for young pornlets. Seriously! She starts on the long, white dick while we get a side view, and uses all her techniques - DT while licking balls, deep throat fucking, you name it. She stays with the program, doing the lengthy ball licking segment. This is Bliss at her best! She gets two pops from him, after a long, incredible scene. Worth the price of admission alone.

Bobbi Starr is a beautiful, tall brunette with foxy hazel eyes. She teases us by sucking on a strand of pearls, and showing us beautiful perky tits, but not the kitty. She starts with lots of hand job action, which I don't usually like in an oral vid, but she also crams as much down as she can. She seems to only get about 3/4 way down, but after some more HJ action, boom, she goes all the way! Then she shows more talent by going DT with at least one ball in her mouth. The lengthy balls session follows, then we alternate between balls and DT, with some DT fucking. The conclusion has Bobbi sitting against a couch, we are POV, and she gets blasted in the mouth, face, and some gets on the couch. She cleans the couch with her tongue, and as in all these scenes, the dick goes back in after the cum comes out.

Brianna Love's scene has something I really dislike - a drum machine (I refuse to call it music) background during the intro, instead of tease talk. She keeps me interested, though, by showing a very cute patoot, and sucking on fingers. Scene starts POV in my favorite position - Brianna laying on her stomach on the bed, and the man standing. There is deep throating here, the view switches to a side view (my favorite view of my favorite position), and then there is some deep throat fucking (my favorite sexual circus act). She gets a little spit going, nothing to alarm, and there is a segment where there is hand job action alternating with deep throat action, I loved it. After the balls thing and some more DT play, she begs for cum, and a long, slightly boring section follows with lots of hand job action. Movie cuts to the pop, which goes mostly in her mouth. Re-insert, swallow, smile! Great scene I'll watch over and over, after the good stuff I will hit the next chapter button when the prolonged HJ starts, as I don't care about seeing pops (but I report on 'em).

Next is Dana DeArmond, and I have two complaints - but none about Dana. Drum machine again, and a bear skin (?) rug. As an ethical vegetarian, I hope someone tells me this rug, which appears in several scenes, is synthetic. But my snootiness is soon forgotten, as Dana shows off her dark hair, dark eyes, dark teddy, nice tits and -yes!- beautiful pussy with two piercings. The oral here is top shelf, with DT while licking and sucking balls, DT fucking, and both participants showing genuine enthusiasm. At one time she burps after DT, and laughs! She begs for cum and gets it, cleaning up and swallowing. This is a very good scene, too, so far we are 5 for 5.

Havana Ginger is a dark (tanned or African American? Hot either way) lady with tats, tall, with a piercing on one side of her nose. The tease is short, then a new dick appears POV, possibly a black man, uncircumcised. She does all the work, and is able to get him about 3/4 of the way down when she hits throat and can't seem to go much farther. But she gives us lots of what she is able to do, throat fucking herself and sending stringers down onto her tits. The lengthy ball sucking and licking segment is in here, too, and she does this well. She says, "Now I'm going to jerk you off until you cum," and does just that. It goes on her face, mouth, and tits, the dick goes back in, and she swallows. This would be a very hot scene, if not surrounded by scenes of super sexual athletes inhaling cock to the root. But no deep throat, and no action from the male performer.

Jenna Haze is a tall, lean, dirty blone whose tits can be seen through fishnet, but we again get no pussy. This scene is a lot of hand job, the 9 incher tries to push in, but never gets past half way. She does swallow most of the cum, but the scene is not up to the high standards laid down here.

Lela Star is tall, tanned, and has brown hair and dark eyes, an American beauty. Some tit play and tease talk gets us in the mood. Again, she doesn't inhale cock like the exceptional talent in previous scenes, going at most 2/3 of the way down. Most of the scene has her hand on the bottom half of the cock, while she sucks the other half. There is a very long segment where she lick balls and jerks cock. She begs for cum, there is a good, visible cumshot into her mouth, she swallows, and the cock goes back in. But, a relative dud scene.

Scene nine has Lexi Love, a classic blone porno hottie, with bare tits, black gloves, on the damn bear skin rug. Then we get the best juicy shot of the movie - an excellent shot of Lexi's pussy and asshole as she is on hands and knees. She tease talks and licks the dick while still in underwear, and she still has the black gloves on, and doesn't take them off. Looks like another dud as she gives shallow head while jerking him with the gloves. But stay with it - she goes all the way down, then deep throat fucks herself! Some more decent BJ, some HJ, and she says, "It's called face fuck," and we switch to a side view of deep throat fucking. She gives him all the deep throat fucking he wants! Balls for a long time. One POV shot shows her bush just above his leg, it is hot. Pop is on her face, no swallowing, but he goes back in. This was a dynamite scene, I love this lady.

Lorena Sanchez is a hot Latina with a very sexy body, her tits and tease talk making me forget about the drum machine and the bear skin rug. The oral sex here is very good, she deep throats him repeatedly, he deep throat fucks her, but it only lasts a short time. Great scene, too short. Pop goes into her mouth and she swallows (she does everything wonderfully) then he re-inserts. Sad to see you go so soon...

Lucy Lee lets us see the kitty, and shoves the uncircumcised dick from the sixth scene all the way down, after a few tries. I love watching her shove that huge dick into her pretty, petite, flat face. She does all the work. One annoyance here - the camera is tilted for part of the scene, so I sat there with my head cocked like a confused dog. Ughhh! After a long HJ and BJ combo, he pops into her mouth, she drools it onto her tits, and kisses the head of his cock.

Back to back Asians - Maya Hills' scene starts with her in a classic DT position - man on his back, lady along side not in a full 69, but still with a good angle of attack. She inhales him over and over, but he may not be entirely hard for some of the action. Still, he is definitely hard for a good portion of it, and it is hot as hell. POV ball licking and sucking, some more DT fucking, HJ and BJ to pop, a good scene.

The deep throat action is now over. The remaining scenes have pretty ladies jacking and sucking cock, spending a long time licking and sucking balls, and taking cum shots, but they don't compare to the exceptional talents displayed earlier. Mindy Main is a hot, paler white chick with black hair cut short, and excellent tits we get to watch, there is some good throat fucking, but no DT. Rebeca Linares wiggles her ass and tits, shows the kitty, but seems to dodge any throat play. Renae Cruz has more make up than I like, and also doesn't seem to be in the mood to have a long cock shoved down her throat. Riley Shy is a hot redhead who is on her own, with what I think is the cock from, but he never moves. Riley gags herself and turns in what would be a stellar oral scene for the 1990's. I'd like to see more of her. Rucca Page lets the 9 incher get about 2/3 down, then he pops from a tit fuck. Staiva Rose is hot, with great tits, and teases seductively in a language other than English, and gives a spirited HJ/BJ, but it isn't up to the high standards here. The bar is set pretty high. Tia Tanaka finishes the movie, she is an Asian with red hair on top and dark below, we get to watch her take a vibrator to her beautiful pussy, then some shallow face fucking, and the usual ending.

If you are keeping score, half these scenes are excellent, and the other half are above average for sure. That's out of 19 scenes, so the value is there. Every one of these ladies is a treat to look at, clothing on or off. Action proceeds at a pace that allows both passion and prolonged enjoyment. I have searched for and collected a lot of oral gonzo and deep throat movies, and this one is at the top level. Enjoy it, I will again and again.

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