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Succubus (Evil Motion)

Succubus (Evil Motion)

Studio: Evil Motion
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Cuddly Wombat's ratings for Succubus (Evil Motion):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Succubus (Evil Motion) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Succubus (Evil Motion) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Succubus (Evil Motion) Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Succubus (Evil Motion) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Succubus (Evil Motion) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Succubus (Evil Motion) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Succubus (Evil Motion) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Cuddly Wombat  on  3/23/2008
This movie marks the feature debut of Internet sex star Raven Riley (who is also an Associate Director of the movie).

Raven plays a Demon Slayer, descended from a long line of slayers, who must do battle with the ancient demon Lilith (the biblical Adam's first wife), played by Liz Vicious. This movie is a fairly good attempt at blending an intelligent story, action and special effects - and sex. The standard of the sex scenes, unfortunately, varies greatly throughout the movie and never reaches any great heights. However, both Raven Riley and Liz Vicious are stunningly gorgeous, and they make this movie a must-see for any of their fans.

Before the opening titles we see a construction worker uncover a skeleton. The skeleton transforms into the beautiful demon Lilith (Liz Vicious), with milky white skin and flaming red hair. Throughout the opening credits Lilith takes a literal blood bath and dry humps the workman's corpse (weird much!).

Scene 1: Liz Vicious and some guy (b/g)

A second workman comes across this horrific scene and immediately proceeds to have sex with the blood-soaked Lilith next to his mate's lifeless corpse - as you would. Lilith diddles herself with a strange Withchblade like dagger attached to one of her fingers. Some very poor camera work gives us no view of the pussy-licking. There is some badly-shot missionary on top of a back-hoe, where the guy keeps his undies and hoodie on. Little penetration is visible and the sex is very brief. They both nude up for a very short blow-job where the guy never really gets hard. His head (the one on his shoulders) explodes and there is plenty of blood but no cumshot.

We then see our Heroine, Raven Riley, playing a character by the same name who is a curator of ancient collections at a museum. She reads a newspaper article about the two dead workman - reportedly eaten by wild dogs. The killings happened to be on land that was once owned by her relatives in Leeston, Indiana, but which is now a horror theme park called "Uncle Joey's Terror Town".

Scene 2: Liz Vicious, Mariah Jade plus others (orgy, b/g, g/g)

We get some backstory and flashbacks. Raven is descended from a long line of eldest daughters chosen to slay demons. We see a flashback to 15th Century Transylvania where Raven's ancester is taken prisoner by Turkish invaders. We see some guy doing strange fire dances whilst a lacklustre orgy takes place in a barn. There is the sound of screaming and crackling fire in the background. Lilith is in the middle of the orgy, with four other girls (including one black girl - Mariah Jade) and two guys. The sex is mostly softcore and shot from a distance. There are short snippets of the black girl giving a blowjob and having sex in cowgirl position. Penetration is difficult to see. The three girls just kissing each other is simply a waste of space. Raven Riley's ancestor is dragged into the lesbo group hug, but shoves a dagger into Lilith's heart. This brings a sudden end to the lame orgy. No cumshots. Lilith's corpse disappears.

Somehow Lilith had now ended up at a horror theme park on land that used to be owned by Raven's great grandmother.

A naked Lilith, now clean and shiny, turns up at the horror theme park gift shop and sexually harrasses a female shop assistant before slashing her throat and pinching her dress. Lots of blood and some blood-licking by Lilith follows.

Scene 3: Raven Riley and Kevin Baxter (b/g)

Raven arrives in Leeston and moves into her grandmother's house. A pasty-faced copper (Kevin Baxter, also playing a character by the same name) turns up on her doorstep and basically does the typical small-town cop routine of threatening to drive her out of town if she causes trouble. After noticing a strange mark on Kevin's arm, Raven hikes up her skirt and flashes her pantyless shaven pussy at him. She too bears the same mark. The ancient oracles basically say they have to fuck and produce another slayer. They immediately set about trying to reproduce.

Whilst Raven is gorgeous, Kevin's looks were very distracting. He is terribly thin, pale and sickly looking - kinda like what Justin Timberlake may look like after he has been dead for two weeks. He definitely needed a feed and a blood transfusion. He has a long, thin, cock and performs alright sexually, but his skinny body and lack of a backside to speak of is just plain distracting. The unfortunate thing is that this guy has four - count it, FOUR - sex scenes with Raven in this movie.

Finally, after about 20 minutes of movie time we get some decent penetration shots. There is sex is missionary to start with. The background music is worth noting - it is far too loud and drowns out all of Raven's sweet moans. They move to cowgirl - Raven has a great ass! A nice but all too short blow job and ball-licking. Back to cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and some great doggy. This scene is strange in that it varies between long distance softcore shots and extreme gynaecological shots with little middle ground. The doggy is the best shot portion of the sex - a full body shot of Raven lying face down on the bed with Kevin pulling her hair whilst he fucks her. The scene ends with a minimal cumshot to the ass.

We see Kevin speaking to Uncle Joey (Tom E. Motion) at "Uncle Joey's Terror Town" theme park. Uncle Joey is convinced wild dogs killed his workmen and has set about killing every dog in town. For some strange reason a nude photo of Raven is taped to the wall in Uncle Joey's office.

Raven fills Kevin in on some more family history. One hundred years ago Raven's great grandmother fought and killed the again risen Lilith at the family farm in Leeston. Lilith was mummified with magical amulets and buried alive. The family farm is now occupied by "Uncle Joey's Terror Town" site.

Scene 4: Liz Vicious and Matt Danzig (b/g)

We then see "Uncle Joey's Terror Town" in full swing. Lots of extras here. Uncle Joey's assistant Matt (Matt Danzig) runs into Lilith. A blowjob and standing doggy sex results. They move to missionary and end with an excellent cumshot in her mouth and over her tits. There are some good penetration shots here. This is probably my favourite sex scene of the movie. Another blood bath subsequently ensues.

Scene 5: Raven Rily and Kevin Baxter (b/g)

Some further extensive exposition ensues regarding the Lilith legend - how she was condemned to give birth a hundred times a day for her sins. This leads to another fairly lacklustre sex scene between Kevin and Raven. Messy blow job, pussy eating, missionary, accompanied by a very strange techno rock music track that again drowned out Raven's vocals. They moved to a cowgirl snd then finished with a fairly good cumshot to Raven's boobs. This was perhaps the best scene for well-positioned and lit penetrative sex, but it lacked heat.

Some strange techno rock music plays as we see Raven in a research montage. Raven discovers that a strange wooden dildo in her slayer's arsenal has a retractable sword in it (ouch!).

Scene 6: Liz Vicious and Brandi Love (g/g)

Raven comes across Lilith whilst driving to meet Kevin at a restaurant. She follows her into a strip club. Ron Jeremy is the DJ and has one very short line - hardly enough to justify the end credit. Lilith seduces a stripper (Brandi Love). Some pussy licking and finger banging. Bloodshed ensues after Lilith electrocutes the stripper with a microphone up the pussy.

Uncle Joey points the finger at Raven for the killings, saying that it is all part of a plot to close down Terror Town and get back her family's land. Lilith subsequently kills Uncle Joey - no sex for him though, just a flash of titties.

Kevin starts to doubt Raven's credibility. He throws away a protective amulet, but is forced to quickly retrieve it when Lilith appears masturbating in front of him.

Scene 7: Raven Riley and Kevin Baxter (b/g)

Yet another sex scene between Raven and Kevin! This time in the shower. Once again the totally inappropriate techno rock blares out and ruins Raven's vocals. Finger banging, blow job, some good penetration in standing doggy, cowgirl. And then a surprise right out of the blue - anal cowgirl! Bad camera work ruins this anal scene, and she really should have been in reverse cowgirl to make the most of it. Scene ends with a cumshot on her ass.

Scene 8: Liz Vicious, Mariah Jade, Brandi Love and others (orgy, b/g. g/g)

The action moves back to Terror Town, with lots of extras running screaming in all directions. We then see another orgy. My first thought was that all those screaming extras were understandably fleeing from another badly shot orgy! Interestingly, most of the participants are the same ones from 500 odd years previously - Mariah Jade the most prominent. They have also picked up stripper Brandi Love and several other of Lilith's recent victims. The penetration shots are much clearer for this orgy, and it ends up being a very good scene. Mariah Jade puts in a very good efffort. Liz Vicious also gets fucked again by Matt Danzig in reverse cowgirl and excellent doggy. Some good, substantial, cumshots ensue. Liz Vicious takes a good cumshot on the ass. A cute blonde gets a good facial from some real nerdy, pale, chubby guy in glasses. Unfortunately, most of the male talent in this movie were frighteningly unattractive.

Meanwhile Raven suits up in the best Rambo/Terminator style with lots of guns and very short shorts. Raven goes in to Terror Town and shakes and bakes, whilst Kevin assumes a sniper position and takes out Lilith's disciples with rifle and bazooka.

Some cool SFX ensue.

Scene 9: Raven Riley and Liz Vicious (g/g)

The big confrontation between Raven and Lilith takes place in a clearing in the woods. A lesbo scene naturally ensues with pussy licking, finger banging and Raven using the wooden dildo on Lilith's pussy and ass whilst spanking her. More annoying techno music in the background. A pretty good scene greatly assisted by the two girls being so beautiful.

Scene 10: Raven Riley and Kevin Baxter again! (b/g)

The victorious Raven teams up with Kevin for yet another sex scene. It's ridiculous - and is just like we have been watching the boring old married couple next door fuck for four nights straight!! There is an annoying guitar instrumental as we see a blow job, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary and no cumshot (not even a pina colada internal??). The scene is well-lit and has good penetration, but we have already seen it three times before for crying out loud!

The movie clocks in at well over two hours. Watch the end credits for a Xena-esque cruelty disclaimer.

Raven looks absolutely gorgeous in this movie, and her acting isn't half bad either. This movie is not up to the standard of a Vivid, Wicked, Adam and Eve or Digital Playground feature (particularly in the sex department), but Evil Motion should be commended for heading in the right direction with an intelligent storyline that maintains the viewer's interest throughout the movie. Special credit should be given to Bethany Burke for the story and screenplay - a lot of exposition and background info was put into the script without ever being boring (probably because it was all delivered by the beautiful, and often naked!, Raven Riley.

A major point of annoyance was the background music for the sex scenes. The music was totally random and did not reflect the nature of the sex scenes at all. The music was also far too loud and inexplicably drowned out the girls' vocals, thereby significantly reducing the quality of the sex scenes.

Nevertheless, a must-see for fans of Raven Riley or Liz Vicious. Although at between $40 and $60 retail I would probably recommend that you just rent it.

The extras include a BTS (notable for documenting Raven falling ill during the final scene and having to come back two day's later to finish the movie), bloopers (showing a little bit more of Ron Jeremy's brief appearance, and there is also a very amusing sequence of clapperboards with alternate movie titles on them) and photos, two trailers of the movie, and an alternate ending that strangely has the missing cumshot from the end of Raven and Kevin's last scene.

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