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Submission of Emma Marx, The

Submission of Emma Marx, The

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  Bondage , Couples , Feature film , Fetish
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Submission of Emma Marx, The:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Submission of Emma Marx, The overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Submission of Emma Marx, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Submission of Emma Marx, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Submission of Emma Marx, The Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Submission of Emma Marx, The Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Submission of Emma Marx, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Submission of Emma Marx, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/23/2013
Welcome porn fans to a new release from the award winning team behind the recent AVN award winner Torn. The team of Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell have come together once again to bring us a complicated story and one which might sound a bit familiar to fans of the recent 50 Shades of Grey phenomena. I must confess to not having read that book and only seeing the recent adaptation released last year which has generated plenty of controversy and legal action. This story here while similar in several aspects does make enough changes to distinguish itself as a distinct work on its own merits. Having said that the majority of the similarities occur during the initial stages of this movie. Basically there are four characters in this story two of which dominated the screen. I'd be referring to Penny Pax who has the plum role of Emma Marx and Richie Calhoun who I've seen do some real good feature work in the past- think Diary of Love which came out last year. He is the dominating presence that comes to be the center of Penny's world quite early on in this piece once she's met him and interviewed him for her thesis- another similarity to 50 Shades. Riley Reid has a supporting role in this show though she is the first to have sex on screen.

We don't even know who she is for the longest time. I thought she was just the roommate until finally we learn she's Emma's sister. Van Wylde is the other supporting player in this piece and he opens the film with a proposal which Riley accepts leading to our first sexual encounter. A good couples scene which makes good use of rose petals strewn about the bed.

After the scene we meet Penny who doesn't seem all to happy about the engagement and then she heads off to meet Mr. Frederick- Richie's character for the interview. It is the first of several good exchanges between Richie and Penny who each have a handle on their characters. Penny plays the shy reserved girl to a point but then isn't afraid to stand up at times and voice her opinion. We have some good voice over work too which helps set the story. Richie has a more reserved way of being arrogant rather than showy. He comes off as a man who chooses his words carefully and doesn't say more than he needs to, basically he says what he means and certainly means what he says. Mr. Frederick likes control and in every way possible gets off on that control. For her part Emma tries to meet Richie word for word but she leaves the first meeting intrigued and as the story unfolds she becomes fixated on Richie's character and when he makes her an intriguing offer the fixation becomes more of an obsession. It didn't hurt that Mr. Frederick found her breathtaking. But in the first of several bits of control he makes the offer conditional on Penny waiting four months until she graduated from college and no one could know. We see Penny slowly become sexually aroused at the thought of this man and you can see her giving herself over to him if and when she meets up with this mysterious man again.

So the big day comes and Penny arrives at his place wearing the requested outfit Richie asked her to wear and she's asked to wait with signed paperwork until he joins her. The paperwork in question was a non disclosure agreement and Penny finally learns what this pact will govern- a BDSM relationship. At first Penny balks at this but she's come to far and can't bring herself to leave. The two have another great exchange about this possible new relationship and we see Penny not leaving and finally giving herself over to Richie who gets Penny to undress and we get a real nice look at her beautiful body. Richie is firmly in control but doesn't lord it over Penny, the two are partners in this dance which leads to a real nice blowjob from Penny. The two have sexual intercourse as well ending with a facial pop. I liked too that Penny kept her glasses on. The two then stay up the rest of the night hammering out the final details of this relationship and she agrees embarking on a big life change.

Penny can leave any time she wants but when she's at work, she got a job working for Richie, she's his and at his beck and command. Then the weekends she's all his! Penny initially is hesitant about anal-- ok any Penny fans knows this isn't true, lol, but for this story purpose we can work with it. Penny keeps trying to assert some of her own will- telling Richie she wants a job as part of this deal which prompts him to add that work portion I referenced above. A funny bit at the job shows Penny at her desk and we start hearing a humming sound which her nearby coworker hears as well. She gets up to get a cup of coffee allowing Penny to remove the vibrating toy. Richie doesn't like it when Penny calls and immediately summons her to his office for punishment. A few hard spanks leave their mark which her roommate sees later that day. Penny passes it off as a fall at work so nothing happens for the time being between the two sisters.

As the story moves on we have Penny coming over to Richie's house for that first weekend wearing a pretty flowing white dress. Penny had also received a small gift box full of toys that Richie wanted to help her prepare for anal sex. Richie while loving the control is never so dominant that he doesn't remind her nothing will happen if she doesn't want it to. A guy who loves control but doesn't want it at the expense of his partner not enjoying the same pleasure as he, I can dig that. He expresses this once again as the two share another intimate talk while sharing a bath. A good shot of Richie then delivering oral to Penny who sits atop the top giving us a superb glimpse of her boobs. So the next few weeks pass on as the two evolve in their relationship learning the boundaries they can and can't pass. Richie delivers a good voice over as the short shots pass of the two in mini scenes. Penny makes him happy which puts a smile on her face and she even relents on one early point of not having clamps on her breasts plus she slowly works in the anal toys. The BDSM aspects are shown quickly in several shots so while that was the basis for the relationship it the specific tools used weren't.

Penny finally comes to Richie after we've seen the two solidify their connection telling him she's ready for anal. This leads to another scene this one taking place at the office it seems. Penny now wearing a nice black outfit which lifts up quite easy allowing Richie to tease her ass doing some seriously good ass licking plus using his fingers. Penny loses more of the outfit and finally the moment arrives as Richie eases his cock inside her ass. You can hear the breath release from her body and Penny was great too playing that it was ever so slightly painful but also feeling the pleasure of the experience at the same time. The two hit a few good anal positions including cowgirl and reverse leading to a final pop on her ass.

Later on Riley and her fiance come back into the story as they figure out she's in a BDSM relationship and they weren't that supportive talking to each other about it while thinking they were alone but Penny was just on the stairs listening to it all. Back to the office we head where Penny starts talking and Richie picks up on this reluctance and Penny worrying about her sister judging her. This causes an instant reaction as Richie grabs her by the wrists and tells her to leave-- it was instantly over in his eyes and she's escorted out of his house. Penny isn't ready to fully commit to this lifestyle I think and Richie isn't ready to put up with that so he is nipping this in the bud. Richie knows she's not a normal person who needs to be governed by the usual societal rules. Penny asks to be punished and he starts to spank her with his belt but after a couple hits she yells out her safe word for the first time and Penny exits. The story then takes us to Penny going back to Riley and fully engaging in the wedding plans, getting a new job and trying to go back to some sort of normal life. The big day comes and Penny sees how happy her sister is and something just clicks inside.

After the ceremony is over and she is able to get away Penny heads back to Richie's house and goes in. Dropping to her knees in the required position all she can do is wait. Richie sees her but doesn't go immediately to her. He lets Penny wait until the early morning hours when he goes down and picks her up as Penny was leaning into a table almost asleep. Some great classical music is playing here too. Richie takes her upstairs and for the first time to his bedroom. This also gives the BDSM element a chance to shine again as she is bound by wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Richie uses ice cubes to drip on her body followed by candle wax which is allowed to harden all over her breasts, stomach and pussy region. He uses the ice again rubbing it over the wax then he goes down on her, a great sequence and a big pay off for the relationship we've seen built over the course of the film. He has also blindfolded Penny and I'm curious to know how she was feeling while Richie was doing this, not seeing it and only able to sense it. I'm sure it was a huge turn on. The have a very nice scene and he's able to maneuver himself under her for a reverse shot even while she's still wearing the restraints. By scenes end the blindfold and restraints are off and it's a very good mish finish with plenty of boob bouncing and we get a belly popshot to close it. Penny has finally come to accept this lifestyle and what she considers to be "normal."

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Another winner from the team of Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell. The story evolved nicely between Penny and Richie who make a nice pair. Richie is controlling but he wants his partner to get off on him having all the control and not being mean about it. Penny is told more than once she could leave this relationship at any time. The BDSM elements were stressed in different ways but the main element to this movie is the connection between Penny and Richie. If you don't believe that then this story won't work for you but I did and thoroughly enjoyed the piece. You are treated to a good starting scene with Riley and Van before Penny and Richie take over the story and sex for the remainder of the film. Miss Pax treats us to three scenes with the middle featuring the anal action. As for extras you have some behind the scenes but I would have liked a longer chance to hear Penny talk about this film, her role than was given here. If you enjoyed the 50 Shades piece and wanted to see more but without the dungeon stuff movie is perfect for that. You have elements such as her being spanked or a quick shot of her flogging her while Penny wears nipple clamps and then the finale featured her blindfolded and bound both by wrists and feet. Having said that those elements helped further the story without ever overshadowing the connection between Penny and Richie which for me was the essential element to this piece. Penny Pax proves to be a good dramatic actress in this film and I would hope other studios would take notice and give this young lady more work in the future.

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