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J.R. Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler) 2.5 starsStuntgirl 2 (Hustler) 2.5 starsStuntgirl 2 (Hustler) 2.5 stars
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Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler)

Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler)

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Alt-Porn
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Selena Silver's ratings for Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Stuntgirl 2 (Hustler) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Selena Silver  on  4/28/2005

Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" 67

The Inside View with Selena Silver - April 27, 2005

The Inside View is published once weekly by porn actress Selena Silver.  Each week, Selena brings you an inside look at a movie good enough to be  deemed a Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" with the goal of adding the perspective of someone who has worked with the studio, director, or stars of the movie. 


"Stunt Girl 2"

a Jack the Zipper production from Hustler Video

Stunt Girl 2:  "At a Glance"


Overall Rating: 4.5
Director Jack Zipper
Studio: Hustler Video
Cast: Deja, Mika Tan, Kimberly Kane, Jassie, Cytherea, Jayna Oso, Katrina Kraven, Lolita Red-Stocking, Seth Dickens, Trent Soluri, Alec Knight
Release Date: 5th April, 2005
Total Run Time: 1hr 25mins
Total Scenes: 5 Scenes
Fetish Summary: [NO CONDOMS / SHOES ON] - BJ, 2-Cock BJ, 2-Girl BJ, Deep Throat, Pussy Licking, Ass Licking, Vaginal Sex, Hair Pulling, Facial

 Front Cover

Stunt Girl 2: Selena Silver's "Inside View"

The entire time I watched Stunt Girl 2 I was in a constant state of excitement - the kind you feel when someone you like runs their fingertips slowly up your legs towards your special place... gently caressing, always teasing, and, definitely arousing before you reach a point where you can't help it and you just rip off their clothes and jump their bones.

Stunt Girl 2 is a very, very sexy movie.  I find it funny that I even have to write that sentence about a porn movie.  Shouldn't movies about sex also be sexy?  I think there is a major difference between showing sex and making a sexy movie with sex in it.  Unfortunately, too many of the "sexy" porn movies miss the "porn" part of the equation - they are "sexy", but they don't accomplish the true goal of a porn movie.  A good porn movie is going to get you wet, get you hard, and get you off.  No matter how great it looks, if you can't get off watching it - it isn't a good porn movie.  Right?  In fact, many of the most successful porn movies usually aren't sexy at all - they just hit the porno mark "right on the head"; they get you off with raw sex which takes you to the "magic place".

That is why movies like this always create a huge debate between artists who want to change porn into something it isn't and proud porn directors who know what their product really is and know how to deliver it.  Not many people can make a sexy "artistic" porno work.  Porn and art are hard to mix.  Jack the Zipper did it with this film.  The videography is refreshingly imaginative; this director is incredibly talented.  The camera conveys emotion which excites and titillates; you actually "feel" when you watch this movie.

Stunt Girl 2 titillated me with it's sexy tease and then it got me off with it's sex.  When the movie ended, I actually felt spent.  I can't say any more about a porn film than that.

Watch the Trailer  (comes up in pop up window) and then come back and read my review.

Stunt Girl 2: The Scenes



Scene Length: 11:16
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES ON] - BJ, Deep Throat, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Facial, Cum-play
Sex Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Spoon, Doggie,
Rating:   4.5

Mika stands in the bathroom of a seedy motel.  She's wearing a PVC black bustier and a red china doll skirt.  She gazes in the mirror and begins to write on it with lipstick.  We zoom in and she opens the mirror so we see her reflection and the words "fuck you".

A few choppy cuts and she's naked rubbing against a guy dressed all in black with a stocking on his head.  She's naked as she drops to her knees and goes for the cock.  Love the red lipstick round the cock.  After sucking and licking we cut to Mika on her back with Alec's cock in her pussy legs spread wide.

A succession of cuts and our pair fuck here, there, and everywhere until Alec pops in her mouth and she plays with the cum.

Lots of footage of the extended cum-play after the pop.

Great Scene.  Mika is dazzling and oh, so sultry.  Loved the extended cum-play.



Scene Length: 10:50
Scene Type: Girl/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES ON] - Tit Sucking, Slapping, Pussy Licking, Kissing, Fingering, Ass Play, Spitting,
Sex Positions: N/A
Rating:   4.75

Scene open with black and white shots of Kimberly Kane in "boring Oregon".  Dressed in a white cut off t-shirt, long pants, and suspenders she gazes into space.  Love the distressed like old film look.

We cut to color and Kimberly is standing by a dirt road topless with her thumb out to hitch a lift.  Katrina Kraven comes driving along and picks up our sexy hitcher.

Cut to Katrina holding Kim's suspenders round Kimberly' mouth as she sucks and slaps her tits.  Long shot as Katrina goes down on Kimberly.  Katrina bends Kimberly over the boot of her car as she has her way with her.  Then they swap, and Kimberly takes charge.  She fingers Katrina's twat before shoving her fingers down Katrina's throat.  We cut and they're in a garage.  They fun continues before Kimberly slides her four fingers deep into Katrina's ass.

We cut to the junkyard as Katrina licks Kimberly to climax.  She places her belt round Kimberly's neck as she pulls at her pussy and licks her ass.  Kimberly is on her knees on the grass.

The spit into each other's mouth and kiss as they frig each other's pussies.  We cut to Kimberly holding Katrina at gun point.  She slaps her about before putting the barrel in Katrina's mouth.  She shoves it down her throat before removing it and pushing it down her own like a hard cock.



Scene Length:  8:25
Scene Type: Strip tease
Scene Fetish Guide: N/A
Sex Positions: N/A
Rating:   4.0

Lolita dances on the stage naked under a red light.  Love the dance - very sexy.  Lolita is actually a local dancer in Portland, Oregon at "Devil's Point".  I can tell you she'll be soaking up my dollars when I'm next in Oregon :) The red and orange lighting across her naked body was incredible.  It made me want to rush out to the nearest strip club right and pull out some dollars.  Kimberly and Katrina sit at the edge of the stage and watch.  Lolita finishes her dance and then Kimberly crawls up on stage and takes her turn.

Let me tell you that next time I see her, I'll have to get a lap dance :)  She loops Katrina's belt tightly round her neck like a collar as she slowly strips naked.  I loved the light across her body, which accentuated her lines and crevices.

We cut to an old barn in black and white.  A bird flees it perch and we follow Kimberly as she slowly walks backwards into the dark until she's standing Christ-like, naked against a wall.  Great shots of her naked body - "free as a bird".  It inspired me to paint!

Nice little clip; very sexy. There's nothing sexier than a girl and a pole :)



Scene Length: 13:21
Scene Type: Girl/Girl/Girl + 2-Girl BJ
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES ON] - Pussy Licking, Ass Play, Fingering, PTM, Facial, Cum-Swapping
Sex Positions: N/A
Rating:   4.0

The three girls play strip poker as Kimberly dances naked in the background.  As they lose, they remove more clothing.  Soon the three are naked as they feel each other up.  Alec strokes his cock like a seedy "Dr Claw" in his high backed chair.

Deja and Jayna team up on Jassie.  Sexy female curves everywhere, yum!  Sharing is caring and we get a gorgeous shot of Jassie's ass as she dines on pussy.  Once again it's Jassie who's favored as her pussy is fingered.  There's fingers in asses and hands over mouths as our mastermind flogs his log.  Soon enough Jassie and Jayna team up to suck his patient cock.  Great shots capture Jayna's eyes and lips as she slowly slides up and down the hardened shaft.

Finally Trent, stunt cocking for Alec, cums over the two girl's extended tongues. (Alec being the main character of this fuck flick, must save his load for Cytherea).  The girls kiss and suck the cock clean like good little whores.

Good Scene. 




Scene Length: 9:52
Scene Type: Boy/Girl/Boy
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES ON] - BJ, 2-Cock BJ, Deep Throat, Pussy Licking, Ass Licking, Vaginal Sex, Hair Pulling, Facial
Sex Positions: Doggie, Missionary
Rating:   4.5

The Scene opens with Cytherea lying on the bed with zombie type contacts gazing at nothing.  She's wearing full bottom panties and knee high white boots.  The blue light highlights her slight body as the camera pans down her length.  She bends and turns on the bed before opening the cupboard to find an intruder.  She gasps and goes for the door to find another masked intruder.

Elvis type music plays as Cytherea begins to suck the two cocks.  The footage sped up to the tempo of the music.  She sucks and cranks the two shafts before her panties are peeled down and one guys licks her pussy and ass before sliding his cock in her pussy as she sucks his companion.  They swap before lying her on her back and continuing.  Those contacts are freaky.

They stand her up and continue to fuck.  Cytherea grips onto on of her man's pants as she squirts over the other's.  She squirts again before crouching down and receiving their loads.  She glares up at the camera with her cum covered face and plays with the cum before blowing us a half kiss.

Great scene.  Cytherea is a great performer and I loved the editing and the framing.

Stunt Girl 2: DVD Extras

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Trailers
  • Sex Talk [ad]
  • [ad]
  • Hustler Hollywood [ad]

The biggest weakness of this DVD is that the extras are severely lacking.  Hustler likes to load up their DVD's with ads, which aren't really extras for the consumer.  With a unique movie like this one - how could there not be a "Making Of" piece as well as a "Behind the Scenes"?  That would have been very interesting to watch and match the current porn consumer's expectations for a DVD. 

My guess is that the amount of time it took to shoot and edit this film was already so prohibitive in the porn market that there was no time to add good DVD extras  - and believe me, I understand that  (that is the biggest problem in the conflict between "porn art" and "porn business"). But, I do hope that Jack the Zipper & Hustler consider beefing up the extras on the next installment though.

In my overall DVD rating for Stunt Girl 2, I strongly considered giving it a 5.0 rating.  I loved the movie that much, but the total DVD itself isn't a 5.0 - the extras dropped the rating.  Having said that, now that you know not to be disappointed when you get your DVD and find there aren't allot of extras - GO BUY THIS MOVIE ANYWAY.  The movie itself rocks.

Deleted Scenes 26:29
  • Deleted Scene 1: Naked dance among bamboo
  • Deleted Scene 2:  Extended tease and masturbation from scene 1

  • Professianals 6
  • Girl + Girl 10
  • Black & Wild 13
  • Busty Beauties 13
  • Ghetto Booty 14
  • Barely Legal Innocence

That is why "Stunt Girl 2" from Hustler Video
is the Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" for April 27, 2005.


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