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Student Nurses (Caballero)

Student Nurses (Caballero)

Studio: Caballero
Category:  Straight
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Student Nurses (Caballero):
Overall Rating 2 stars
Student Nurses (Caballero) overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Student Nurses (Caballero) Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Student Nurses (Caballero) Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Student Nurses (Caballero) Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Student Nurses (Caballero) Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Student Nurses (Caballero) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Student Nurses (Caballero) A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/23/2000
Running Time: 1:15

Director: The case lists Henri Pachard, but the movie lists Jackson St. Louis.

Cast: Diedre Holland, Debi Diamond, Melanie Moore, Shaunna, Jenna Wells, Jon Dough, Joey Silvera, and Tom Byron

Extras: Photo Gallery, Scene Selection, 800 numbers, and web site. Nothing special except the scene selections, which is the only way to jump ahead in the movie. Yes, another Caballero release with no chapters or time code.

Audio Quality: Poor. I had a hard time understanding what little dialogue there was. Some of this was due to the poor balance between the music and talking. You also could hear a lot of background sounds.

Video Quality: Average. Some pixelation, but that should be expected for a movie from the very early nineties or perhaps late eighties.

Initial Expectations: I expected this to be a fun porn film with a plot that you could fit on the back of a business card and some good sex.

Initial Reaction: Now I remember why adult films get made fun of so much.

The Movie: This is a typical example of the 'Even You Can Make A Porno If You Follow This Method' type of porno. Everybody has seen this movie at least three or four times. A group of women sits around one of their homes for their weekly meeting where they talk about what they did for sex since last time. In the case of 'Student Nurses' they alter it a little by giving one of the girls (I think it might be Shaunna) a little action with Jon Dough. She's supposed to be giving him a massage (including his prostate), but things move beyond the massage when she shows him that they call her 'Crazy Charlene' because she likes to rim guys. You never get to see her actually rim him, but that's typical for this scene. Most of the scene is either close - ups or so far away that you can't see if there's any real penetration. The girl also has a horrible early 90s boob job. Needless to say, my expectations were much lower after the scene than before.

The meeting takes place at Melanie's house, but Debi Diamond is there early. She can't wait to get a piece of Melanie, and vice versa. Most of the scene is spent in the 69 position and so it gets kinda old. They both do a pretty good job, which I expected as Debi rarely disappoints.

Finally, the girls show up and Diedre tells about how she got the gynecologist (Joey Silvera) to teach her some of what he does. She apparently expects him to do everything here also, since he doesn't even get a blow job. The scene is pretty average and reminds me why I was never as taken with Diedre as everybody else seemed to be.

Next, Debi tells of her and Tom Byron and how some hooker (Jenna Wells, I think) interrupted the middle of their action. Most of the action before the hooker interrupts them is Debi rimming Tom. After the hooker interrupts, Debi straddles his face while the hooker works over Tom's unit. Jenna soon rides Tom cowgirl style, while Debi fingers his ass. Throughout the entire scene, the girls have almost no interaction with each other. They're both there to work on Tom.

Finally, Melanie tells of how she came home and interrupted a burglar (Jon Dough, again). This by far is the best scene of the movie. It's the only scene where both people seem like they're really having fun. The only thing it's missing is Jon going down on Melanie. She does a great job of blowing him, and then hops on as soon as she's done. It's a pretty typical scene, but the enthusiasm and enjoyment of Jon and Melanie make all the difference in the scene. Unfortunately, Jon says he'll call her after they finish and he never does. It turns out that he was a thief after all. That's the end. So sad.

Overall, this is pretty poorly done. Unfortunately, it wasn't even funny - bad. I had a bad feeling when they couldn't even have the director on the box match the director listed in the movie. I had trouble hearing a lot of the dialogue, so maybe I missed something, but the 'student' part of 'Student Nurses' never seemed to come up. It seemed like this should come up at some time an innocence way, maybe a screw up that leads to a screwing, yet it never does. Also, in almost every scene, the nurse's cap comes off almost right away, and I always thought that the cap was a big part of the nurse attraction. Melanie Moore is the high point of 'Student Nurses' and her scenes are pretty good, especially the one with Jon Dough. I will try to find some of her other films. Other than that, this seems very forgettable. If you're in the mood for a nurse film, go pick up 'Night Nurses' instead.

Themes: Straight, nurses, rimming

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