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astroknight Stripper Firefighters 4 starsStripper Firefighters 4 starsStripper Firefighters 4 stars
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Stripper Firefighters

Stripper Firefighters

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Stripper Firefighters:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Stripper Firefighters overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Stripper Firefighters Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Stripper Firefighters Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Stripper Firefighters Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Stripper Firefighters Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Stripper Firefighters DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Stripper Firefighters A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/19/2011
Welcome fans to a new Jonathan Morgan comedy which takes us to the exciting world of firefighting and also stripping!! The ladies here not only fight fires but they also know how to lose those heavy outfits and do a little stripping too so they can handle the pole and the hose! A good cast too with Alektra leading the way in two scenes but you add in Briana Blair who shares the cover, Jessie Andrews, Vanessa Cage and Madison Ivy we have some variety here so let's see just how these girls go about protecting us from those mean fire hazards. After the opening credits have finished rolling words start scrolling up the screen telling us about how fires have increased at an alarming rate over the last few years and that this has required recruiting new help from perhaps some unlikely areas, hence Stripper Firefighters!

Alektra Blue & Jessie Andrews:

The first scene takes us to typical suburbia where Jessie Andrews and her boyfriend Rocco Reed are about to enjoy breakfast in bed. Things seem to be ideal with nothing to worry about when the two are interrupted by Alektra and Mick who rush in after Rocco has lit a small candle. Mick blows the small flame out and he along with Alektra celebrate this victory over the fire, lol. Rocco is now concerned that he won't be able to work the romance now that his little candle/ rose petal angle has been stopped. But Alektra and Mick are more than ready to help with the romance and the dancing track starts and the clothes start to come off. This startles Rocco and Jessie but they eventually work into it and let the romance happen! Cocks come out and both Jessie and Alektra get going on some good looking blowjobs. The foursome stay pretty close and the guys switch out fucking the girls. We could have had a little more interaction between the girls here. The side by side reverse cowgirl shot was pretty good and from that you get the first pop from Rocco just above Jessie's bush and seconds later Mick follows suit blasting his load above those freshly fucked pussy lips. One potential disaster averted, now on to the next crisis!

Briana Blair:

Our next scene takes us to another typical house in the USA and we get Johnny Castle putting together a bubble bath for his special lady complete with candles and rose petals. All of a sudden the siren rings out and Briana comes leaping into the shot. She gives Johnny the business about having this horrible fire mess there. His girl wouldn't want to come home to this and make love to charred corpse now would she, so she's saved him! So how else does Briana save him, well she yells out to the mysterious dj to hit the music and Briana begins a sexy little strip tease losing the fire fighter outfit and thus revealing a sexy body that I've admired now for a couple of years. Briana has fun with the dialogue too which doesn't take itself serious at all, let me see that hose of yours!! The shots continue to get better as Briana drops down to work out that hose and she shows a very good time to Johnny's cock. Johnny gets in some oral too even licking Briana's ass, the underneath approach to his oral was captured perfectly. Sexwise reverse cowgirl was the a very good shot with lots of nice boob dancing and the floor shot also showed off her pussy good. By the time they hit cowgirl Briana has lost the entire outfit and I much prefer that over keeping it on. This fire intervention closes with some good spoon action giving us more time to enjoy those titties and we end with another pop shot just above the pussy lips.

Vanessa Cage:

On to the next scene where Ramon Nomar is trying to get a fire going in the fireplace but having no luck he goes to put a little gas on it to give the wood a little fuel incentive to burn. Naturally this brings out the sirens and Vanessa comes bounding in to stop this potential disaster! Vanessa has him put down the lighter and step away. She proceeds to give a lecture about what might have happened if he'd kept going, his house, the neighbors might have been harmed. But Ramon is still cold so she calls out to her invisible dj to hit the beat and Vanessa gets going with her attempt to warm Ramon up, it seems to be working! The two get close and begin to do a little dirty dancing which gets better as the close start to peel away. Like Briana and Alektra before Vanessa has fun with the dialogue as she is stripping for Ramon who I don't think is cold any more. This girl is a bit of a tease too grinding over Ramon's jeans which still house his cock so that's another potential disaster looming but then Vanessa takes care of that little fire by unleashing his cock letting it slip into her mouth. Good side view for the bj moving neatly to a standing cowgirl shot and then to a seated version of the same position- good butt shots here. Reverse was also captured and the view was equally stunning with her legs spread open real wide. Ramon pauses in mid scene for a quick pussy taste before resuming the cock assault with mish leading to spoon and finally a pullout and pop just above her pussy. I'm starting to suspect we might not see a facial in this movie.

Alektra Blue:

We move on to our second Alektra scene and this time she's going it alone without her partner in fire fighting Mick Blue. The story takes us to Bill Baily's house where he's having trouble installing one of those hanging sex swings and this brings out the sirens and Alektra rushes in to untangle him from the swing. No fire here but it was great to have Alektra so close to free him. Bill was putting this in for his girl but of course he needs to work out the kinks and who better than Alektra so hit the music!! So the picture starts pulsing pink colors and Bill gets a birds eye view as Alektra loses her outfit eventually it's time to do a little cock sucking which we know Alektra excels at. The side view also allows a couple good shots of those mesmerizing tits. Bill is good with some oral too and the open shot was very good here as he teases her pussy lips using some fingers too. I almost think his oral session was longer than hers and it included a few teasing licks to her asshole. They make good use of the swing then as Bill begins pounding her in mish and they switch it up then allowing him to sit in the swing while she rides in cowgirl. From there it is onto the floor for doggie and mish leading to another pop shot up her belly.

Madison Ivy:

One final fire to put out and we have Madison on the case. We head one last time to suburbia, the street straight out of the Wonder Years tv show and heading in we have Tommy Gunn about to make some toast when there's an actual fire in the toaster, complete with smoke!! Tommy is concerned about the sandwich when the sirens start ringing out and Madison comes in yelling at him to back away from the toaster. More amusing dialogue and like the other girls Madison has fun with it but not over the top, just right. Tommy plays along and is rewarded with a sexy beat and Madison losing her firefighter clothes-- sure beats having toast, lol. Tommy enjoys the view as do we leading to Madison getting naked. Loved the shot of Madison on her knees on the counter in doggie and Tommy diving in to taste her pussy/ ass. Tommy then has a seat and it is Madison who drops down to engulf his cock and she has quite a good time here deep throating and using a little spit too. Cowgirl, mish and spoon highlight the fucking which closes with one final blast off just above the pussy.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was funny to watch as the girls have fun with the dialogue that never takes itself to serious and the guys were good playing along. Alektra graces the screen twice which is good. I wish there had been another Briana scene too as she also graced the cover with Alektra but her one scene was pretty good. Jessie Andrews is just cute as a button and she had fun and we get Vanessa and Madison showing off here as well. The extras were a bit light as we are missing some behind the scenes but you do get one more Alektra scene taken from the recently released XXX Avengers which also features her fucking Mick Blue as she did in this show. Worth a rental if you're into the whole firefighter fetish but also know this movie isn't serious at all and has fun with the whole concept

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