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bono-ONE Strip Tease Then Fuck 7 4 starsStrip Tease Then Fuck 7 4 starsStrip Tease Then Fuck 7 4 stars
masamune Strip Tease Then Fuck 7 4.5 starsStrip Tease Then Fuck 7 4.5 starsStrip Tease Then Fuck 7 4.5 stars
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Strip Tease Then Fuck 7

Strip Tease Then Fuck 7

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for Strip Tease Then Fuck 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Strip Tease Then Fuck 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Strip Tease Then Fuck 7 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Strip Tease Then Fuck 7 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Strip Tease Then Fuck 7 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Strip Tease Then Fuck 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Strip Tease Then Fuck 7 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Strip Tease Then Fuck 7 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  3/20/2006
Strip Tease Then Fuck 7

Dir: Wendi Knight.

Photo Gallery: A series of stills in "step" form. Very high quality "pretty girl" and hardcore images.
Bonus Scene: Delilah Strong, James Deen - I'll talk about this after the main body of the review. Cumshot Loop: Cumshot recaps for each scene, basically.
Trailers: Internal Combustion 7, Fishnets 2, Drive Thru 3, Apprentass 3, Double Decker Sandwich 6, POV Centrefolds, Who's Your Daddy 7, Teenage Jizz Junkies,
Internet Access: Web-enable this disc by putting it into your PC..

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind.

DP 14 starts with the same annoying 30-second snippet of music that DP 13 had, which sounds vaguely like the beginning of the Eurythmics' "Love is a Stranger". This series has become more and more of a cookie-cutter template, and therefore so have my reviews of them..

Scene 1:
Tiffani Digivani, lucky guy.
No Shoes, Fishnets, Facial,

Tiffani is a Barbie doll direct from the Spearmint Rhino. Very pretty face, platinum blonde hair, deep tan, large breast implants, makeup done to a T, and some really bloody nice looking lingere. In this case a day-glow yellow and black bustier and panties with matching wristbands, black fishnets, with a black one-piece string g-string/bra combo. For jewelry she wears a diamond-looking choker and necklace, and of course has a pierced navel. She strips down to the string, then gives the lucky shmoe a grindy lapdance with a matching yellow feather boa, possibly not the first one she's ever given.

They soon move to the next room, and Tiffani drops to her knees and gives the guy a BJ, and the soft music that we've had as audio fades out and is replaced by live audio. There's a fair bit of eye contact during the BJ, which soon has the guy naked laying on his back and Tiffani still sucking away while making fuck-me eyes at the camera. Soon they fondle, then the fucking starts with Tiffani still wearing her fishnets and wristbands. They go through doggie, cowgirl, missionary, spoon, P2M, an extended RC, then a titfuck to facial, which really shows off Tiffani's collagen-implanted lips.

If you like the blonde Barbie doll look or the Suze Randall Penthouse pictoral look, this is a great scene.

Scene 2:
August, some guy.
Fishnets, Heels, Facial.

August is a slightly Latin-looking woman with nice natural breasts, a pretty face and streaked blonde hair, giving her a look reminiscent of J-Lo. She has a large floral tattoo on the inside of her left bicep. She briefyl wears a little black dress, but that's quickly discarded for a frilly black and pink bra and garter, though the bra disappears just as quickly during the lapdance. August also wears a black G-string and fishnets, as well as a shiny choker with matching bracelet, and a stud in her right nostril. She looks every bit the red-hot stripper type.

Soon April is blowing our lucky guy, and follows up by climbing onto him for some cowgirl, revealing her tribal tailbone tattoo, as well as giving us a good look at her transparent stripper heels. he picks her up and puts her back down on the couch for missionary with some P2M to finish. Next up August presents her butt to him in the bentover position, so he fucks her from behind. Next she remover her shoes, and climbs onboard the RC train, finally jumping off for the facial.

if you like the hot stripper look, this scene is a winner!

Scene 3:
Ice LaFox, another guy.
Stockings, Facial

Next up is Ice LaFox, who has dark or Latina features, though her complexion is a light olive She has med-small natural breasts, and long black hair. Ice also sports a navel piercing, a tongue piercing and a vertical bar through her clit as well as a large tatoo on the inside of her right forearm. Unlike the two previous ladies, Ice's lingere is simple and basic. Black bra and g-string with red trim, thigh-high black stockings, and a see-thru frilly black nightgown over the top. Within seconds, though, the nightgown is off and the lapdance is on. It's actually not all that much of a lapdance, as she spends much of the time teasing the guy's cock through his underwear. Not that I'd be complaining in his situation, mind you..

Soon enough, he's standing, and she's blowing him. And looking damned attractive doing so. Next is cowgirl, doggie, side doggy, brief BJs between some of the positions, reverse cowgirl showing off her totally bald pussy and then we cut to the guy unloading his semen onto Ice's face and mouth.

Another by-the-numbers scene. Fortunately for us, the numbers in this disc are good numbers, and so the scene was a good one.

Scene 4:
Memphis Monroe, some other guy.
Cumshot on breasts.

Memphis is our covergirl. She's a hot blonde with big natural boobs and so has a less artificial look to her than, say, Tiffani or Chloe. Memphis has a pink Playboy bunny tattoo on her tailbone. Her outfit is a black micro-skirt/g-string, and matching black bra and those glove-things that aren't really gloves with silver beads on them. No stockings this time, and her high heels aren't really visible.

Memphis' lap dance fairly quickly morphs into a blowjob for this guy, who keeps his fingers busy exploring her pussy. Cowgirl, and Memphis is now naked except for those glove-things and her shoes, which we see her remove during the transition to reverse cowgirl, which shows off her completely shaved pussy. Doggy with P2M, missionary, then ther guy comes over Memphis' breasts.

The action was again to a pretty decent standard. The cumshot on Memphis' breasts was a little disappointing, though.

Scene 5:
Chloe Dior, a dude.
Stockings, Anal, Facial.

The tease portion is shot outdoors. Chloe is another woman from the Barbie school of appearance. Golden blonde hair, large breasts, deep tan, pretty face with perfect makeup. I think she used to be brunette, and retired for that matter. Ah well, no matter now. Chloe sports a large armband tattoo on ler left bicep, as well as some tattoos of fireballs or something, one located above each buttcheek on her lower back. Something else on her left shoulderblade. Of course, to begin with in the scene she wears a tiny cutoff t-short over her bra and a denim-micro skirt, which reveal a luminous pink bra, and matching fingerless gloves, as well as panties and knee-stockings. She also wears a shiny choker. Chloe's breasts make an impact during the lapdance.

Soon she leads him inside, and the blowjob begins, after the guy throatfucks her a little, she asks for more, though neither the sounds of it nor the look of a woman's contorted face in that situation appeal to me, reminds me of a fish. He titfucks her a little then goes back to the throatfuck briefly. Next we have missionary which shows off Chloe's body nicely, doggie, more BJ, RC, cowgirl for awhile into him picking her up and continuing to fuck her. Cut to Chloe bent over again and we see him penetrate her anally doggystyle. Next is RAC where Chloe looks amazing, though it's mostly shot from a little too close in. Finally she jumps off him and he jerks his load onto her face and mouth.

Another good scene. I'm not super-keen on that kind of oral action, but the rest was very good.

Scene 6:
Jasmine Byrne, some other guy from an earlier scene.
Throat-fucking, Stockings, Shoes on, Anal,

Jasmine is a pretty woman with dark skin and natural breasts with long dark hair. She also has a stud in her right nostril, a large navel piercing and a large tattoo of a cartoon devil on her tailbone. She wears day-glow pink and purple lingere, made of pink fishnets, a purple teddy which comes off quickly, and pink bra and g-string. Her lapdance is much more foreplay than lapdance, but it's very quick and soon she's stripping him off and going down for the blowjob.

Unfortunately, this guy gag-fucks Jasmine's throat a little, resulting in those seal noises. More unfortunately, they do this for awhile. Finally they stop and she bends over on all fours, so the guy eats her pussy and ass, and then fingers her a little before inserting himself into her pussy and screwing in some good looking doggy for awhile before rotating over into some passionate looking extended spooning. After some time ice leaps off and really goes down on the guy, then climbs on for some cowgirl which occasionally shows that she is still wearing her stripper heels. Reverse cowgirl is next, followed by anal spooning, RAC with the guy fingering her pussy until finally Jasmine jumps off and while still laying on his back he jerks his load onto her face, followed by some post-cum head.

Another solid scene. The fact that the performers really seemed to be showing some passion and getting into one another overall more than made up for the throat-fucking and seal noises from the start of the scene. If only the guy didn't look like white trash, but I have to admit that he did a good job here.

Bonus Scene:
Delilah Strong, James Deen.
Gagging, Anal, Facial.

Delilah starts out wearing fishnets with super-big net connected to a black garter belt. she has a matching black bra and g-string with little red flowers on them. Delilah has a pretty face with brunette hair that has blonde streaks through it, small natural breasts with a tattoo on her right breast, another small tattoo on the outside of her left shin and a large tattoo of someone's name (or a word) on ler right shoulder. Eventually we also see that she has a lipstick kiss mark tattoo on her left buttock and another word on her tailbone, and then again later a giant tattoo of something between her shoulderblades, mostly hidden by her hair.

She prances around a little, then sits sown and masturbates and fingers her hairless pussy vigourously for the camera. Eventually she stands and James comes over to finger her asshole. We transition into her kneeling and pulling down James' pants to show his huge boner, and the BJ begins. They go right to work on seeing how long she can hold her breath because of the cock jammed down her throat in exactly the kind of shit I hoped this disc would give me some respite from. Eventually, she gives him a little regular head, followed by reverse cowgirl, missionary, anal missionary, cumshot in her mouth, gargling and finally swallowing.

Well, it was a bonus scene, so I'm not going to hold too much against the feature because of it, but it very much felt like a throwaway scene from a Brandon Iron flick with a performer who might have been attractive but for the overabundance of cheap tattoos. Meh.

I'll start with the constructive criticism - I don't much care if the performers are ID'ed during the intro to the feature, but it's very annoying in a gonzo/wall to wall disc to not have the performers' names noted at the start of their scene. It'd also make it possible to ID the guys who's names people might not immediately recognise by face. As far as the action goes, the only complaint I have is the throat-fucking and seal noises that result. This stuff is in seemingly 85% of other porn out there, so I don't really see a need for it in this series, because this DVD is otherwise exactly the kind of thing you could recommend to couples who are looking for something besides features that's got good sex but without the overly-crazy stuff out there. Actually, some better-looking, less pasty guys would also help out there for the women, I imagine. The bonus scene was rubbish, but then again I can see why it was included as a bonus and not as part of the "feature"...

Aside from those criticisms though, I can say that this is surprisingly damned good porn. The action's pretty good and not over-the-top, and overall lacks the circus tricks found seemingly in pretty much everything else. No A2M. No piledrivers, no choking. Another huge positive for this disc is that while viewers will invariably find some girls more attractive than others, none of the women in this disc are what I'd call "filler". If you like regular one-on-one sex with very attractive women, a sprinking of anal and little to no rough stuff, then I highly recommend this disc, and I'll certainly be looking to check out others in the same series.

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