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Strip Tease Then Fuck 5

Strip Tease Then Fuck 5

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Barely Legal , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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dragonsbum's ratings for Strip Tease Then Fuck 5:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Strip Tease Then Fuck 5 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Strip Tease Then Fuck 5 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Strip Tease Then Fuck 5 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Strip Tease Then Fuck 5 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Strip Tease Then Fuck 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Strip Tease Then Fuck 5 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Strip Tease Then Fuck 5 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by dragonsbum  on  1/7/2005
Strip Tease Then Fuck 5
i’ve been disappointed by previous editions of this series and bailed on the fourth installment. but just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in with smokin hot sammie on the cover and an awesome, totally awesome cast. will i once again be left at half mast. will i have to break out the penis pump to get off. these are the queerstions filling my proportionally tiny dragon head.
elen saint + robert rosenberg = (20:08)
elen saint is cute as a button. unfortunately, this button just ate a flock of turkeys with a ton of stuffing. okay that’s an exaggeration. but honestly, elen looks like she just got off the couch after a thanksgiving feast for this scene. i mean how else did that extra roll of fat get around her waist. osmosis. no, not osmosis. still, she is a beautiful woman and quite frankly, i bet it feels better fucking an elen saint plus fifteen lbs than a stick thin taylor rain. just my virginal opinion. but back to the matter at hand. the tease- she does a little dance, gyrating her hips, takes down her green teddy and briefly grinds her ass on rob before the POV BJ. move to the bed where they start in spoon and not 90 seconds later his dick is in her ass. bob switches tween ass and pussy many times as she gets on top for RC; for a second i thought i was watching sineplex’s sliders. he also gapes elen numerous times ala JYLC. she rides cowgirl and cleans off his dick several times before backing dat phat azz up. rob gets some deep strokes in when he mounts her like a junkyard dog. elen jerks his german bologna off into her mouth. this is definitely not one of elen’s best scenes; her energy was down and she wasn’t at fighting weight.
monica sweetheart + sascha = (19:51)
monica sweetheart is definitely one of the hottest broads in pornoland. here, she is looking more svelte then ever... her arse is very shapely and despite some loss of boobage, her tits are nevertheless magnifico even to a malcontent such as myself. i happen to think monica appears slightly better with her hair straightened but the slightly curly locks she sports in this scene are quite fetching. the tease- mon strips down a black haute culture lookin jibobb in somebody’s backyard. she caresses her sascha and rubs her ass onto his groin, the lucky bloke. she sucks him off for quite a while before mounting him on the ground in RC. there’s a good tradeoff of monica thrusting down on sascha and him pistoning her from the bottom. then mon gets spooned as she continues to coo as only she can. nice transition to cowgirl where she bounces on his dick and performs P2M. during doggie, sascha positions himself awkwardly like an impossibly balanced rodin sculpture. he fires a modest mouse load into her mouth. surprisingly harmonica does not get analized at all. that’s just wrong- not fucking monica sweetheart up the ass is like driving to big sur in a convertible with the top up on a beautiful day. all in all, a satisfactory but forgettable scene considering what mon is capable of.
randi wright + mr. pete = (22:22)
randy wright has the right attitude but the wrong look. underneath the tats, piercings, bleached hair, eye shadow, and the awfully garish blue lingerie she wears there is an extremely good looking girl. ironically enough, this is exactly the kind of shit zero tolerance was supposed to be intolerant of... go figure. the tease- she plays with her pussy on the stairs and briefly rubs pete before unleashing peter. her rather rudimentary oral skills need some work as she literally just moves her mouth up and down his cock. this is nice to see- pete sucks on her tits while he fingers her with his middle and ring fingers, which as we all know by now, is the correct technique. on a yellow couch he side straddles her totally shaven heynow. pete even gags randy with her stringy top whilst he fucks her hard enough to make her tatas jiggle. he really hammers her in RC and the way she exclaims ‘fuck yeah’ is very sexy. then pete picks her up for a standing fuck and gasp, flips her onto his shoulder and lowers her head onto his dick; at first i thought he was going to tombstone piledrive her like the undertaker. then he adroitly swivels her back to a standing fuck. please note all of this is done with no cuts-impressive stuff. back onto the couch they go through doggie, cowgirl, and a brief mish before pete unloads onto her upper lip and mouth. as the shot fades away with cum dribbling off her chin, dragon realizes this randy is as facially attractive as any current brunette. here’s a clear case of on screen chemistry- peto pounds randy with delight and she seems to enjoy every moment of it.
renee pornero + chris charming = (21:20)
renee pornero does little for me but i can see why she has her fans. for a tiny girl, she has some major booyaaaahh. she also seems to be more than capable with a cock up her ass. well this time around she has chris charming’s third leg to deal with so this should be interesting. the tease- she puts on some sleazy stripper moves as she removes her black boustier. ren rubs herself on chris and pulls his mammoth manhood out, basically just sucking on the glans which fills her mouth. she mounts him RC on the bed and only seems to get half a charming in her. in fact, when he fucks renee, it looks like her pussy is folding up upon itself like the outer edges of the universe. is she deriving pleasure from this rifting of time and space occurring in her penetralium... i’m not so sure. holy crap batman- then she gets on top for cowgirl anal. how in the world did he fit it up that tiny little hole. it’s like how do they get those pennies inside those little glass bottles. judging by the expression on her face, renee is merely marking time like a metronome during this rectification in spoon and doggie. meanwhile chris fucks her like he’s john holmes, with most of dick outside the woman’s orifice. thankfully, the dull scene ends with him firing a big milky way load onto her black hole.
sativa rose + sascha = (21:12)
sativa rose has really been making a name for herself lately and this is my first time seeing her. for real, she gots nice tatas and the rest ain’t bad either. i myself once knew an indian princess named suknut but she lived in flatland and only dated possessive jews. sativa, on the other hand, is a real indian jewel who could probably be a baliwood star but isn’t, thank vishnu. the tease- she does a rather tame unveiling and gently presses her ass on sascha. sativa is really impressive with her cock sucking- she’s good at using spit and her hands plus she deep throats with those DSL. sascha is mounted in cowgirl where sativa gently rides him like a cloud. then she kneels on the chair for a more enthusiastic doggie style fuck. the best position for her is clearly RC where those mamms start to move when she impales herself with some downward force. sattie definitely seems into the action especially on the ground when he spoons her. after the in out in out in cowgirl, sascha submits a decent offering to sativa, hitting her mouth and neck. a good performance by sativa who carries a prosaic scene just above fast forward fodder.
sammie rhodes + mr. pete = (19:51)
sammie rhodes is the next big thing. she already has a following and seems to be on every new box cover. IMdragonO on pure looks she’s in the upper echelon of blondes with avy scott, shyla stylez, and krystal steal. i am eager to watch those bountiful bosoms a bouncin. the tease- outdoors she stands, rubs her ass and tits and strips down to a skimpy white thong. then she saunters over to pete sitting pool side and mounts him. he proceeds to mack down on those two tasty cakes. sam pulls off his trousers and gives pete a rather mediocre BJ. there’s an all too short titfuck considering the quality of the tits. the real action starts in a rousing standing doggie with nice medium and longer shots from the side showcase sammie’s long, lean body. she really seems to respond to his slaps on her tight ass, demanding to be fucked harder. mein gott, those funbags are funtastic when flopping, especially when sammie climbs aboard pete in RC on the chair. she puts her feet onto his thighs and squats on his dick like some illustration from the kamasutra. there’s a nice transition to cowgirl where sammie continues to supply the penetrating force. i like her initiative. finally, they move onto the ground for a vaginal spooning where pete understandably mauls her chest. to round it out, a very meager cumshot from pete who is as empty as the hollow men; this is the way the world ends (x3)... a whimper after a good bang.
the strip tease portions of these scenes are long enough but could use more stripping- as in stripping from a fully clothed state. during the tease, i think the girl should look at the guy, not the camera; or just shoot all of it from POV. another thing, which applies to most vids, include side angle and POV shots for cowgirl and RC; we is smart enough to realize the penetration is ongoing even if we don’t actually see it. finally, the scenes fade out too quickly without sufficient denouement, ie PCH.

there are several aspects of this vid that i find highly commendable: the lighting is very good, but in particular the two outdoor scenes look great; there are no cuts before the cumshot and a minimum of MST or male spanking time; lotsa transitional shots of position changes making for a fluid effect; and a certain attitude of celebrating, not degrading, of the female form which is very rare and refreshing these days.

the bonus scene is with krysta-lynn, your classic blonde sorority girl except she’s barely an A cup. her rather dry encounter with chris charming is vag only and when he gapes the tiny girl in doggie, her pussy looks like the black hole of calcutta. sorry, bad line. wheretofore, he ends by popping on her pubis in an extra that counts as a minus in my tally. there are about 15 trailers, a cumshot recap, and picture gallery to complete a rather mediocre set of extras.

alas i’m left with a slight limp by this disc. all the elements of great porn are here: a solid theme, one on one sex, and six hot chicks; unfortunately, the whole is not equal to the sum of the parts. i can’t help but be disappointed with this above average but underachieving piece of smut. simply put, i wasn’t too impressed, in the most literal sense of the word, as only randy and sammie’s scenes left any impression. granted this is all very subjective, and keep this in mind- this reptile inexplicably liked house of flying daggers much better than hero.

in the end, i did in fact break out the penis pump, but then my mom slithered into my lair without knocking and i got all flustered and she was like son, we all have fantasies and desires, and i was like oh god kill me, mom i’m a 29 year old dragon and you just can’t, and then she crouched down next to me and picked up the pump and it was all lubed up so she wiped it off with a tissue, and thankfully having nothing to impart, left silently, leaving me even more limp, so i did what i always do when i feel the fire building up inside with no release in sight... i write.

‘There are moments when I have so palpitating an eagerness for death that I could fly to it as to the arms of a lover.’ - Somerset Maugham

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