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Strip Tease Then Fuck 3

Strip Tease Then Fuck 3

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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dragonsbum's ratings for Strip Tease Then Fuck 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Strip Tease Then Fuck 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Strip Tease Then Fuck 3 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Strip Tease Then Fuck 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Strip Tease Then Fuck 3 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Strip Tease Then Fuck 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Strip Tease Then Fuck 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Strip Tease Then Fuck 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by dragonsbum  on  3/14/2004
bum of dragon in the hizzle to represent g park 207. lets get the party started, or as they say in malvern, crysknifes up!

intro: i bought this title expecting to see stripping, teasing, then fucking; and just maybe, some energetic sex- not just two masses elastically colliding betwixt each other. i hypothesize that 3 out of 6 scenes will bring me to cumclusion.

scene 1:ariana puts on some lingerie and struts her stuff. (i will not comment on the outfits so as not to ruin the surprise for viewers.) this raven haired beauty looks fantastic but her tease segment is lamo; no grinding or dry humping- if this happened at my gentleman's club i'd demand a refund. anywho, she gives a sloppy spit strewn bj and its on to cowgirl which showcases her nice arse. however, the camera is too static and never swings around to show her face or bosoms. oh here we go its rca and now her titillating tatas are in plain view. nicey nice. too bad the cocksman, rick, doesnt fuck her very deep or hard; he needs to watch everhard doing rca on the edge of a couch for some pointers. the camera is stationary for the most part, as this duo moves onto spoon anal. i have never seen this rick guy before and i must say, his horrible bleached venice beach sting from nwo haircut has got to go. his cumshot is on target to her mouth, though its too watery. all together, a rather uninspiring scene that left me unable to ejaculate.

scene 2: shy is a cute brunette with big old bolt ons (if you have seen heavy metal 2000, you will have a good idea). at least the tease involves some rubbing here and i give credit to qman for shooting a 69 with sum titty fucking. the in out in out starts in rc as kurt pounds her very hard, though the sight of her boobs not moving is a bit disconcerting. doggie anal is followed by a nice transition to spoon anal; always nice to see position changes. the cumshot is dnalicious, a nice glop landing on her eyelid and pearl necklace to boot. shy does not embody her moniker- her continuous moaning and theatrics are comparable to, if not exceeding, dani woodward; sometimes she sounds fake, but this is porn and not 21 grams.

scene 3: shawnee, a cute blonde with very appealing funbags, is massaged by lee stone and proceeds to a standard bj. doggie is first, with a nice mid range shot, then rc during which her titties get gigli. lee then picks her up for a brief superman, sits down for cowgirl, and gasp, another superman. after mish, he jerks off a moderate batch into her oral cavity, leaving me blase about this not undecent scene.

scene 4: lola is tan. mark davis is pasty white. the contrast is not appealing. the tease section is a meager half a minute effort with only a couple of breast pats. boooo. at least there is a pov bj with sum nice deep throating and no hands. after mark fingers her, there is only 8 minutes left for the sex. grrr arrghh. lola gets on top and has to do all the work in both rc and cowgirl. after laying there like a himbo, mark finally does something in mish, but now that a gargantuan ass bruise comes into frame, i need to excuse myself for vomulence. okay i am back, sans lunch. looks like davis has awokend as he fucks her mouth and vag in piledriver. cut to mark's trademark semi flaccid drip drop cumshot. concomitantly cut to my similarly flaccid fukkstikk.

scene 5: mel has nice tan lines, if youre into that, an ample rack, trimmed puss, some baby fat, if youre into that, and a quiet disposition. again, the tease is very limited and lee stone shows up a second time. vaginal only in four positions- cowgirl, doggie, rc, then mish. little camera movement and mel is dead weight when shes on top. her boring scene ends with her dodging any cum to her mouth, most of it ending up on her cheek. yawn.

scene 6: alexis is hot. blonde. lithe. natural perky titty kakas. whoa - awesome pov bj, accentuated when she starts inhaling mark wood no hands, with her elbows resting on his knees. plus the tease was longer and also shot pov; where was this the previous five scenes. next alexis takes a standing doggie that transitions into regular doggie on the stairs, providing excellent up and under shots. he pulls her hair, she asks for more, dragon is now at full mast (father, the sleeper has awakened). while mark is in utero, he twists to the side, ouch, and starts to fuck sexy lexy in side saddle doggie fashion. then she mounts in rc and creates some very good downthrust as evidenced by the ball slapping sounds. some nice longer range shots are thrown in as alexis turns around to take a pummeling in cowgirl. after some pussy 2 mouth, mark jerks off a pretty decent load onto her most appealing countenance. alors, the dragon is breathing fire.

remarks: well this title was saved from mediocrity by the last scene. there was little actual physical teasing- girls putting on lingerie and standing in front of a guy is, er, girls standing there with lingerie; some verbal teasing would have been nice too. the sex is prosaic and the chemistry lukewarm at best. i suggest this may be attributable to the decidedly average male talent. overall, 2 scenes have anal and none feature swallowing. there is limited dirty talk and stationary camera work that dutches occasionally. the girls' makeup and costuming are above average and most sport tattoos. audio and visual quality is high as is expected of zero tolerance.

in terms of extras, there is a cumshot loop, picture gallery, but no trailers to be found. however, the 17 min behind the scenes is quite interesting and features: shawnee in a candid interview, lola taking direction, and ariana asking rick the size of his member to determine whether or not she needs to pop a tylenol.

summation: as the dragon was only able to launch his asian missle once during the movie, contributing little to his frozen sperm collection, this title cannot be recommended for purchase. however, this series has tremendous growth potential and will be on my watch list. thanks for your attention, peace to the middle east, damn the spice, seacrest out.

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