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picman Strap Attack (Evil Angel) 4 starsStrap Attack (Evil Angel) 4 starsStrap Attack (Evil Angel) 4 stars
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Strap Attack (Evil Angel)

Strap Attack (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo , Strap-On
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Strap Attack (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Strap Attack (Evil Angel) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Strap Attack (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Strap Attack (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Strap Attack (Evil Angel) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Strap Attack (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Strap Attack (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Strap Attack (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/26/2004

The Little Details

Running Time: 151 min. (original movie length 131 min.)

Production Date: 11 / 1 / 2004

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Judy Mastronelli, Luam, Katie Gold, McKayla Cox, Christian XXX, Sativa Rose, Christie Lee, Tom Moore, Penelopy Charmosa, Roger Carioca, Lola, and Christian XXX

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Chicks doing guys with strap-ons and Joey in charge? I can’t wait to see this one!

Initial Reaction: It’s as good as I hoped for!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting to see guys getting fucked with strap-ons

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting to see extremely dominant guys

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: As usual, Joey Silvera has a slightly primal feel that goes back to old school gonzo. There’s a little talk between him and the performers, but it’s well balanced and always seems to fit the scenes. Unlike old school gonzo, however, there aren’t any background noises. The video also has an old school gonzo feel, minus all of the camera shake and soft focus blurs. Yes, there’s a few of those here and there, but they’re very minimal. The video is nicely lit and barely shows any grain. It has a primal feel, and it works very well for me since Joey seems to know exactly what I want to see.

Music: None

Menus: As usual, Evil Angel has put some nice effort into their menus. The main menu shows some nice care and really makes a nice first impression. The chapter menu is also very nicely done, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene as well as the names of the ladies in each scene. Sadly, Evil Angel’s standard fetish menu is missing here.

The Feature

Joey Silvera kicks off a new series with Strap Attack. Joey’s been known for blistering hot sex for well over a decade with series such as Butt Row, Please!, and Service Animals, most of which bore some pretty good similarities. With Strap Attack he steps away from those and into a newer area, that of babes balling boys. That’s right, every scene here has a girl with a strap-on fucking guys.

Scene 1 - Judy Mastronelli and Luam

Bottle blonde Judy starts things out in a slutty little black skirt, a little purple lingerie, and a crop while Luam sits on the floor wearing a suit and playing with himself through his pants. She plays with her great natural tits before telling Luam to take his cock out. She has him admit that he’s a dog before going over to let him suck her tits and sucking his cock. Judy moves over to sit on a table and stroke her strap-on before they play a little more. Luam strokes her “cock” and even gets down to suck it before getting a little more head from Judy. She spits on him when he gets up, and has him turn around so she can slide her strap-on into his ass from behind. Judy spanks his ass, pulls his hair, and gives him plenty of spit for lube as she fucks Luam. She lets him roll over so she can watch him play with his cock as she fucks him and even lets him get down to suck it clean. Afterwards he helps Judy take off her strap-on and fucks her ass missionary style. Finally, she gets down and sucks and strokes Luam until he explodes on her face and lets it drop down a little to her great natural tits. She spits on Luam a bit more, kisses him passionately, and then leaves after a quick talk with Joey.

There are only two things I can see interfering with anybody’s enjoyment of this scene. First, is a bit of homophobia, but I think anybody like that will probably avoid this DVD from the start. The second thing is that the scene is almost completely in Portugese with a few subtitles. There’s a fair amount of trash talking that I wish I would have understood here, but since actions speak louder than words here I still got way into this scene. There’s plenty of chemistry and energy here, and there’s never any doubt about whether or not Luam is into getting fucked in the ass. There’s a few chuckles and plenty of smiles throughout the scene for both of them. It’s a very hot scene and a great start to the movie.

Scene 2 - Katie Gold, McKayla Cox, and Christian XXX

Katie and McKayla start out the second scene preparing some balloons and a party for Christian to celebrate him being the first guy they’ve done with a strap-on. They start out with a little kissing before the girls drop Christian’s pants so one can work him over orally from the front while the other works on him from the rear. The girls trade off before McKayla comes up to let Christian suck her “cock”. Katie also lets Christian suck her “cock” and work between them while they get it on before Katie fingers his ass to help warm him up. She gives Christian the first fuck missionary style while McKayla fucks his face, sucks and strokes his cock, and even sucks Katie’s cock when she pulls it out of his ass. McKayla fucks Christian both doggie and missionary style when it’s her turn, and lets Katie flog her ass a little while she fucks him. After taking it so much, McKayla lays back so Christian can fuck her missionary style. Of course, nothing comes free with these girls, so Katie fucks his ass with a dildo while he fucks McKayla. Finally, Christian pops on McKayla’s stomach and then lets Katie lick it up.

This is a winner of a scene. Christian and the girls have great chemistry, and you can tell that they’re all having a great time throughout the entire scene. They move things around nicely as they fuck Christian, and there’s plenty of smiles and trash talking as they do. Heck, they’re having so much fun that they have to take a break so that it doesn’t end too soon for them. As usual Joey does a great job of capturing it all, and helps to give the scene a primal feel that always seems to work for me. This is a very hot scene.

Scene 3 - Sativa Rose, Christie Lee, and Tom Moore

Sativa starts things out with a quick pee before heading out with Christie to talk to Joey about what they’re going to do to Tom. They play back and forth briefly about who’s going to take charge first before getting Tom to go down and start sucking Christie’s strap-on. Sativa isn’t happy with how Tom’s sucking it, so she gets down to show both of them how well she thinks she can suck cock. They keep the cocksucking going all around before Sativa climbs up to ride Tom reverse cowgirl style. They move back to teach Christie a little more about cocksucking before Sativa fucks Tom’s ass. Of course she makes him beg for it first, and since he’s been an obedient servant she immediately indulges him as he takes a “cock” at each end. Christie gives it to Tom next missionary style before they put a dildo mask on Christie and let Tom bounce on it reverse cowgirl style. He strokes himself while fucking Christie’s face, and finally pops on her stomach and Sativa’s tongue. Naturally, Sativa can’t let it go to waste and licks it up.

This is an excellent scene. I love the softer domination aspect with Sativa being in control. Tom’s a great sub throughout the scene, and it and the cuteness of both girls really worked for me. There’s a different feeling here from so many other scenes, and once again it’s a passionate feeling like in the previous scene. I like how the scene jumps around and mixes in plenty of oral as well as fucking all around. This is a very hot scene.

Scene 4 - Penelopy Charmosa and Roger Carioca

Joey helps cute and young redheaded Penelopy out with one of her fantasies in the final scene. Penelopy starts out as a naughty maid but wants to fuck a boy, namely good looking Roger. She has him suck her strap on while she holds his leash and then joins him as they each stroke their “cock”. Penelopy moves on to fuck his ass both missionary and doggie style as he boxes the clown furiously, and mixes in quite a few spanks for Roger’s ass. Finally, Roger pops in the air while sucking Penelopy’s “cock”.

This is another nicely done scene. Penelopy has such a cute little girl voice that the irony of her being the top in the scene adds quite a bit to it. She does a nice job balling Roger, and he takes it very well. Once again there isn’t much doubt as to whether or not the guy is into the scene, and they have great chemistry as well. This is yet another very hot scene.

Scene 5 - Lola and Christian XXX

Lola starts things out in front of a mirror wearing a black latex dress with fishnets and boots putting the finishing touches on the rope that’s tied between Christian’s wrists and nutsack. She drops down to slurp on his schlong and teases him a bit before letting him eat her ass and suck her “cock”. She even lets him lick her slit a little and sucks his cock before standing up to fuck his face. Lola moves around to work on his ass a little with her tongue before sliding her “dick” into it missionary style. She strokes Christian as she fucks him, and even manages to bend over and suck his cock while fucking his ass. Lola eats Christian’s ass a little and then climbs up for a reverse cowgirl ride. She gets down to play with his ass while he strokes himself, and finally lets him pop on his stomach. She licks it up and then sucks every last drop out of Christian’s cock.

This is an excellent scene, and a great scene to finish the movie with. Lola throws in plenty of trash talking, but backs off a little in the middle to tell Christian that she can’t be mean to him, that she just wants to fuck him. That passion carries through the entire scene, and Christian looks every bit as happy receiving Lola’s attentions as she is to give it to him. That comment says it all for this scene, and that attitude helps it to become one of the best in the movie.

They say that the first impression is the most important, and if so Strap Attack should have one heck of a following as a series. The action isn’t quite as intense as some of what I’ve come to expect from Joey Silvera, but it’s every bit as passionate. Every scene here overflows with chemistry, and there’s plenty of guys getting fucked up the ass with strap ons. I was most afraid that there would only be a little strap-on action in each scene, but every scene was focused strongly on the strap-on. I was also afraid of some of the guys. Normally in balling movies the guys are very effeminate. That’s not the case here, as most of the guys act like what you’d expect in a normal straight movie. They aren’t overly macho, but they come off as very real and very human. Christian leads the way here, and I can’t help but hope that we see more of him in the future. In the end, I think the only complaint I can have about the movie is that there were group scenes with two girls and a guy, and in that kind of a situation I love seeing two people getting fucked, whether it’s the girl fucking the guy while getting fucked or the guy fucking a girl while the other fucks him. That my only complaint about the movie can be that one position wasn’t used says a lot about Strap Attack, and it definitely isn’t enough to keep me from highly recommending it. If you’re a fan of girls balling boys, Strap Attack needs to be at the top of your porn wish list!

The Extra Stuff

To start with, the movie has twenty minutes of extra footage added in compared to the VHS release. In addition to a cast listing by scene, filmographies are included for Judy Mastronelli, Katie Gold, Sativa Rose, Christie Lee, Penlopy Charmosa, and Lola. The photo gallery includes over forty very nice looking snapshots. There’s also eight and a half minutes of cumshot recaps, website information, and extra footage.

The extra footage lasts nearly twenty minutes. There’s a little cut footage from each scene as well as a little bit from behind the scenes from a couple of the scenes. It’s a nicely done collection of extra footage, and worth checking out if you enjoyed the movie.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, spitting, toys, dominant women, male anal penetration, spanking, ass to mouth (male), group, rimming (male > female and female > male), lesbian, and peeing

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Condom Usage: Between Judy Mastronelli and Luam (since one can’t take too many chances in Brazil)

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most Evil Angel releases can be found online for between $18 and $28 with many stores offering them for around $20. If this is your kind of thing, this one’s going to be worth it even at the high end. The sex is extremely passionate, the technical aspects are nicely done, and there’s even some good effort put into the extras. This I a very well done DVD!

Note to Evil Angel / Joey Silvera: Thanks for making this one! It’s about time fans of balling movies had somebody decent make one!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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