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astroknight Strap Attack (Evil Angel) 5 starsStrap Attack (Evil Angel) 5 starsStrap Attack (Evil Angel) 5 stars
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Strap Attack (Evil Angel)

Strap Attack (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo , Strap-On
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Strap Attack (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Strap Attack (Evil Angel) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Strap Attack (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Strap Attack (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Strap Attack (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Strap Attack (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Strap Attack (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Strap Attack (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  11/21/2004
Prologue Strap Attack is not a video about lesbians with toys. What it is, is women fucking men with their strap-ons. For those who find that gay, or are afraid that viewing and even enjoying this deviation will make them feel gay, read not further. I'm going into this with the same kind of non-judgemental attitude that director Joey Silvera brings to his work. And who better to present this collection? Joey, himself, took one for the team in his directorial debut, Kink. He has since helmed the most popular tranny line in porn. I'm looking forward to the possibility of some real heat in a non-formulaic feature.
The film opens somewhere in Brazil with Judy Mastronelli playing with her awesome body and her store bought stiffy sticking out of an obscenely short rubber mini-skirt. She has a leather paddle that she's playfully tapping her tits with. Luam, dressed in a suit, is sitting on the floor rubbing his crotch. Judy has him pull his cock out and stroke it a little. She gets down on the floor with him and lets him suck her tits. They kiss passionately and Judy starts to suck his cock. Cut to Judy unveiling the rubber cock and stroking it like it was a real appendage. Luam is drawn to her huge tits like a moth to a flame. He lubes up the dildo and goes back to sucking her tits. Then he helps her out of her blouse while whacking off. Judy sucks his cock while he's disrobing. There's some honest passion here on the part of both players. Judy keeps stroking her cock and Luam continues to suck her tits. I don't speak Portuguese, but I believe she calls him a whore and orders Luam to suck her dick. Anyway, that's what he does next. Judy gets pretty excited by this and she moves her hips as though she can actually feel this bj. She rewards him with a passionate kiss and a loogie in his face, not the first time she's launched one so far. Judy's very verbose and keeping a narrative going. I'm going to have to get the Portuguest Berlitz program. She face fucks him, making Luam gag a bit. Cut to Judy giving him a very hot looking bj as he's standing with one leg raised and she's kneeling in front flogging the bishop. We can occasionally hear sounds of approval and excitement from Joey in the background. Judy is ready to fuck and positions Luam the way she wants him. Doggy on a chair. Judy is really excited. She's using her spit liberally as lube. Luam is moaning and groaning. He starts to ask for it. Cut to mish and Luam is stroking to keep his hard-on. Judy looks like she's done this before, slapping his thighs and face occasionally. Luam does A2M. The dildo comes off and Judy's fat pussy comes into play. Joey gives us a floor view of her impressive ass and then cuts to Luam fuckingit with a condom in mish. He's going balls deep in her ass and she's still wording on him and smacking his face. She strokes her clit furiously and seems to be building up to the big one. Cut to Joey smacking Judy's firm ass while her head is hammering away at Luam's cock. She strokes him off into her mouth before he takes control to finish it off. Some post cum play with Luam worshipping Judy's body and she alternately kissing and spitting on him.
Katie Gold shows us her muffin and McKayla Cox, her strap-on. Joey notes that Katie's missing hers but she says it'll appear. They're both excited as neither of them have ever fucked a guy before. McKayla's sure she'll want to do it more often. Christian XXX is sitting in the next room and the girls join him. They all start to kiss passionately. The girls sandwich him, pulling off his shorts and sinking to their knees. They then start to suck him, front and back. McKayla is sucking his cock while Katie is mining for gold up his ass. I can't even imagine how good that must feel. They move to another part of the room and the girls switch positions. Joey prods McKayla to get verbal and she gets into it as she feeds her cock to Christian while Katie continues to blow him. Cut to Katie wielding her cock, a black one as opposed to McKayla's silver and clear, with Christian sucking them both. He's sticking his finger in Katie's pussy and she's very appreciative. Katie attacks McKayla's tits while Christian continues to give the dildo head. Cut to Christian giving McKayla head while Katie works his nether regions preparing him for the carnage. McKayla sucks Christian, no hands, with Katie holding her nose and forcing her head down. Cut to Katie fucking Christian in mish, kissing him passionately, and reinserting it deeply. He's really digging this, sucking McKayla's cock while Katie strokes his cock sensuously. McKayla takes over the stroking and even sucks Katie's cock out of his ass. She settles into a 69 with Christian. More A2OGM and a cut to McKayla getting her turn in Christian's ass in doggy. Katie is being so affectionate and supportive it makes it look almost worth it to take it up the ass. Christian eats Katie to an orgasm while he's being sodomized and cut to Katie getting back into the action a little more, spanking McKayla's ass with a cat 'o nine tails. Katie strokes Christian's cock from behind McKayla alternately fondling and kissing her. Katie sucks Christian while he's still being reamed. There's no shortage of kissing here either. They have to take a time out because Christian is ready to pop, and it's too soon. McKayla gets back to the mish anal and Katie doles out the affection. Cut to Christian fucking McKayla in mish with Katie sticking a dildo in his ass. Sensory overload. He pulls out and cums on McKayla's pubes with Katie right on the spot cleaning up the cum. Cut to McKayla sucking Christian with Katie holding his cock for some nice post cum play. cc
Open with Sativa Rose taking a piss wearing a construction worker's helmet and a choker that says "whore". She's got her shirt pulled up to show that impressive rack and sounds excited to be here. Christie Lee is wearing a dirty white shirt cut off at the midriff and tartan skirt that's not doing a good job of hiding her black strap-on. Sativa sucks the rubber dong. They are intent to fuck the guy they're matched up with, Tom Moore. He's got a car up on the lift and working underneath when they accost him. Christie shows him hers, so he shows her his. Tom says he wants to fuck them first and then starts playing with Christie. Sativa's tits are unleashed and Christie sits in a chair for Tom to suck her stiffy. Sativa is providing the trash talk and she's good at it. Christie face fucks him a little and the girls heat is rising. Sativa grabs his head and nose, forcing Tom onto Christie. She kneels in front of him to show how to suck a dick. She's really good at it, and those bee stung lips look great wrapped around a cock. Tom challenges her to deep throat, which she does. Sativa adds Christie's cock to her show. Christie feeds Tom dick while Sativa continues to blow him. A too short lez interlude ensues before Sativa mounts Tom in RC. She gets all worked up and cums with Christie sucking Tom's cock out of her pussy. Sativa coaches her cocksucking and soon is sporting a green stiffy of her own, which Christie duly sucks. Christie mounts Sativa's face, fucking it with her dick. Tom is behind her, playing with her tits. Sativa eats Christie's pussy while Tom chows down on her cock. A little hermaphrodite action. Cut to Sativa knocking on Tom's backdoor making him beg to get fucked. He complies, and sucks Christie's cock while being sodomized. Sativa really gets into this and she trash talks all the way through. Christie gets his ass next in mish. She has good hip action and is also visibly excited. Sativa sucks her tits, ramping up the heat some more. She gets a little wild in his ass and shows some attitude. She's determined to wreck Tom's ass and even gets into an up and over for some great penetration. Tom coaches her a little and makes it even more intense. Cut to Christie wearing a face dildo and Tom riding it to glory. She's still wanking her strap-on and Sativa is waiting for Tom's impending load which he's stroking furiously to produce. He lets loose a torrent, much of which lands on Sativa's tongue. She dutifully swallows and inhales his spent cock. Sativa cleans up all the cum that landed on Christie's body and the girls kiss each other for a job well done.
Penelopy Charmosa looks like a little girl playing French maid. She's got very red hair, great ass, nice tits, forgettable face and a voice of a child. Roger Carioca is waiting by the pool as Penelopy dons her outfit. She plays with a coloring book and sucks her thumb. This is just wrong. Penelopy jills off as she fantasizes about fucking a boy. Joey hands her a strap-on and she likes her new toy. He obviously teaches her to say: "suck my cock." Next thing you know, she's out in the back with Roger, forcing his head down on her rubber stiffy. Penelopy has him on a leash and is manipulating his head with it. Joey has them framed in a magnificent view of the ocean. Some kissing here as Roger seems turned on by Penelopy and her dominant ways. They take it inside as Roger continues to blow the dildo. Penelopy orders him to masturbate. They both spank the monkey while kissing. Cut to Penelopy penetrating Roger in mish on a love seat. Cut to doggy as Penelopy goes crazy in his ass and he wanks furiously. Cut to side entry mish and Roger looks ready to pop. Cut to Roger with his head in Penelopy's lap and sucking the dildo again while he nears completion. Penelopy asks him to cum. She fingers herself and calls him bad names. Roger erupts and Penelopy tells him to suck her cock again. Penelopy says he's a good boy and goes back to her coloring book.
Lola is tieing Christian's hands to his balls in some kind of intricate origami. She's wearing a patent leather corset and black strap-on. They kiss and she goes back to cinching him up. They go back to making out with a two mirror view letting us see more of the action, but the camera is trained on Lola's lovely ass. She squats to suck on Christian's cock. You know she gives great head and even licks his imprisoned balls. I would venture to guess that Lola is the most experienced woman with a strap-on in this video. She's done her fair share of lesbian scenes. She knows just how to lubricate it with her spit and Christian can expect a professional and thorough reaming this time around. Lola sucks him super hard and Joey pulls off Lola's corset, exposing her hot body. She unties his balls and uses the rope to lead him into another room as she introduces herself and her eight inch cock. She teases us with her ass and poses on the bed showing her big juicy pussy lips. A show of flexibility as Lola sucks her own cock and Christian joins her to toss some salad. Is Lola shopping her ass around? She keeps making the point that it's never been fucked before. Are you listening, Zero Tolerance? It is a tight and fresh looking rosebud. Christian gives her pussy a lick and then goes for the dildo. He gives her a nice bj and even takes some swipes at her great nipples. He maneuvers himself into a 69 and attacks her pussy, making Lola spout Spanish. I guess he hit the spot. He keeps switching from the fantasy of the rubber dick to the reality of her hot, wet pussy. Cut to Christian on his knees and Lola feeding him cock roughly. She gets down on the floor in front of him and sucks his cock for an interlude before placing him on the bed on all fours, slapping his ass and preparing the hole with a great rim job. The ropes come off and Christian is now on his back with Lola tongue fucking his asshole again. She sucks his toes as well. We'll leave no fetish unturned. The moment of truth has arrived and Lola allows Christian to insert the cock himself before taking the reins. She works it slow and deep. There's a break that's explained on screen. They changed to a smaller cock. Lola gets a good rhythm going and fucks him to the base. She strokes his cock and then lays on top of him, making out and grinding that stiffy into his ass. She somehow manages to get her head down to suck his cock while fucking him. She goes back to wanking him by hand while picking up the pace of her cock strokes. Lola dives in to suck his ass again and Christian moves into doggy position. Lola titty fucks his sphincter and eats more ass. She fucks him doggy. She finishes with an up and over before a cut to Lola riding on Christian's cock in RC. She strums her clit furiously and pounds down on him. The sounds are very wet and Lola is soon creaming all over Christian's cock and spasming. She has the dildo in her hand now and they double suck it. Lola fingers Christian's ass while he flogs the bishop and finally cums in her open mouth. Lola cleans up all the cum that fell on Christian's pubes and then continues to suck and deep throat his still hard cock. There's a little conversation with Joey and the video has concluded.
Epilogue This turned out to be a very good film. Even if you eliminated the strap-on action, it had elements that are sorely missing from all but the best of porn. There was kissing. Not superficial tongue duels, but intense face eating. The women had an enormous amount of fun. Joey did a great job of matching the performers. He put the belligerent duo of Sativa and Christie with the contentious Tom Moore. Sweet Katie Gold was in a trio with the more affable Christian and offered him tenderness and support. That's no accident. Joey was there directing, offering advice, giving orders, moving limbs. But he also knew when to sit on the side and just shoot and cheer, letting the performers display some of their personality. I wasn't crazy about the second Brazilian scene and was glad it was comparitively short. The rest of the video delivered. Ultimately, I'm not sure what the audience for this DVD would be comprised of. The impression I've gotten over time from distaff ADT'ers is that they would like to see some hardcore porn that they didn't have to fight the impulse to call an abuse hotline after watching. This might be it. If it is, then I have a message for the significant others of women who view this film: Watch your back!
The Disk There's some extra footage, photo gallery, Evil Angel filmographies and a cast list. An ok package.
Recommendation Does this pique your curiousity? Rent it. If you know you want to see this kind of action, buy it. You won't be disappointed.

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