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Kobiata Straight to the A 4 3.5 starsStraight to the A 4 3.5 starsStraight to the A 4 3.5 stars
bono-ONE Straight to the A 4 4.5 starsStraight to the A 4 4.5 starsStraight to the A 4 4.5 stars
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Straight to the A 4

Straight to the A 4

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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stinkfist's ratings for Straight to the A 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Straight to the A 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Straight to the A 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Straight to the A 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Straight to the A 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Straight to the A 4 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Straight to the A 4 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Straight to the A 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  7/8/2008
The reason for me buying and reviewing Straight to the A 4 is simple,i am a fan of Katja Kassin and i think she has brought a lot to the porn industry.From the moment she made that great decision to go in front of the camera and start performing she has won over thousands of fans male and female worldwide.She always puts in a great performance in her scenes and comes across as an intelligent and level headed person.She is without doubt a porno fans dream and could quite easily be labeled "The Queen Of Sodomy" such is her love of anal sex.2008 and Katja is still going strong and winning over more fans but more importantly she has learned to love herself,with a new slimmer toned body and new boobs she is in control of every aspect of her life and happiness can mean so much more than wealth so good luck for the future Katja and still loving your movies.

Scene 1-Brooke Balentyne

Scene starts with dark haired Brooke getting interviewed she announces that she wants fucked in the ass i suddenly feel a twinge in the groin area as my salty serpent has awoke from his slumber.Brooke is a slim girl and nice and pretty so getting to watch her get done in the ass is going to be fun.She pulls her panties to the side to show of her pussy and then shows us her asshole as she tells the interviewer that she can get four fingers in her ass she then squeezes each finger up her hole till the four of them stretch her ass.She continues to get questioned about anal sex as she lies back on the couch with her legs spread wide open and high in the air.It was time to see that asshole get violated and with that the male talent is over at her and is fingering her asshole sliding two fingers deep inside her as she shrieks in delight as her tight hole gets probed,four fingers soon find there way up there and if that guy had a stump i think he would have put that up her as well

He puts four fingers in her pussy and both her holes get fingered,she soon has his cock in her mouth and gives him a good sloppy blowjob while she squats and rubs her pussy.Brooke seems to be loving this and when she gets her asshole ram raided she will be in heaven.When he does fuck her ass the action is hard fast and intense as Brooke takes a good anal pounding in several positions,she talks dirty and shouts out that she is a nasty anal whore.He pulls out several times from her ass so that she can taste and gag on his cock.As saliva trickles down her mouth she looks sexy and dirty Brooke really screams away as he hammers her asshole this girl is loving this anal action,the scene ends with her getting spunk launched into her mouth she then swallows every drop then the guy spits on her asshole and fingers her dirtbox.

Great scene to start the movie Brooke was a noisy energetic livewire,you would need to get soundproofing in your house if you fucked her in the ass,she took a good anal pounding from the male talent who barked out the orders.

Scene 2-Mandy Bright

Scene starts with Mandy sitting on some stairs as she gets interviewed she has short dark hair and looks really pretty she is wearing a white top and denim shorts and has a lovely figure it will be good to watch her suck cock and take it deep in her ass,girls like Mandy are the reason i love porn she goes on to say that she wants to feel a big hard cock in her ass.As i looked down at my penis i smiled and gave it the thumbs up lol.She is soon pulling down her top to show of her tits and she has a great pair her nipples are nice and hard and as she turns around her denim shorts get slid down and she fingers her asshole while she talks dirty.She moans away and so did i as it looked hot as hell she then sits on a chair and spreads her legs wide apart and high in the air.I think i might just hit pause on the dvd player and wank myself to sleep lol.She spits on her hand then begins to slide a finger deep in her asshole then it's two fingers in her hole as she makes the devil fingers sign hell yeah.She rams four fingers in her ass as she rubs her pussy then is joined by the male talent and if he does not have a boner after watching that then maybe a career for stinkfist beckons.

She is soon taking his cock deep in her mouth and sucks away like it is going out of fashion,he grabs her head and really fucks her mouth before he squats over her and again fucks her mouth and Mandy then rims him i hope he had a light lunch today nudge nudge wink wink lol.At last we see Mandy getting her asshole teared up and the anal action is relentless as she goes wild for deep anal action and what a noisy girl she is she was breathing like a 90 year old with asthma.When he fucked her ass she reached down and grips his cock and wanks him of as he continues to fuck her hole and that looked great.Mandy takes his cock back in her mouth as he again fucks her mouth hard and fast before shoving it back in her asshole he continues to fuck her deep and hard in a variety of positions.The scene ends with him decorating her face with his hot load.

Another great scene Mandy might not be able to sit down for a week and might even have to put her loo rolls in the freezer to give her asshole some comfort after that scene if you know what i mean lol.She took a good anal pounding and it was great to watch and the male talent gave Mandy a good fuck.

Scene 3-Betty Blue

Next up is Betty and she is a slim girl with a toned body and has long hair and looks pretty she wears a red bra and matching knickers and here is hoping her scene and her asshole is going to be red hot.She strokes her body then says stinkfist i want your cock,well she never really but having an imagination can get you anything you want.Betty is French and talks dirty in broken English and this is sexy and as she turns around her butt is tight and toned and i cant wait to get an Eiffel of her asshole.Ok my jokes are terrible i know,on with the real reason i got this title and that is to watch hot babes take a good anal pounding.Betty crawls on the floor then stops to slide a finger up her asshole she then says "i would like you to fuck my arse" in broken English before the scene cuts to her on the couch with two guys.As one of the guys comments on her tits the other pulls her knickers to one side and says" lets see what you got down here baby",the truth is he would be shocked if a snake popped out he would probably run home crying to his mommy lol.Betty has large pussy lips that are pierced and has nice tits with rock hard nipples the guys soon want to see and smell her ass and she turns around to grant them that wish.As one guy pressed his nose against Betty's ass and takes a huge sniff i wished for a laugh that Betty would have farted in his face.

Betty soon has a cock in her mouth and sucks away on it as the other guy lubes up and fingers her French dirtbox,she soon has both cocks in her hands and takes turns to suck both guys of and they moan like two kids having to take a bad report card home to there parents lol.Even if there report cards were bad they have made the grade with Betty as she asks for her ass to get fucked.Betty cries out as she gets done hard and it sounds hot and with the volume cranked up i am loving her dirty talk in broken English,but then i had to quickly turn down the volume as i heard a creaky floorboard from the neighbor down below and i thought he was out as well,nosey old bastard he can sniff out a shag a mile away.Betty is loving this anal action and continues to get done in a variety of positions while she sucks cock her asshole must be stinging and the guys soon swap places and the action continues with Betty screaming her head of,she is loving this then more tag team action before one guy fucks her ass then pulls out and spunks in her mouth while the other guy fucks her ass and then delivers his cum shot to Betty's mouth.

Another good scene Betty loved getting her ass fucked and she got tag teamed by the guys who put on a good show Betty had a nice slim toned body and i liked her sexy French accent.

Scene 4-Katja Kassin

At last it was the scene i had been waiting for,it was time to watch "The Queen Of Sodomy" in action.Katja Kassin the two words that could cure erectile dysfunction problems throughout the world and with the scene about to start i quickly gazed down at my penis and he was going up and down like a Schizophrenics mood swings i thanked him and asked him not to let me down on this occasion and i swear to god he smiled back at me lol.Katja made her way up some stairs and had on a short pink skirt and white top and white heels i creaked my neck looking to see if she was wearing any panties,her sexy curvy ass was the focus of my attention and the thought that i was going to get to watch her ass get ram raided had me sweating like Elton John in a sausage factory.With Katja now seated and being interviewed she looked sexy as hell and is such a pretty girl,she has long dark hair or is it plum color im not sure because i was too busy listening to her sweet voice as she reveals some secrets about herself.

She does really look fantastic and is one of the nice girls in porn,she goes on to say that she likes getting fucked in the ass now i have changed my opinion of her i think she is a very,very,very nice girl lol.As she gets asked to show her ass to the camera i let out a yelp as she has got an amazing bubble butt i immediately imagined being smothered by that wonderful ass and now i know i wont sleep all night for dreaming about Katja.She then goes on to say that she can normally get three fingers in her ass and at that point steam started to come out my ears,she puts three fingers in her ass and it looks really sexy and with Katja's sweet soft voice i think i will have to wear boxing gloves to bed to save my penis from further abuse tonight.She tells us that she likes giving blowjobs i think i am going to walk over and hump the television,she licks her fingers to taste her ass then stands up and bends over to show of her curvy ass and some great teasing shots of Katja follow she pulls the ties at the front of her top to reveal a pair of tits that could turn a church goer in to a football hooligan.

They were small yet perfect and her nipples stood out like 2 Mormons at a System Of A Down concert she gets asked how many boys she wants today,more than one was her reply i will get my jacket on ha ha.She is soon licking on one of her nipples then spreads her panties to show of a juicy slit and she has a cute landing strip,she removes them and holds them to her mouth and laughs and says they are warm and wet.At this stage my cock is like an angry Rottweiler chained up trying to get free to get his bone,what am i talking about i do not know the site of Katja laughing and being sexy has frazzled what brain cells i had.Katja fingers her asshole as the camera man plays with her pussy and tits and now im thinking about a career change,she begins to suck on his cock what a lucky guy he is.After some great oral skills from Katja she soon has me laughing as she says she wants one banana in her pussy and one in her ass she is of course talking about cocks and not the curved bananas that the crackpots at the EU ban for being too

What follows next is Katja lubing up her ass then she sits on his cock reverse cowgirl.She is soon bending over and taking it doggie style as the guy slides into her ass really deep.Company has arrived in the shape of a black cock for Katja and she greedily takes it in her mouth while the other guy bangs her asshole.Some great anal action follows as the guys take turns fucking her arse and she looks so hot and sexy as she takes these big cocks with ease then takes both cocks in her mouth at the same time.The scene then cuts to Katja and she says to the camera that she "really wants to have 2 dicks in her ass" and the camera pans down and she already has one in there then the big black cock slips into her hole at the same time and she moans away as she gets double stuffed and as the fucking continues the finale has both guys shooting hot spunk over her face,the white guy does not have a great pop shot think of it as squeezing the last of the toothpaste out the tube and still not having enough to brush your teeth,the black guy delivers a better pop shot and Katja is happy.They show of Katja's gaping asshole to finish the scene

Fantastic scene The Queen Of Sodomy Katja Kassin took on these guys and proved she is THE anal goddess she looks so pretty and sweet and to see her do nasty things on camera is just amazing,the two guys thought they were in charge but we all know who really was.

Scene 5-Courtney Devine

Straight into action we go and Courtney looks pretty,with short dark hair she has a cheeky smile and a nice toned body and has an ass that can only be described as divine.She gets interviewed and talks sexy and dirty to the camera she has on a short green top and little shorts and with more dirty talk from her my cock is twitching about like he is suffering from parkinson's disease.As we get to see Courtney's body she looks really nice and it is going to be good watching her have that ass done hard and fast,she plays with her pussy then turns around and says she likes her ass to be spanked and her hair to be pulled really hard now this is one girl i could give up the football for lol.She spreads her ass and it looked tighter than scrooge at Christmas,more dirty talk from Courtney about how she cannot wait to feel big balls slapping against her ass as she gets fucked.She tells the camera she wants two cocks today one fucking her ass nice and hard and the other one in her mouth.It was time to make that come true,she lies back on the couch and raises her legs high in the air and forces two fingers in her ass and says she can take more but needs to warm up first

The two guys soon appear and one of them is wearing shades,take them of for god's sake it's not as if you are claiming benefits on the side lol.They both go to work on her body one exploring her asshole with his fingers while the other guy gets his cock sucked from horny Courtney she soon has the other guy's cock to play with as she takes turns sucking both of them of.It was time to see her get her ass fucked by both of these guys the action is good as Courtney gets it hard and deep.The last time i heard a girl moan like that she had just found out Brad Pitt has a small wiener,and if you thought that was bad one of the guys cried out as if he had just found out Michael Jackson was opening up a Creche 3 doors along from him.Courtney takes a good fuck from the guys and they are all making some noise,i hope they had double glazing in that house or there would have been about 20 cars circling the house trying to have a peek at the action.As Courtney gets done up the ass the other guys uses his cock to slap Courtney face and she then gags on his cock before the other guy gets to fuck her as she sucks cock again.As she gets fucked in a variety of positions from both guys the scene ends with one guy spunking on her face then the other guy fucks her ass then pulls out to cum on her face.

This was a good scene and do you know what i think the sun did shine out of Courtney's ass,she took a good anal fuck from both guys who treated her roughly throwing her into positions etc but she begged for more each time a really noisy scene from the 3 of them and if you have the volume cranked up as you watch this then expect a visit from neighborhood watch.

Scene 6-Jackie Moore

Next up is Jackie she looks like a girl i used to go out with years ago,ok im telling lies but sometimes you have to tell fibs to get the best out of your penis and believe me after Katja's scene he is having a well deserved nap.He soon comes to life when the beautiful Jackie starts talking to the camera,with dark hair and a great figure she looks smoking hot and again to watch her ass get fucked hard and fast is going to be like Christmas,birthdays,losing your virginity,winning the lottery all rolled into one.She gets interviewed and looks sexy as hell as she sits there in her bra and panties,my girlfriend never said that to me when i used to sit on the couch and wear her bra and panties,that was a joke honest lol.As she stands up she has an amazing figure so tight and toned and as she spread her panties to the side to show of her pussy i was in dreamland.Jackie turns around as has a great butt and she spits on her fingers and slides them up her tight little hole,god i love porn so i do she talks dirty to the camera explaining about the biggest cock that has been up her ass and then she pulls down her bra to show of her little titties and her nipples are rock hard.She licks one of her nipples and laughs away and comes across as being a very sexy girl indeed

As she continues to get interviewed she says she wants to suck cock first then have her ass fucked,Jackie are you looking to go to any parties in Britain by any chance nudge nudge wink wink.And with that the male talent has arrived to hopefully pulverize that tight asshole of hers.Jackie stands up and her panties are pulled to the side as the guy licks and tongues her asshole and even he cannot believe how tight it is.Jackie sinks to her knees unbuttons this guys trousers and wraps her lips around his big cock then goes about sucking him of.She asks for him to spit in her mouth then goes back to sucking him off again,i cannot wait to see the anal action that will follow.Jackie looks great with her mouth full of this huge cock and enjoys getting her mouth fucked before deep throating this lucky guy and she holds that cock deep in her throat for ages,at last it was time to see her get anal satisfaction and it was great to watch as her ass got violated good and proper.The action was hot and nasty hard and relentless and Jackie loved every second of her tight little butthole getting abused senseless.Some great shots of her gaping ass is next and it looks hot as hell and red raw i hope she sits on an ice pack after this scene,more furious anal action then the scene ends with her getting a torrent of cum over her face.

This was a great scene Jackie was one hot sexy anal fiend she took a great fuck from the male talent.Well how did they do it,man on the moon,the first organ transplant..NO i am talking about how the hell did Jackie's tight little asshole take that monster cock all the way up it.She loved her anal pounding and it was fantastic to watch.

This was a great movie some great hard anal action to be had with beautiful girls like Mandy Bright and Jackie Moore in it,if you missed out on this first time around it is well worth seeking out if you want to watch "The Queen Of Sodomy" Katja Kassin in action.Her scene is fantastic and she adds an element of sweetness into her filthy performance,the guys in this title gave the girls what they craved some hard nasty energetic anal fucking and no condoms in this movie.This title is well worth adding to your collection and with scene select,photo gallery,trailer menu and fetish menu it is great to put on and jump right into whatever takes your fancy.

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