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Stoya: Heat

Stoya: Heat

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Stoya: Heat:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Stoya: Heat overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Stoya: Heat Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Stoya: Heat Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Stoya: Heat Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Stoya: Heat Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Stoya: Heat DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Stoya: Heat A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/18/2009
Ok fans time to get a nice dose of Stoya in our porn diest. The reigning Best New Starlet graces the screen three times in this one so her fans will definitely want to seek this title out and from what we've seen in the past Stoya will have no problems bringing the Heat in her scenes, hence the title Stoya Heat! On to some highlights.


The first part of the scene has our girl sneaking into the kitchen for some OJ, no pulp too which is the way I like it too, lol. Her thirst now quenched we get a couple nice perve shots of Stoya who heads back to the bedroom where she plops down on the bed, naturally wearing her porno heels! Everhard then follows into the kitchen but he finds no OJ when he tilts it up for a quenching drink-- guess he'll have to seek out another source to satisfy his thirst, perhaps Stoya's pussy would be a suitable substitute!! Well he finds Stoya and indeed goes about satisfying his urges, loved him burying the face in her ass cheeks from behind, licking like a good pup! Everhard then powerfucks Stoya but good beginning in doggie continuing to mish/ spoon, the intensity never wavering plus Stoya gets her first taste of cock doing P2M. A couple more vag shots and bingo, it's ASS time, slipping up her poopchute in spoon and reverse before we hit the pop-- dropped nicely into her waiting mouth. Solid start, Stoya loves being fucked and Robby's camera does a great job capturing this erotic tryst.

Nika Noir:

I've seen Nika a few times, sexy woman, so glad to have another chance to enjoy her. We open with Nika in the bathroom doing some finishing touches while in the backdrop you hear the shower going so she's not alone. Out pops Danny Mountain, cock at the ready and the two dance around it a bit but they're soon doing the nasty. Some good kissing and cock stroking leads to Danny going down to sample his ladie's pussy, like the man doing this first, gets the girl in the mood even moreso I think. After some good purring from Nika we get the swap and she shows some fine sword swallowing skills taking all that Danny has to offer and making it look easy--- and that she enjoyed it which is even better. The connection here seemed a little more primal than the first scene, just good old fashioned fucking. Nika's body is glistening with sweat by mid scene from Danny's relentless pumping. Good mish finish on the counter yields a pop shot at those pussy lips. A good scene.


Ok onto our second Stoya scene which opens close to the first one, as she enters the bedroom and plops down on the bed, still wearing heels. She's got a look in her eyes, kinda faraway look. Then she calls out to her man James Deen to come fuck her pussy, he's not interested. So she tries a different tact saying come fuck "your" pussy and use her face as a cum receptacle. This only yields a bewildered look on James's face-- this is James Deen right, sure looks like him but the James Deen I know would've been in there stat when offered pussy the first time so this must be an impostor!! Stoya isn't dissuaded and tries one final time-- she's gonna go one street over and nail that black guy who's always mowing his lawn wearing no shirt with glistening skin-- this gets James finally to put down his book and fuck his woman-- it's a tough job James I know but someone's gotta do it. Ok with a tug on her hair and spank to her ass the real James Deen is back, even more evidence comes when James stands over and thrusts his cock deep into Stoya's waiting mouth. She's game for this rougher approach no doubt about it. After some good powerfucking to the mouth we have James moving his target zone down a few feet to Stoya's pussy and yeah he rams that cock in there fast'n'furious style. Some good aggressive sex here in a few shots ending with James popping just outside her pussy lips, at first I thought it was a creampie, it nearly was.

Madison Scott:

Next scene has Madison going around the house, picking up loose clothes, straightening books then she goes all perve and starts smelling her mans shorts which leads to the hands going down between her thighs, the tits come out and she even puts a pair on her head like a hat-- smelly underwear, eewwwwwww!!!! Well Scott Nails comes in while she's in the throws of underwear passion and whips out his cock, Madison sees and goes right to engulfing it when her eyes spot it. Robby works in some very nice shots for the blowjob and they keep the underwear there too, she loves the smell of his dirty cock-- ok! Scott gets in a little pussy tasting/ fingering too before laying pipe to this young lady-- doggie, mish, cowgirl and reverse help make up the scene which concludes with a great load dropped into Madison's mouth, nice going there young lady. Liked the post cleanup cum bubble show off too, the eye contact was sinfully hot.


We open here with Priva waking up, Johnny Sins is still lights out but a pretty young girl is waking up and we get some nekkid shots thank U very much! As a pulsing beat begins playing we get Priva rapidly dressing when suddenly she's joined by Johnny who must've heard that beat so up he pops ready for a little early morning nookie time. Priva takes a little convincing but she relents and the two have at it. She's soon working on Johnny's cock, gripping the balls as she works that cock in and out, good side view here too shows it all. Priva does a nice bit of cock sucking and ball play before Johnny gets in a few licks of his own, loved ghe going underneath to eat her out, she sure did purring like a kitten. Sexwise they open in a standing doggie before everyone getting naked and hitting the sheets for a more comfortable ride. Johnny eases back in with a couple fingers before his cock returns to finish the job, this time in her ass!!There's a good rhythm here from our guy, we work in A2M with Priva, back to doggie anal for the finish where we get the pop shot right on target to Priva's open mouth, she shows off too like a nasty girl should!


Alright one final time to appreciate Stoya, I'm down with that. This finale opens with Stoya already in the arms of her man Scott Nails, the two passionately kissing as a soft piano track plays underneath. Well it seems the two are expecting company but Stoya wants a little nasty time but Scott puts the halts to that and she pouts! She plays nice when Scott's friend Jerry joins them and well he starts flirting pretty heavy which surprises Stoya, pleasantly so it seems. Everyone starts getting real cozy as Scott & Stoya go back to kissing and Jerry starts caressing over her, eventually they also kiss so Stoya's gonna get two cocks here, yay for her! She works Jerry's schlong out and goes diving down on it while Scott's working his out as well. Stoya doesn't forget him and starts going back/ forth on the boys. The guys do a good job each taking a long turn at nailing her pussy with Stoya keeping herself busy sucking on the free dick. No anal this time but we get two good pops in the end fired right into Stoya's mouth, she pushes it out but you'll see a nice bit of man chowder clinging to her chin so the guys brought it good for Stoya this scene.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well we have another fine display here from Stoya, showing everything about her that fans love, cute face, obvious love for cock and she doesn't object to booty love!! The other ladies here were equally stunning in their respective scenes, Nika, Madison and Priva all brought their A games and give the fans a solid sex show. Extras were a little light but thankfully there's BTS, just over 10 minutes so have a look see after you're done, doing ya know! Well worth it for Stoya fans, I expect she'll only keep getting better.

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