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Stop My Ass Is On Fire 10

Stop My Ass Is On Fire 10

Studio: Metro
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Coyote22's ratings for Stop My Ass Is On Fire 10:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Stop My Ass Is On Fire 10 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Stop My Ass Is On Fire 10 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Stop My Ass Is On Fire 10 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Stop My Ass Is On Fire 10 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Stop My Ass Is On Fire 10 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Stop My Ass Is On Fire 10 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Stop My Ass Is On Fire 10 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Coyote22  on  3/27/2004

I picked this title up because of Melanie Jagger, plain and simple! Melanie is one of my favorite stars, and usually doesn’t disappoint me. Another female in this title that I am looking forward to seeing is Austin O’ Riley. I first saw her in Jules Jordan’s Ass Worship 4, and since then have added her to my favorite ass list! Looking at the title “Stop My Ass Is On Fire” makes me laugh, which I do at a lot of adult movie titles. I know that this isn’t going to be a plot driven film, so I expect a lot of hot nasty sex. I have not seen any of the other titles in the line, so this is my first crack at it (no pun intended). The cast seems really good so hopefully it delivers to my high expectations!

The video is full frame. It has a bit of grain and pixilation (probably because it had been compressed for a single layer disc). The audio was decent, nothing to really complain about.

Oral, Anal, ATM’s, Rimming(b/g), Toys, Lesbian, Choking, Spitting

Photo gallery, Web stuff, Phone sex, Trailers for Being Porn Again-Fetish Whores-Blow Job Fantasies 19-Asian Hoze-Double Anal Excursions 4

(Austin O’ Riley, Mark Davis)
Austin is wearing a red bra with white designs and a red thong with white designs that match her bra. She starts to do a little strip and then we get some tease footage of her touching herself all over. This lasts a few seconds, and leads into a little interview on the couch. She talks a bit, laughs a bit, and then shouts out, “Stop My Ass Is On Fire”! Now comes the sex. She and Mark are kissing, but he decides that he wants to move on to her tits. He takes off her bra and starts to kiss her tits, then chokes her briefly before he lays her on the couch for some pussy licking and fingering. He pulls out a pink toy and sticks it in her mouth while he lifts her legs back to give her ass a bit of cleaning. After he lubed her ass up with his saliva he takes the toy from her mouth and starts to fuck her ass with it. He takes it out of her ass and lets her suck on it, then puts it back in her ass for more fucking. He does the same thing a couple of more times making sure to get her ass nice and ready for a cock welcoming. Mark stands back and pulls her head to his cock. She starts sucking right away with a bit of gagging. Mark spits in her mouth a couple of times after she come up for a breather after gagging. Mark then sits on the couch and Austin continues to suck his cock. He fingers her ass a bit, then it’s on to some anal. Lying on her back, Austin is taking his cock deep into her ass muttering fuck, fuck, fuck over and over. There are some close ups of him fucking her asshole as well as some close ups from behind. I loves this shot because you can see her ass cheeks bounce and her hole move up and down with the cock inside. He continues to really give it to her deep before he pulls out. Austin lifts herself up a bit and opens her asshole wide. Mark spits in it, and she takes both hands, and with her fingers stretches it. She dips her fingers in her ass a few times and lets him lick her fingers. Mark then starts to fuck her ass again, then pulls it out so she can suck her ass juice off of it. Now Mark is sitting down and Austin is fucking him reverse cowgirl. She bounces on his cock a bit before she sucks off her ass juices from his cock. She then gets on his cock again for some more ass fucking. Again, she gets off of his cock to taste her ass. After a bit more reverse cowgirl, Austin gets on all fours for some doggie. Mark is fucking her ass sideways burying his cock deep into her ass for a while before the scene ends with a facial.

This scene played out well. I thought that there were some great camera angles and some really cool segments. I really liked it when she pulled her asshole open and let Mark lick her fingers (very nasty). It would have been nice if he had blown his load in her ass and have it ooze out, rather than the facial. Her ass is just too nice not to have this happen!

(Gauge, Mark Wood)
Gauge is wearing a pink thong and pink bra with silver designs on them. She does a little strip for us touching her breasts and pussy. The scene turns black and she’s sitting on a couch giving a brief interview. She talks about herself a bit, then yells out, “Stop My As Is On Fire”. Gauge and Mark are on the couch together and he is running his hands all over her body. He squeezes her butt a little then sucks on her breasts. She moves towards his cock to give him a sloppy wet blow job. There are a few close ups of her sucking on his rode before Mark starts to fuck her pussy. She’s riding him in the cowgirl position, while the camera stays pretty much focused on her ass while mark grinds her. He spreads her cheeks a bit so we can see her brown glory hole. Now Gauge is on her back while Mark puts his dick in her ass. A nice close up of him fucking her ass and her playing with her pussy lingers for a bit before we get a little wide shot, then another close up. Mark continues to fuck her ass missionary for a while and even grabs on to one of her breasts. Mark soon pulls his dick out so we can see her hole opened, but then puts it back in for more ass delight. After a bit more of him pulling and putting his dick back in her ass, she gets on top of him for some reverse cowgirl anal action. Her little hole really takes his cock easily as she fucks him! Gauge rubs her pussy and Mark grabs her tits while she keeps fucking his cock with her tight little asshole. The scene ends with a facial, which Mark misses and most of it ends up on one of her tits.

I am not really a fan of Gauge, but I do have to say that she does a great job at doing anal and sucking cock. In this scene I felt that she wasn’t really enjoying herself, and the sex just sort of dragged. I have seen Gauge in other scenes with much more passion but unfortunately there wasn’t any here.

(Jade Marcela, Carmen)
Jade is in a bathroom wearing just a blue dress. She does a little tease for us lifting her dress up exposing her breasts. Carmen is wearing a leopard dress with a black thong. She takes her dress off then bends over to take her thong off. She touches her pussy and rubs her breasts. The teases lasted a few seconds each and then we see the two girls together sitting on a bathtub getting a little interview. After a few brief questions, they yell out, “Stop My Ass Is On Fire”. The two girls begin kissing and touching one another. Jade then starts to suck on Carmen’s tits and squeeze/slap her ass. Jade licks over Carmen’s front a bit and then both of the girls lose their clothes. Carmen gets on her knees and licks Jade’s pussy. Carmen now is lying on the bathtub while Jade is fingering her pussy. Jade does a nice job at sucking on Carmen’s tit while she takes a quick break from fingering her pussy. Carmen licks and plays with her breasts while Jade continues to finger her. Jade soon gets all of her fingers in Carmen’s pussy and rubs on her clit. Carmen starts to suck on a purple double ended dildo for a bit, then Jade starts to fuck her pussy with it. Both girls are on the floor and both are fucking the ends of the dildo. They then suck their pussy juices off their ends and insert them again. After a bit more fucking themselves with the dildo they suck the ends dry again. Jade gets on all fours so that Carmen can fuck her ass with a red dildo. Jade pulls it out and sucks on it, then puts it back in her ass. Jade is now fucking herself with the dildo as Carmen is rubbing her pussy, but only briefly because Carmen takes over again. Carmen fucks Jade’s ass a bit more and then Jade sucks it dry. Now it’s Carmen’s turn to get fucked in the ass. Jade pulls out a blue dildo and fucks Carmen’s ass while she’s lying on her back on the sink. There is a really nice close up here, which is really nice beings Carmen has a tastefully sweet ass! Speaking of sweet tasting ass, Jade pulls the dildo out of Carmen’s ass so that she can suck her juices off. Jade continues to fuck Carmen’s ass with the dildo after she cleaned it. There are some more close ups of Jade fucking Carmen’s ass before she puts it back in her mouth. The scene ends with the two girls kissing.

I thought that this scene was really weak. Carmen had a dream come true ass and it was wasted in this scene. When I watch a girl on girl scene, whether it be 2, or 10 girls I want to see some passion and some great tonguing, which is what this scene didn’t have.

(Alaura Eden, Mark Wood)
Alaura is up next wearing a flowered blouse, tan skirt, white bra and white thong. She slowly strips, and we get some great shots of her round ass. She plays with her breasts a bit, then bends down and rubs her ass. This tease lasted a bit longer and was the best so far. She is then sitting on a bed getting interviewed. She gets asked questions about herself, and then yells out “Stop My Ass Is On Fire”! The screen fades to black, and we then see Mark taking Alaura’s clothes off (he rubs her pussy a bit and licks her breasts while he does this mind you). Alaura lays back as Mark slides her thong off, and he kisses her neck. She sits back up on the bed to suck on his cock. Mark grabs the back of her head and starts to fuck her mouth. She sucks his cock for a few minutes as he grabs her ass a bit. After she’s done sucking on his rode, she lays back and Mark pushes her legs back so he can tongue her asshole. He pulls her cheeks apart so he can get a little deeper, then moves up to her pussy. Alaura gets on top of Mark for some cowgirl pussy fucking. The camera stays primarily near the back of her, so we can see her ass move/shake. Alaura has a great arch in her back and it is always a pleasure to get that behind shot. She fucks his cock while spreading her ass cheeks so we can see her asshole. Again the camera stays fixed on her ass showing us her wonderful hole while Mark continues to fuck her pussy. Alaura then gets on all fours for some doggie anal. Mark’s cock easily slips in her asshole and he immediately starts to pound her. He pulls his dick out so we can see her asshole open wide a few times. Mark then turns sideways to give her some serious deep anal fucking. Alaura then gets back on top of him, this time for some reverse cowgirl anal fucking. She rides his cock up her ass as she rubs her pussy. After a few minutes of her taking his cock up her ass, she gets a facial to end the scene.

The scene had good use of the camera, no doubt about that. I loved watching Alaura’s asshole as she bounced on Mark’s cock. Because of Alaura’s pretty looks, sexy body, and great ass this scene was pretty good. I did feel that there was a lack of intensity throughout this scene, but because of constantly seeing Alaura’s ass it didn’t matter!

(Melanie Jagger, Brian Surewood)
“Holly shit”, that is all I can say! Melanie looks so fucking fine! She’s wearing a pink bra and pink undies. She does a little tease for us showing her ass while taking her undies off and jiggling her breasts. She licks her lips and squeezes her tits together, then jiggles them again. The tease didn’t last long, but it was hot! Melanie is back in her attire on a couch getting the standard interview. She says that she likes to act, so she has to say the words.. “Stop My Ass Is On Fire”. It’s pretty funny because she tries to make it sound all dramatic, so she has to say it again! Melanie and Brian get right into it. Melanie slips off her bra so that Brian can lick her tits, then she lays back and Brian slips off her underwear. Brian pushes her legs back for some ass tonguing and licks her pussy a bit. He then starts to finger her pussy and has her lick his fingers. Brian pulls her ass out a little bit so he can lick it a bit better. He starts to finger her asshole a bit then lets her suck his fingers (very sexy). He does this a couple of times before she starts to suck his cock. One thing I like about Mel (one of many) is that she can really suck a cock. Brian sits down on the couch to take off his shirt and Melanie pushes him back and starts to suck his cock. She takes most of his cock in her mouth and then does some gagging. She makes sure to get his cock nice and wet and then jacks him off, only to repeat the process. We get a nice camera angle from behind too! Mel gets on his dick for some cowgirl pussy fucking. The camera stays on her ass as Brian fucks her pussy. She spreads her cheeks a bit so we can see her asshole. We then get a wide shot from the side as she rides his cock. Her ass cheeks move up and down as he pounds his cock in her pussy. Melanie grabs hold of the top of the couch and really thrusts herself on his dick giving Brian, I’m sure, a hell of a time. Mel then slips is cock in her ass for some much loved anal. Again the camera shoots from behind so we can watch in awe as her ass jiggles! She stops occasionally just to rock her ass slowly back and forth on his dick. Brian chokes her a little as he pounds his meat in her ass. There are some nice scenes of her breasts bouncing mixed in with the shots of her ass. Brian pulls her towards his face by her throat choking her while continuing to fuck her ass. Mel spreads her cheeks a bit while he fucks her, then she jumps off to suck her ass juice from his cock. Getting back on his dick again she continues to ride him! Melanie gets on her back for some more anal. She tells him she wants to taste her ass, so he pulls his dick out to give her just what she wants. He then starts to fuck her ass again. He grabs hold of one of her tits and keeps fucking her ass, only to pull his dick out and have her suck it. He teases her by sticking his dick in her asshole and pulling it back out quickly. He does this a few times before he starts to fuck her again. Brian cums on her face to end the scene.

This scene rocked, Mel was fantastic! This scene was one of the best I’ve seen her in, and the wait was so worth it. Melanie seemed really into the scene, which I feel is a real plus. She likes a real good ass fucking and it sure shows!

The movie lasted about 1 hour 52 minutes including a cum shot recap. I felt that there were only two good scenes in this film. Those being the first: with Austin, and the last: with Melanie. Alaura’s was good, but only because the camera was fixed on her ass the whole time. One of the biggest problems I had with this film was that there wasn’t any intensity in the scenes, other than Melanie’s, and a little in Austin’s. The biggest let down was the scene between Jade and Carmen. I was really hoping to see Carmen get her ass reamed and stuffed, which wasn’t the case. Due to the nature of the film, I thought that their scene would have been a lot nastier. On a good note, the scenes had great backgrounds and good lighting. Because of the un-intensity of the majority of the scenes I am going to give this film a rating of 3.5. It kills me to do so because of Mel, but also due to the video and only liking 2 out of the 5 scenes. Also the special features are quite weak. There is no cast list, no behind the scenes, or extra footage. These are things that Metro might want to include in the future. If you are a fan of Melanie I DEFINITELY recommend this title, because she does a great job and looks so fucking amazing.

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