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Stone Fox

Stone Fox

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing
Category:  Gay
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RubyRed's ratings for Stone Fox:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Stone Fox overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Stone Fox Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Stone Fox Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Stone Fox Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Stone Fox Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Stone Fox DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Stone Fox A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by RubyRed  on  3/15/2005
I really wanted to see Johnny Hazzard in a scene, and I found this one for under $40, so I thought, why not. The cast looked hot enough. Was I happy with the outcome?

The Movie: This is basically an all sex movie. There is no dialogue, and the only thing attaching the scenes together is shots of Eddie Stone (the cover model) turning to a new add in a magazine. Still, the movie is very well shot, and turned out looking far from sleazy.

The first scene is the Eddie Stone and Johnny Hazzard scene. This scene could have been really hot! It COULD have been. The problem is that the set that the scene is filmed causes the action to be kind of silly. Things start out with Johnny and Eddie in this half globe, glass thing that is suspended from the ceiling. As attractive as both guys are, I have to say, their asses don't look to good pressed up against glass. Still, once the action starts, things get pretty good. Both guys go down on each other, and rim each other. Actually, when Eddie rims Johnny, the scene starts to show its first signs of sillyness. At one point Eddie pushes the globe back, so it swings away, and then Johnny's ass hits him in the face when he swings back. Both guys do this with completely straight faces. I started laughing. Then they get out of the globe, and Johnny fucks Eddie. This is okay, and Eddie is a very good bottom. Then Eddie decides to fuck Johnny. This is where the scene gets a little goofy. Johnny is in the globe, his ass on the edge, Eddie fucking him. Now, remember, this thing is suspended from the ceiling by a chain. So at one point, while fucking, Eddie starts to turn the globe, fucking Johnny the whole time. With his hips pumping, and his sidestepping... it looks like he's just trying to dance really badly. I really wanted to be turned on, I really did, but I couldn't stop laughing! Then both guys pop, and the scene is over. Not a great start.

The next scene is okay, with Eddie Stone and Danny Vox. The scene is actually pretty good. Both guys are cute, and Danny has a nice scruffy look to him. Now, I was expecting Danny to top Eddie, since Danny kind of had the more dominant personality. Nope. Eddie rams Danny, and the scene changes. While Eddie is a great bottom, he isn't the best top. He gets a bit mechanical. Still, Danny is enthusiastic enough, and the scene turns out pretty good. You also get the rimming, oral, and all that standard stuff. Things are looking up.

The next scene is between Eddie and Claudio Martin. This is the best scene in the movie. After you get through the warm up, you get to Claudio fucking Eddie, and this is where Eddie really shines. That boy just seems to love a cock up his ass, and Claudio has an impressive one to shove up there. I was a little worried, until you see Eddie move in to a kind of modified cowgirl, and just ride that dick like a pro. I was up, up, and away! This is a great scene, and the two guys just go after each other. Very hot.

The last scene is a group scene with Eddie and three other guys. The scene is okay, but I've never been a fan of group scenes. There is a decent fuck chain though, and it does have pretty good heat. ChiChi is kind of the ruler of group scenes, so of course the scene is well filmed. For those who love group scenes, you should enjoy this one.

Tech Stuff: The picture is very clear, and the sound is very good. The sound is mostly just moaning and music though, so there isn't much to deal with.
There is some problems with the menus though, and the sound cuts out on a few trailers. Still, the main feature is in great condition.

Extras: You get trailers, popshot on demand, and thats about it. I wish there was more here, especially with a $50+ price tag. Still, the product is good, but I'm just hoping ChiChi starts to sell the exclusive boys a bit more. Behind the scenes stuff, bios, any of that stuff, are nice extras.

OverAll: A nice feature, especially for fans of Eddie Stone. If you can find it for under $50 then go for it. For the price tag that it's asking for, I would want at least one more scene, or a good batch of extras. Still... it is a good film, and worth it if you can rent it, or buy it cheap.

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