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Stocking Secrets 3

Stocking Secrets 3

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Fetish , Masturbation
Directed by:
Starring: ,
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astroknight's ratings for Stocking Secrets 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Stocking Secrets 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Stocking Secrets 3 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Stocking Secrets 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Stocking Secrets 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Stocking Secrets 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Stocking Secrets 3 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Stocking Secrets 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/27/2004

The Little Details

Running Time: 53 min.

Production Date: 12 / 10 / 2003

Director: Kira Eggers

Cast: Kira Eggers and Terri Summers

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: I was really impressed with Stocking Secrets 1 & 2, and am going into this one with extremely high expectations!

Initial Reaction: It’s hot, but not quite as good as the original.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who loves the female form and sexy outfits

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting actual sex

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects almost have a problem. The video is gorgeous. It’s clear and well lit, and looks beautiful! The problem comes in with the audio. Rather than being balanced between the left and right, one side has the music only and the other side has the rest of the audio. I say that this is almost a problem because the girls barely make a sound and the music only shows up for a few seconds between scenes. I’d probably rate the technical aspects lower if there was more audio in the movie.

Music: The music is fun and playful, and only lasts for a few seconds between scenes.

Disc Complaints: There’s no time stamp for the feature (which is really odd because the photo gallery has a time stamp). This is one of the little things that always stands out to me. Quite often I don’t have the time to watch a full movie, and I also like to jump back to specific spots in a movie. With a time stamp you can jump to specific instances in a movie and with many players leave a movie to come back to the specific instant you left off. Without the time stamp you’re stuck going back to the chapter breaks only. From what I understand it takes almost no effort or cost to include a time stamp, so whenever I come across a DVD without one it always seems a bit cheap to me or like whoever made the DVD didn’t really care that much about the people who are buying it. I love what I’ve seen from Smash and know they care about the customer, so I really hope to see this change in the future!

Menus: The main menu has some nice animation combined with footage from the feature. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene.

The Feature

The Stocking Secrets series goes with a very simple idea. You start with a gorgeous woman wearing stockings and a little lingerie, a slip, or a nightgown. Then you let her slowly strip down and tease the viewer. The stockings are a part of the scene, but not necessarily a dominant part or the driving force behind the scene. This time, the girls are the gorgeous brunettes Kira Eggers and Terri Summers.

Scene 1 - Kira Eggers

Kira starts things out in some red lingerie, nude stockings, and unique but fairly simple heeled shoes. She moves back and forth in front of a mirror letting her hand wander across her body and smiling seductively. She slowly takes off her shoes before moving on to the rest of her clothes, and takes her time between each step. Finally she gets down to just her stockings, which she takes off and plays with slowly before the scene ends.

This is a unique tease. Kira is drop dead gorgeous and has a fantastic body, but some of the tease seemed a little off for me. She goes between being shy and businesslike throughout the scene, which threw if off a bit for me. I couldn’t help but wonder if Kira was more in a mode for shooting a still magazine layout here then working the movie camera. She looks gorgeous here and it looks beautiful, but I felt the chemistry between her and the camera lacked at times.

Scene 2 - Terri Summers

Terri, another extremely cute brunette, takes her turn next. Terri starts out in black shoes and stockings with red and black lingerie, and looks amazing. She takes off the top to show her cute little titties, and then caresses her natural body before playing around her panties. She pulls them off and throws them at the camera before slowly removing her shoes. Finally, slides her stockings down her gorgeous legs and tosses them at the camera after rubbing them across her body.

This is another pretty good tease. Terri is cute as can be, and an extremely sweet person if you ever get the chance to meet her. She does a good job here, but the pacing seems a bit off. She seems rushed to get naked at first, and then draws it out once she gets down to her stockings. Her chemistry also falters slightly through the scene, as when she draws it out she seems a bit like she’s not quite sure what to do. It’s almost like she’s playing for time. When things move faster, however, she does fantastic, and often has a playful glint in her eye and a slight smile on her face that makes up for it all.

Scene 3 - Kira Eggers

Kira starts her second scene out in wide fishnet stockings, a loose woven pink sweater, pink and white heels, and pink and white flowers in her hair. She hoists up her sweater before tossing it aside. She continues to tease wearing just her stockings before the scene fades out with Kira smiling at the camera and walking past it.

This is a nicer scene from Kira. She still looks great, and she also seems a bit more focused. I like that she didn’t strip down completely here, as it helps this scene to stand apart from her earlier scene a little.

Scene 4 - Terri Summers

Terri starts out the final scene in some innocent white lingerie. She shows off her ass before pulling on a pair of white panyhose. She runs her hands up and down her pantyhose, and even plays with herself lightly through it before taking them back off. Finally, she walks by the camera and drops them over the lens as it fades out.

This scene is also a nice improvement. Terri seems much more comfortable here, and is even a bit more playful. I love her smile, and it shows very nicely in this scene. I also like how the pantyhose is put on as well as taken off, which adds a little to the scene once again.

Stocking Secrets 3 is another nicely done tease feature. Just like with the first two, only two lovely ladies are featured, and they’re both gorgeous. They play to the camera nicely through their scenes, but the scenes occasionally flounder a bit as the vibe the girls give off isn’t the most consistent. There are times the girls feel like they’re trying to stretch things out or just like they’re not completely focused. The camera work is very nicely done, and moves around to give both close-ups and distance shots in a very balanced way that feels natural. I think this is the first movie Kira’s directed, and for her first attempt she does a great job. All that said, I can’t deny that I really loved the first two episodes in this series, and because of it I went into this episode with sky high expectations that were probably impossible to meet. Stocking Secrets 3 isn’t quite what I hoped for, but I still think it’s better than most of its competition. If you like hot women showing off their bodies wearing sexy outfits, make sure to give Stocking Secrets 3 a chance.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery lasts over four minutes with about ten seconds per very nice looking snapshot. There’s also trailers for Legal Skin 12, Secrets Exposed, Down Your Throat, Stocking Secrets 1 & 2, Real Sexxx Letters, and White Wife Black Cock 2.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: All girl, solo, tease, and masturbation

Raincoat Factor: Extremely high if all you want is to admire beautiful women. Extremely low if you want more than that.

Condom Usage: None needed

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many Smash DVDs can be found online for between $14 and $24 with most stores offering them in the $20 range. I’d aim for the low end here, mostly because the feature doesn’t even run a full hour. It’s sexy and has nice technical aspects, but there isn’t much for extras.

Note to Smash Pictures: Please work on your audio! Balances like this drive a lot of people nuts, and I’m sure it will drive people away if you don’t fix it soon. Also, please add the time stamp to your features, rather than just having it in a few of your extras. You’re doing a great job on your movies, so please pay as much attention to the little details on your DVDs.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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