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Billyjizz Sting: A Taste For Leather 3.5 starsSting: A Taste For Leather 3.5 starsSting: A Taste For Leather 3.5 stars
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Sting: A Taste For Leather

Sting: A Taste For Leather

Studio: Falcon Studios
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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folkyboy's ratings for Sting: A Taste For Leather:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Sting: A Taste For Leather overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Sting: A Taste For Leather Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Sting: A Taste For Leather Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Sting: A Taste For Leather Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Sting: A Taste For Leather Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Sting: A Taste For Leather DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Sting: A Taste For Leather A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by folkyboy  on  2/2/2003

The Details

  • Title: Sting: A Taste For Leather
  • Studio: Falcon
  • Director(s): John Rutherford & Jeff Russell
  • Videographer(s): Todd Montgomery & Max Phillips
  • Editor(s): Delta Productions
  • Music: E.M. Diaz
  • Cast: Clay Maverick, Jeff Palmer, Virgil Sinclair, Christopher Scott, Cameron Fox, Addison Scott, Tristan Paris, Thom Barron, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Fernando Montana, Dylan Reece, Chad Kennedy, Chip Noll, Tony Lazzari, & Nick Riley
  • Date of Production: November 16, 1999
  • Running Time: 145 minutes
  • Menus & Chapters: 4 Chapters for 3 scenes. The middle scene is so long, however that youíre wishing there were more.
  • Extras: None which is sadly disappointing considering the epic proportions of the film.
  • Packaging: Clay Maverick on the cover looking good enough to eat! Leathery pictorials of each of the films stars on the back. (I would have liked to have seen more of these in a photo gallery or something they could have included on the DVD.

The Story

Nothing really unifying here. Chip Knoll gets ďcapturedĒ by some of his friends for a birthday present. The ďpresentĒ mustíve been this sex bordello of sorts because thatís the next place we see him, paired up with some of Falcon Studiosí best hung tops. I kept searching for Spike, because really, thatís about all who is missing.

  1. Scene 1 (Clay Maverick & Tristan Paris) ó What a way to start off a film! Booty-licious Tristan licks Clay Mavericks long thick black chaps. And the cigar in Clayís mouth makes it all the more butch. I love the way Tristan delivers here too. He is such an amazing performer. Clay Maverick keeps blowing smoke down at him whilst he works his pussy mouth all over that long rod. Clay exudes such a straight-trade presence that itís almost as if heís used to ďlittle faggotsĒ needing that big long cock. I love the way Clay fucks his mouth here too. Itís not nearly as hot as Iíve seen in other films, but I just love Tristan Parisí look! And the mere picture of such a thick piece of meat sliding in and out of his lips! Yum! Fans of penetration will be delighted when Tristan finally gives up the ass! The rimming is really lame here, but all is forgiven come the cumshots.
  2. Scene Two (Chip Noll, Jason Branch, Fernando Montana, Cameron Fox, Virgil Sinclair, Jeff Palmer, Blake Harper, Tony Lazzari, Nick Riley, Dylan Reece, Christopher Scott, and Chad Kennedy) ó Chip Noll is drug into this dungeon with chain length fence for walls. Heís got a black bag on his head and all the superhung tops are lined up and jutting out. Once the bag is removed, Chip can do nothing but suck away. Other bottoms eventually join him to help him out in the challenge. I loved how they slowly switch from cock to cock and take turns working their mouths over each one. And each top has their own individual way of how they want to be sucked, so thatís hot to watch too. They make these boys work for their load! Eventually, they progress to some hardcore fucking and poor Chip Noll hanging onto the chain length fence whilst Jeff Palmer slips in and out over and over. I love that manís trade mark fuck! And the agility that each star here holds is STELLER! They really let you see how many different positions they can work it. I also loved how often, they would switch up tops and have the bottom resting their ass down on another meat just waiting in the wings. It really is almost impossible to say who does what here because of so much happening all at once. That isnít to say I couldnít tell you what is up, itís just that ITíS SO HOT ITíS HARD FOR ME TO FOCUS! Itís like attack of the leather daddies or something. Everyone is so rough and forceful with these fresh smooth boys! Itís all so yummy. They eventually all line up for a long cum sequence montage. Virgil Sinclair shoots it clear across the room!
  3. Scene Two (part deux) (see above) ó It isnít long before theyíre back at it, only this time the tops are all sitting down and letting each bottom take it all for a ride. They willingly ride each long probe and bounce their way to victory. I LOVE the way this all looks. And the way each top feels the need to drive the point home. Yum! It so will make you wish you were right there. I cannot even begin to describe to you how hot this all is. Thereís even a point where thereís a double penetration and some boy flirts with autofellatio. At the end, each bottom takes turns being drenched in semen by all the boys around them. I bet each of them went home sore and happy that night!!!
  4. Scene Three (Jeff Palmer, Addison Scott, Thom Barron & Christopher Scott) ó Now, onto the dirty controversial stuff! Falcon makes damn sure, that youíre going to want to buy this from them because I have no idea what use this last scene would be if you didnít. This whole scene is just straight hardcore fisting so if you donít really care about taking off a good 45 minutes of the film, then by all means donít worry about the Directorís Cut. But if you want the hardcore footage, spend the extra dough and get the goods! AND BOY ARE THEY GOOD! Christopher Scott is up in a leather sling, side by side with Thom Barron in his own sling. Addison Scott stands guard over Christopher, while Palmer tries his best to tame Thom Barronís ass. LOTS of hot glove action here, and the toy play is SPLENDID! Christopher Scott takes a 13 inch dildo all the way up his pussy and it is AMAZING! You can see his ass writhe in the pain and Addison totally get off on it! Thereís even a point where Palmer is punching a butt plug up inside Thom Barronís ass, then pulling it out and then pushing his winking pucker back up inside because heís PULLED IT OUT! There isnít much fucking at all in this scene and it would be whittled down to like 15 minutes with all the good stuff taken out. Thom Barronís cumshot is EXCRUTIATING and TEMPTING. Jeff Palmer punches this huge buttplug up in his ass while cum just sprays everywhere and Thom is grunts like crazy. I totally love the power that Addison has over Christopher too. He is the ultimate leather daddy. I just wish his cumshot could have proven it. StillÖvery steller.

What I Liked ó So it isnít hard to see why I loved ĒSting: A Taste For LeatherĒ. The cocks alone are a size queenís dream. And the willingness of the bottoms and the force that the tops use totally have me hard all over again. The editing between each moment was SO busy that it almost made you wish that it would slow down a bit. But then, thatís also, I guess why I liked it. Itís totally easy to see why it won so many awards.

What I Disliked ó Some of the sex in here, seemed a bit vanilla from what the title suggests. The leather also seemed a bit nonexistent. I guess one canít wear a lot of leather and fuck successfully but I just didnít get a HUGE leather feel. I felt like it was leather with a Falcon spin, if that makes any sense. Itís not bad at ALL but itís not very convincing. If anything, it could have been rougher. Granted, the last scene is pretty scary, but I believe Iíve seen worse.

DVD Quality ó Well nice try for Falcon at cutting something up admirably. But they still fall short in that aspect. The film is almost 2 and a half hours and they only give us 4 chapter stopsÖyou do the math. LOTS of fastforwarding to get to what you want to see.

Overall Thoughts ó This is one of the hottest films Iíve ever owned and Iím glad I repurchased it for DVD. It might be too tame for some people, but it totally makes me salivate with cocklust. I cannot get enough of the long LONG LONG scene 2!!!! Totally one of the highlights of my collection!

~ folkyboy Ė XXX

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