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joeblow69 Steele Ranger 3 starsSteele Ranger 3 starsSteele Ranger 3 stars
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Steele Ranger

Steele Ranger

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Steele Ranger:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Steele Ranger overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Steele Ranger Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Steele Ranger Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Steele Ranger Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Steele Ranger Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Steele Ranger DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Steele Ranger A/V Quality rating 1 star
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  10/12/2002
Park Ranger Chris Steele not only has a big prick—he is one. We first see him bawling out two subordinates, Haus Weston and Sam Crockett for smoking in the woods.

He then proceeds to harass three campers, Doug Jeffries, Jeremy Tucker, and Shane Bailey. He turns off their boom box; berates Jeremy for pissing in the open (Chris then goes and does the same thing himself); and finding the three jerking off to girlie magazines, calls them perverts and orders one of them to suck his cock. Shane rushes unhesitatingly to do so. Whether this is because Chi Chi told him to or because he’s coming out of the closet is hard to tell. I think possibly the latter because the other two exchange something like a who-would-have-thunk-it glance. Shane is certainly not a novice. Chris then gets the others in on the action by going down on each in turn. Chris says it is getting dark (which is obviously news to the lighting man) so they move indoors to continue the action. Shane then sits on Chris’ face. Jeremy fucks Shane as Doug fucks Jeremy. Jeremy then sits on Chris’ cock. Chris cums on Doug’s shoulder and then licks it off. The others then cum with Chris giving Jeremy a helping hand. To show his thanks, Jeremy sucks Chris’ scummy dick.

The scenes are separated with Kyle Kennedy lost in the woods and trying to find his two buddies, Shane Rockford and Patrick Allen. He separated from them at the beginning of the film trying to find a river to swim in. This is the slender string on which the film hangs its sexual pearls.

Although Kyle is seen stumbling around in the dark, it is daylight in the following sex scene (next day, perhaps). Haus and Sam are bitching about Chris, and Sam is lusting after Haus’ beefy ass. He rims it; they suck cock; they fuck. Haus is a big muscular guy; Sam is a scrawny guy with a wrinkled face. He does have a pretty nice dick, but surely he should be retiring from this line of work. Chris comes upon their tryst and watches. He jacks off into his had and then as he passes the two guys on the porch flings this cum onto Sam. (See, I told you he was a prick.)

Rockford and Allen have now become worried about their friend Kyle and have called the ranger station. Chris tells them he will go look for their lost comrade. Now, guess how Shane and Patrick pass the time? If you said play chess, you were quite wrong. If you said play chest, you were closer to the truth. Chi Chi has decided to film their scene on a high platform with a small water tank. It’s a clever location but it does present insurmountable (pun unintended) lighting problems. Nevertheless, this is the hottest scene thus far. It contains two good-looking guys (there was always at least one not very good-looking guy in the other scenes), and Shane’s rimming of Patrick is of Olympic gold medal caliber. The fucking of Patrick is so-so, and of course Shane shoots over the edge of the platform when he jacks off to get a long falling cum shot. There is a beautiful coda at the conclusion of the scene with Shane and Patrick kissing under a shower of water from the tower. I was hoping this would lead to another sex scene with these two beauties, but no, we are abruptly jerked away from this idyll to go to the film’s ugliest scene.

The scene that follows is not only “ugly” it is also very gratuitous and, to my mind, should have been left out of the film. Eric Scott and Paul Carrigan and their wives (none of whom we have ever seen before) have a cabin in the park. Their wives send the men off for wood and instead they find woodies. There is a lot of blather about loose pussies and tight assholes before Eric fucks Paul. As I find neither of these guys the least bit attractive—and on some days, I find even Quasimodo sexy—this scene was one I just had to fast forward through.

Chris now finds the unconscious Kyle and carries him back to the station. “Your body’s been through a lot,” he tells the boy. And we know it's about to go through a lot more. Clever ole Chi Chi has saved the best for last. This seduction of the “virginal” Kyle who has never sucked a dick before, never had his dick sucked before, and has never been fucked before is done with a tenderness that we would never expect from Chris’ character. This is a great scene! Kyle, whom we are told is “introduced” in this film, is one of the director’s most felicitous discoveries. He is young and cute and blond and he has a Huge Dick. I infer from his gentleness when he returns Kyle to his companions that Chris as undergone a softening of his character due to this tender lad, but—if so, this is perhaps too subtle.

The DVD is loaded with extras. In addition to the chapter selections, one can choose to repeat all the cum shots, there is an action picture gallery, a great model picture gallery where you can choose your model to ogle, the usual previews inducing you to buy other films from this company, and a really enjoyable “behind the scenes” not only with bloopers, but showing them removing the hair from Kyle’s navel to his groin. (“Hi, Mom!” he chirps cheerfully) and giving us the idea that it is as much fun to work on one of Chi Chi’s films as we’ve all been told it is.

The film ain’t perfect; for example, it’s very annoying the way it jerks between chapters making you feel you’ve missed some of the linking action and not permitting you to go back to the end of a scene (if you want to go to the end again you have to start at the beginning and fast forward until you get there) and the picture fragments at times, but I think, on the whole, you’ll like it.

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