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Joe Shaver Steele Ranger 3.5 starsSteele Ranger 3.5 starsSteele Ranger 3.5 stars
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Steele Ranger

Steele Ranger

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing
Category:  Gay
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joeblow69's ratings for Steele Ranger:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Steele Ranger overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Steele Ranger Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Steele Ranger Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Steele Ranger Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Steele Ranger Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Steele Ranger DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Steele Ranger A/V Quality rating 1/2 star
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Reviewed by joeblow69  on  10/16/2001
Director: Chi Chi Larue

Cast: Chris Steele, Sam Crockett, Haus Weston, Kyle Kennedy, Doug Jeffries, Shane Bailey, Eric Scott, Paul Carrigan, Jeremy Tucker, Patrick Allen, Shane Rockford

Story: Chris Steele stars as the hard-as- nails Park Ranger who does his best to make the forest a better place for you and me. If that includes fucking the hell out of some poor lost little twinkie boy, well then so be it.

Scene One
Jeremy Tucker, Doug Jeffries and Shane Bailey are camping out in the wild when a three-man circle jerk breaks out. Ranger Chris doesn’t take too kindly to guys jerkin off in public, and decides to “punish” the guys by giving them some real action. Chris looks great (as usual), but so do Jeremy and Doug. I’m not so sold on Shane, though. He reminds me a lot of a less buff version of Lance Gear. After some decent cocksucking, they head back to the saloon where things get all hot and heavy. Chris watches while the other three guys choo-choo fuck each other (with Jeremy in the middle! YUMMY!) Chris gets a little piece of Jermey’s ass as well before they all blow their loads. Chris even jerks Jeremy off to a nice splattery load. Hot!

Scene Two
Back at the station, two rangers (Haus and Sam) take a break from work to make out on the porch. Haus is one hell of a package! His chest, his ass, and especially his thighs are just plain thick. He really is a big guy, and God knows I love seeing big guys get fucked. Especially by someone as hung as Sam!

Scene Three
Shane and Patrick lost their friend Kyle in the woods, so while Ranger Chris is out looking for him, they do their best to keep themselves busy. Of course that involves stuffing their dicks down each others' throats. Shane dives tongue first right into Patrick’s hole, which makes him writhe around like a little pig in heat. Damn, that boy seriously needs a dick up his ass, and Shane is more than happy to oblige. They only fuck in one position, but considering they were doing it ontop of a water tower, I guess that was the only position feasible.

Scene Four
Paul Carrigan and Eric Scott are sent out into the forest to fetch some firewood by their wives. Before you can say “Damn, my wife is a bitch”, Paul has is lips wrapped around Scott’s cock. Paul’s still looking a little bit out of shape, but I suppose that makes him seem more like a “straight” guy. They do the prerequisite oral stuff, then take turns fucking each other. I don’t know why, but I always get a kick out of watching Paul take a big one up his ass.

Scene Five
So Chris searches the woods for Kyle, and eventually finds him passed out next to a tree. He carries him back to the station and gives him a little TLC. Kyle has got to be one of the luckiest kids in the world! I love the way Chris “teaches” Kyle how to suck dick. Kyle really slobbers all over that big meat stick, too! Chris gives Kyle a scorching fuck, including a stand-up boinking that is not to be missed!

Audio/Visual Quality
What the hell happened? My God, Steele Ranger is a pixel covered mess! I’ve downloaded porn movies off the internet that better picture quality than this! Some scenes are worse than others, with the shower scene between Shane and Patrick being the worst offender. You kind of get used to it after a while, but geez… this should have never passed quality control.

There’s quite a few extras in Steele Ranger, including a five minute “behind the scenes” feature, 2 galleries, a rather useless cumshot finder, and previews for four other Channel One Releases.

The DVD is step up awfully strange, though. Each scene is on it’s own title (not chapter) which makes navigation a chore. You can’t fast forward between titles like you can with chapters.

Final Word
Overall, Steele Ranger is incredibly depressing. The actual sex is killer, but the video quality is so piss poor, I can’t really recommend it. If you’re a big Chris Steele fan, I’d say track down the VHS version. It has to look better than this.

Running Time: Approximately 90 minutes (the clock feature didn’t work, so I’m not really sure exactly how long it was)

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