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Squirting 101 3

Squirting 101 3

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Squirting
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Squirting 101 3:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Squirting 101 3 overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Squirting 101 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Squirting 101 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Squirting 101 3 Sex rating 1 star
Plot/Acting Squirting 101 3 Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Squirting 101 3 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Squirting 101 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  2/14/2005
Squirting 101 3


Thoughts: Well let me start out by saying that this is volume three in this series, and I have not seen either of the first two volumes, so that said, if you enjoyed those two volumes, you may well ove this volume as it does have an outstanding cast, so keep that in mind when reading my at times negative remarks about this title. I did not care for this title, I feel it is a big waste of some great ladies of porn here. There were some bright spots, but there are too many errors here to overlook. Let me first say, that I look at porn movies like this, a title can still be good without being erotic, if it is either funny, entertaining or somehow informative, it can still be an enjoyable disc to watch even if sexual heat is not that present, and then we have movies that thrill the sexual nature of us, and inspire things in our pants to do things and stay doing those things until they are properly taken care of. This movie however is in neither category. It is first and foremost a female ejaculation or squirting movie, the premise is having these hot girls get finger frigged by some of these guys, and having them squirt, and a couple girls do some cock sucking to return the favor. I have no problem with it only being a squirt video, it pretty much advertises as such, and squirting can be pretty cool to watch if done right, however this one is not in my view.

Just about every guy and especially the main guy here, all he does is jump in and smile and laugh while he works his hands and occasionaly his tongue on these super babe's pussies. The girls end up laughing and smiling too, but there is nothing comical about it, it's like a whole bunch of stuff happened and everyone knows something funny or important happened right before they turned on the camera in every scene, only we never get to know if there was anything or what it was, we just get that left out and annoyed feeling. The guy is like this card of a person that makes everybody around him giggle, but nothing funny or entertaining is said. The camera work is bad, and the guys hands are almost always in the way, so we rarely see any good fingering or masturbation of the girls, just hands and her thighs, not much actual penetration in too many cases. Because the girls and the guy are all smiling and half laughing instead of getting sexual with one another, it's like a sexual exhibition version of "Jackass". "OK, today we are gonna stick some fingers in you and see how long it takes to get you to piss on my hand", that is the kind of energy and attitude that is in much of this movie, very little sexual energy or sexual chemistry, thier like buddies seeing what the other's body can do, and it ends up watching like a frat movie instead of a porn movie, only it has no plot and no comical value to go along with it. I tried on every level I know to find a way of seeing the value in the squirting part of the movie, but most of the squirts are poor at best too, Venus doesn't even squirt. I just don't see it, a female masturbation and squirting movie would have been much, much more appreciable here.

The bad aside, there are some bright points to this movie, for starters, an outstandingly hot cast, how about Nadia Styles, Madison Monroe, and Venus for starters? That atleast brings some level of watchability alone here, as we get to see thier wonderful assets and abilities here. As mentioned before, some of the girls treat us to some blowjob action, and to be honest much of it is quite good, with some real energy and aggression from the girls. I just cannot say the good out does the bad to make the whole something worth investing in.

Technical Considerations: Accept for the poor camera work during the squirting and masturbation segments, I don't have too many technical complaints, the picture quality is fine, the lighting and sound are reasonably well done, and the menu system is simple and perfectly functional.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1:Missy Misfit

She sits on a chair and has a short interview before stripping down for us and showing off her hot naked body, professor whats his face comes out and jerks her off a little, the squirting is unspectacular, and his hand is in the way for what is there, we see nearly nothing, and the scene ends. Duration: 4:34 mins

Scene 2: Venus

It's kind of hard to have a squirt movie without the queen of squirting herself, Venus in it, and she looks fantastic here as some guy comes out and licks her armpit and breasts before she does a pretty hot strip for us and rides the guys face in the nude. The guy gets interviewed before he fingers and licks Venus, she laughs and the guy fails to get her squirting so he sulks off and then the guy from the first scene comes in and hammers away with his fingers, and he fails too so venus plays around sweetly for us before he tries again and again, and again with still no success, so the comedy of errors continues and finally after 20 minutes of this shit a guy comes in and atleast makes it interesting by giving Venus a big fat dick to suck, and she puts on a great oral display with some nice looks at the action, she sucks the hell out of his cock with some deepthroat and some roughness he nuts in her mouth and gives her some reward for putting up with this stuff, she did a nice job and looked fantastic all the way through. and we move on. Duration: 28:07 mins

Scene 3: Christie Lee

The first failure of the last scene gets first crack at Christie who looks great on the sofa and gets naked for us. He fails again and all he gets out of her is a smile, we get no good shots of her pussy during the masturbation, just his friggin hand. The next guy comes in, and after some more crappy camera angles, he gets her to squirt a tiny amount, but just when he gets her going, he just completely stops. Christie has a spaz attack and licks some spray off herself, and boom it's over, another letdown. Failure boy gets interviewed again, and we go out to the pool where Christie gets asked about her "Need Head" Tee, and you all know where that is gonna lead, yep, you guessed it, a frizzy haired guy getting a blowjob. He comes out and has a good play with her tits before she gets his dick shoved in her face, and by the genuises of porn here, they show failure boy yapping for a minute instead of Christie doing her thing. She does get down and give a nice looking BJ with lots of spit and energy, she gets face fucked a little and jerks his dick before slobbering all over his balls and then letting him empty said balls all over her pretty face while she smiles for the camera. A little too MTV style with too many interview breaks and crap like that to be a hot BJ, but it was entertaining mostly. Duration: 19:38 mins

Scene 4: Madison Monroe

You see I'm torn here, we discover that Failure boy also likes armpits an incredible amount, so I can't decide if he should be failure boy or armpit boy. Feedback for future references to him would be greatly appreciated. Anyway Madison looks fucking incredible as she is already naked when Armpit failure interviews her and yes licks her armpit with a freaky look on his face. He again uses his hand to fial to get her off or make her squirt, and manages to again completely block off our view of her pussy, he does make her laugh again, and I'm thinking this is the inside joke, all these girls are just so amazed at the complete stupidity of these guys that they just cannot help but laugh all the way through the scene. Black shirt and sunglass guy comes in for a whirl with her pussy, and he is no better at providing us an acceptable view of the action, no squirt worth mentioning here either. Duration: 12:01 mins

Scene 5:Angela Stone

After helping her out of her bikini, Pit boy goes to work licking and fingering her pussy while she laughs uncontrollably, and finally he breaks his curse getting her to piddle on his hand, but again the camera angle and hand positioning sucks royal ass and the lighting isn't much here so we just see some splatter and then the aftermatch on her belly. We can say this guy is adventurous anyway as he goes down on her and licks up some watery goodness from her before fingering her some more for another feminine pop. Since this is such a monumental achievement for him, she decides to give him a blowjob, and teases him and plays with him before finally going down and giving him a good energetic blowjob that includes oddly enough, repeatedly punching him in the nuts, and hard too, a whole lot harder than I would personally be comfortable with even once much less about 20 times. She gives him a nice titjob and aparently he likes the nut punching, and they still work after the abuse since he spuzzes a little load on her face to finish, she flips him off and tastes all his cum to finish. Weird is about the best I can describe that. Duration 16:33 mins

Scene 6: Nadia Styles

A new guy gets a crack at the lovely Nadia, and he gets a little fluid out of her, punch nuts and the doc are up next too and they also get a little juice out of her but the shots suck, and we only get to see a little splash back most of the time, the squirts are not big though anyway. The first guy luckily comes back and playful Nadia goes to work giving him a nasty and sloppy blowjob, lots of deep spit stringer filled head here. She puts some good energy into it and works up a sweat licking his balls before he busts his cum all over her pretty face, she takes him down her throat and cleans him up a little to finish. Duration 10:52 mins

Scene 7: Kody Coxxx

Kody plays a little on a sofa bed out by the pool in a pink bikini before masturbating through the bikini. She strips for us and keeps up her self love with some fingers to mouth out of her pussy, we get a better view of the actual masturbation this time, and soon she brings out a mini vibe out but doesn't use it, and soon some guy comes out and jerks her off to a brief squirt, but we see little again, he stops right as she starts to squirt a little, punch nuts comes out and chokes her and slaps her around slightly before she shows us her pussy and then lets him have a taste to close the scene. Can just one of these damned scenes have some sort of structure? Please. Duration: 12:52 mins

Scene 8: Shayna Knight

Now they got a guy that looks like a Samoan Sumo Wrestler out to slap around another cuty in Shayna, she seems less than thrilled. He finger bangs her but she just laughs and he kind of looks like he is fishing for his car keys in her pussy instead of trying to get her off, he doesn't get the gold and she looks like "what the hell" when punch nuts comes in and goes in a sixty nine postion on her, only he forgot to take his clothes off and just goes down on her while she tries to no laugh. Yeah you guessed it, he fails too, and hoser doc comes in next to try. He gets her gushing like a geyser all over his hand, but all we can see is the fluid flying off his hand and running down off the couch. She gives him some high energy oral of her own, quickly jerking his cock and sucking him hard and deep with plenty of spit, he rewards her by blasting her face with a big load of man gunk. Camera work is not so good though. Duration: 21:42 mins

Scene 9:Kimberly Kane

Cover girl Kimberly gets her turn with magic fingers but the squirt portion is lackluster at best here, she sits in a chair and then a guy comes up and sticks his dick in her mouth, she gives him a short but energetic blowjob with lots of spit and some face fucking, and soon afterwards she licks his nuts while he stokes off and cums a good wad on her pretty face. Duration: 10:27 mins

Scene 10: Ashley Long

The final chapter is finally upon us, and the guy comes in and fucks around walking around sexy Ashley for no less than 6 minutes before he finally gets down and chats like everyone else while he jerks her off and she has no response but lets him try a while before pit puncher comes in and fails too, she takes off the rest of her clothes and then doc ock comes in for a try and she looks like she would like to punch him in the nuts, but does get some moisture on her pussy lips to conclude there was some squirt or he had a water packet in his hand, whichever. She rewards us for watching by giving him or some other guy, whichever, a hot blowjob in POV, short though again, good eye contact and a great facial to end. Duration: 10:27 mins

Extra Stuff

Bonus Scene:Easily the best scene on the disc, Mr Biggz and Lucy Thai from "Biggz and the Beauties 9", pretty good chemistry and Lucy is nice and sexy in this one. 18:12 mins.

Photo Gallery: Around 45 shots of the action from the feature and other shots.

Other Extras:Company info, trailers and web trailer.

In The End

Normally I would say tht a disc with nearly a 165 minute runtime and nearly another 30 minutes of extras is a good bargain, but not here. This is just so boring and unentertaining that I just don't see where this one fits in, if your an ultra hardcore fan of any of these girls and just have to see everything they appear in, or your into weird nonsensical all sex yet no sex porn this may appeal to you. Most of the squirting is pretty pathetic, I mean hell Venus doesn't even squirt, so I don't think most squirt fans are gonna be real happy here, raincoaters are likely going to be incredibly annoyed here because there is very little to work with, and I don't think too many couples this side of the frozen tundra of hell will be going near this one. Not recommended. Maybe worth a rental, but that's a maybe. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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