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Studio: Hot House
Category:  Gay
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spewboy's ratings for Spyboy:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Spyboy overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Spyboy Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Spyboy Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Spyboy Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Spyboy Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Spyboy DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Spyboy A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by spewboy  on  10/30/2005
I wasn't much impressed by the clunky, over-bearing plot-line here. However, when you find some hotties from the UK (they're not all freckled with bad teeth and pale skin it appears) and mix them with hot Germanic stock from the continent, you have a combination that is sure to make any man cum himself dry. What's more, these boys know how to fuck! The sex is passionate, almost animalistic, and the well-deserved cumshots are the perfect ending to many of these very hot scenes.

In scene one: Bonk (Chris Cooke), our spyboy, is engaged in a suck scene with P (his assistant). Towards the end, the voice of Bonk's boss, K, comes over the intercom asking if Bonk is "coming" (the play on words here is with "cumming" of course). P then responds, "soon, sir". However, their's no deep breathing or anything other than normalcy in P's voice so it's hardly believable. P moans a lot and busts nut all over his lower belly. Bonk then coats P's writhing chest (the load was awesome, but Bonk did little more than breathe heavy when he dumped it). P anxiously trying to position himself for the boyjuice was cute.

Scene two, in Switzerland, involves a very hot fuck between Bonk and Stefan Anderson (a hotel clerk). The boys get all hot and sweaty as Anderson drives his meat deep into a supine Bonk. We get a birdseye view of Anderson's sweaty ass grinding into Bonk. We then switch and Bonk is pounding Anderson (and I do mean pounding). Finally, Bonk can take no more (his face is soaked in sweat) and he pastes a load onto the small of Anderson's back. Anderson then shoots 6 times onto the bed. Very hot scene.

Scene 3 is with Professor Knutz's son (Daniel Ledger). Here again the two have sex like rabbits in heat. In the end, Bonk grabs hold of Leger's cock with such power and starts jacking with such speed, that you can tell that both boys are very much in need of release). Leger busts a nut all over the sheets (it flies up and everywhere). Some even gets on Bonk's chin which they then laugh about.

In scene 4, Bonk and his American counterpart (Dick Veiny, played by Connor Axon) meet in a bar to discuss some new developments. Soon they are engaged in a threesome with a dancer (Chris Young). Each boy gets his fill of ass and it ends with Bonk cumming onto his belly, Young shooting a nice load onto Bonk's chest, and Veiny coating Bonk's balls and cockshaft in cream. I didn't like this scene for one reason though--the lighting was horrible (you couldn't see the facial expressions or even some of the fucking for that matter).

We then switch to Berlin where the evil Braunfinger is getting jacked off in a sling (he's a very good cummer). Braunfinger sends his slave Canis to pleasure and then do in Bonk at his hotel.

Canis and Bonk also have a very hot fuck scene in which Bonk plays the bottom. At the end, both boys are on their knees with Canis entering from behind. Bonk is so tensed, red and sweaty that you're on tenderhooks waiting for the cumshot. He doesn't disappoint. Canis then tries to blow into Bonk's awaiting mouth, but it deflects because of the force of the shot.

The next scene involves Braunfinger with his slaves Canis and Felix. After riding Braunfinger and getting fucked by Canis, Felix cums onto a black leather chair that sits in Braunfinger's dungeon. Braunfinger blows another amazing load onto his abs and chest and Canis fires a spritzer all over Felix's spent ass.

Braunfinger's own slaves do him in, and after his death, they get down to business with Bonk. Also a nice scene in which Bonk is sandwiched in the middle while Felix is bottoming in a sling. Because of a secret camera that Bonk was carrying (in the shape of a dildo), P and K also get to watch the action back in London. THey also get into it with K fucking P (can't tell if it's just wishful thinking on P's part or actually happened--and unfortunately we don't get to see them cum). Our three boys in Berlin don't have that problem however, as we see evidence of at the sticky conclusion of their fuck session.

So in the end, I'd recommend this film highly, just don't be put off by the plot and the horrible acting. The fuck scenes are white hot.

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