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Spy Quest

Spy Quest

Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
Directed by: ,

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Joe Shaver's ratings for Spy Quest:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Spy Quest overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Spy Quest Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Spy Quest Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Spy Quest Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Spy Quest Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Spy Quest DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Spy Quest A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  9/13/2005
Spencer Quest is quite handsome and very sexy. There is no question as to why Titan hired him as one of their exclusives. Here he is finally given the title role. Spencer is the head of an organization that goes by the acronym TIO. Titan Intelligence Organization. I assume that in Spanish speaking countries he would be known as the man from “uncle”? As head of this intelligence gathering unit Spencer wears wire-rim glasses. I mention this because they give him an additional quality to handsomeness and sexiness. Intelligence. The triple threat is irresistible. If Spencer does not wear these glasses in real life then he should fill them with window glass and wear them anyway. He calls up another Titan exclusive Ben Jakks to give this muscular stud an assignment. Ben is unable to get back in time so Spencer will undertake it himself.

Before he can do this, Dylan West and Owen Hawks report back on a failed mission. It’s hard to imagine these two studs failing at anything, but Spencer is pissed. Dylan blames Owen for the failure but Spencer says both are to blame; and—of course—must be punished. He orders Owen to lower his trousers and Dylan to suck his partner’s dick. Dylan does a good job and as Owen does not possess a big one it’s easy for Dylan to repeatedly go down on all of it. This really goes on for much too long without any variety either in the technique or in the camera angles. Just as I’m beginning to worry about Dylan getting chapped lips and Owen losing foreskin from the friction, Spencer—who now has his own cock out and stroking—tells Owen it’s time to suck Dylan. Owen greedily obliges and no wonder: Dylan has a truly succulent piece of meat. The thick dick is capped by a very large mushroom head. Unfortunately Owen’s enjoyment of this taste treat goes on and on just as Dylan sucking him did. (Sometimes Titan, less is more.) When Owen ceases, Dylan begins to tug out a heavy load. Owen fondles Dylan’s balls as Spencer catches Dylan’s copious cream in his hand. Spencer then feeds it to the well-endowed stud. Now both Spencer and Owen go for the gold. Spencer is the first to cum, but before he’s finished, Owen shoots too.

BUT…it’s not over. Spencer now orders Owen to lie over a table, whereupon Spencer proceeds to pry open Owen’s ass and lube it with his spit. Spencer strips for action. On goes the condom, out comes the lube, and in goes Spencer’s cock. Owen’s cock remains hard. Dylan’s magnificence is beginning to rise. The fucking pauses only so Owen can turn around and lie back on the table, permitting Spencer to resume the fuck in the missionary position. (The only good thing missionaries ever came up with.)
“Who’s next?” Spencer queries, with a glance at Dylan.
Dylan puts on a condom, Spencer withdraws, and everyone lubes up. Dylan moves into position and his splendid cock disappears into Owen’s hole. After he has thoroughly widened the aperture, Spencer returns. Now Spencer is able repeatedly to drive his dick in and completely out of the loosened chasm. He lets Dylan have another go and then finishes up the fuck himself.
Dylan is ordered to go over and sit in a chair. Owen is instructed to go over and feed his partner cock. When Owen is sufficiently aroused, Dylan is told to lean over the chair to enable Owen to enter his ass. As Owen drives his cock into Dylan’s ass, Spencer drives his cock down Dylan’s throat. Cum gushes from Dylan’s dick. Owen withdraws to cum on Dylan’s butt cheeks.

For the second scene we join the hunky Ben Jakks in Southern Alaska. Ben is scanning the horizon through a pair of binoculars when Jake Hansen comes out on the porch to lure him inside. They suck one another’s cocks and cum; and Ben fucks Jake and they cum, but it’s all done rather perfunctorily with both just going through the motions. Unimaginative and lacking in energy, it appears that neither the director nor the actors seemed very enthusiastic. As a result, this viewer was not either. I found the scene an intrusion rather than an addition.

Things are back on track with the next scene. Cliff Rhodes is discovered playing with some test tubes. He gets a phone call from Spencer asking about his progress with the serum. Cliff tells Spencer that he's just about to try it out on his assistant. Cliff’s assistant, cute young Zack Evans, is told to lie back on the examining table while Cliff pours some of the gunk form the test tube into Zack’s mouth. Zack immediately turns into a willing slave for Cliff’s every command. Told to raise his right arm, he does so. Told to grab hold of Cliff’s stiff stallion cock, he does so. Told to get down on his knees and suck it, he does the best he can since he can barely get his lips around the huge boner. He is ordered to tongue just the head, lick the balls, and keep trying to suck. Cliff has Zack stand up so he can remove the pants and expose Zack’s cock. In contrast to the pale skin, Zack’s cock and balls are brown betokening a Latin heritage. Cliff sucks the chocolate fuckstick until Zack is standing stiff and proud. After lying on the floor, Cliff directs Zack to come and sit on his face. With Cliff’s tongue fucking his hole Zack shoots an impressive load. Cliff does him one better as his cum shoots a good three feet before pooling on his belly. Zack plays in their spooge.

Returning to the examining table, Zack sits on the edge, lies back, and lifts his legs. A close-up shows Cliff’s enormous cock slowly penetrating the tiny hole that was Zack’s anus. Driving the huge battering ram into Zack’s guts, Cliff grabs Zack’s ankles and starts to suck his toes. The fuck continues standing and concludes with Zack sitting on the monument. He cums on Cliff’s belly. Cliff fires off another distance shot, which like the preceding one is repeated like a football instant replay.

The final scene takes place at the organization’s Aqua base 1. Spencer takes a freight elevator to the lowest level where Marcus Ram is coming up out of the water. As Spencer reaches him, they lock lips and Spencer is soon engaged in swallowing Marcus’ enormous black tool. It’s awesome the way Spencer can swallow the whole thing with the ease that you or I might swallow a finger. Incredible! He cums while sucking the monster. Marcus follows immediately. Spencer then crosses to a platform, lies on his back, and raises his legs. Marcus eats out his ass. And a pretty thing it is too—hairless with a pouting hole. Marcus also inserts several fingers. (One day I bet we'll see Spencer fisted on film.) The huge dick first enters Spencer’s ass by having him sit down on it. Then they move into a position where Spencer leans over the platform and Marcus skewers him in the doggy position. And boy, does he throw it to him. Spencer takes it all. The pummeling continues in the missionary position causing Spencer to shoot his load. Marcus withdraws and cums.
We see the promising words “to be continued”.

As always, Titan is generous with extras. There are interviews with the performers, the photo shoots, the cum shots revisited, trailers, and so on.

The production values here were overwhelming. The scenery was that of a big budget Hollywood creation. Especially the set for the opening scene. The guys were hot. It was about time Spencer Quest got a picture built around him. The videography, as always under Brian Mills, was superb. Though tighter editing would have helped. Despite the fact that I found one scene uninspired and uninspiring the other three scenes were positively scintillating. I for one will be anxiously anticipating SPY QUEST 2. Until then, I wonder if they'd sell me some of Cliff's serum?

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