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Spring Chickens 10

Spring Chickens 10

Studio: Diabolic
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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REVERSIBLE's ratings for Spring Chickens 10:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Spring Chickens 10 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Spring Chickens 10 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Spring Chickens 10 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Spring Chickens 10 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Spring Chickens 10 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Spring Chickens 10 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Spring Chickens 10 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by REVERSIBLE  on  6/8/2005
My name is Tom. I am from Greece. I am 30 years old. I am a computer programmer and I use internet since 1994, were very few people here in Athens knew about its social role and use.
Although I have an affair for many years now, a relation ship that is built in true love, human communication and understanding, I have never stopped seeking a way to fulfill my fantasies. Unfortunately that implies a lot of risk, a risk that I am not willing to take in order to test my girlfriend’s feelings or to sacrifice the foundation of our future. (I do plan to get married with her and have many children). So, for many years now, my intimate fantasies are projected in my television or computer screen, through the adult media.
Having seen several adult films so far, I was lucky to witness some very attractive women getting wild and hot in front of my eyes. Many adult female stars have paraded on my screen from all the parts of the globe. Sexy women, stunning women, naughty, filthy, dirty, alluring, charming, elegant, active, mincing, wild. Natural gifted men were providing their sexual services to them in every way possible. In singles, couples or groups they were all engaging in many oral, vaginal or anal sexual activities producing vast amount of eroticism and heat. I have often fantasized of taking one male actor’s place and have sex with some of those gorgeous women, that flatter my screen. I have seen many different adult companies from all over the world, many directors, with their individual capturing technique each, many fascinating erotic positions and all the shifts in the flow of the adult film making, through those years.
Well, in the lines that follow, I will try to deliver you the experiences I had, watching some of those movies. I will plan to do that, in my point of view, in a lover’s point of view. Together we will place our selves inside the action altering our roles, from passive demanding adult spectators (commenting and criticizing accordingly) to active sexual participants. I will take you to the corners of the world, bringing you characteristic specimens of the adult filmography industry. In these reviews, you will learn many sexual secrets and other making love advices. We will visit the backstage of the porn theaters and we will expose lots of directing and sex setting techniques. I promise you, I will try to get improved review by review, in order to deliver you the most out of this fascinating adult video world.

Title: Spring Chicken #10
Company: Diabolic
Director: Chico Wang
Starring: Avy Lee Roth, Kathleen Kruz, Kelly Kay, Naudia Nyce, Poppy Morgan.

Chico Wang is the dominant director in Diabolic. He belongs to the new breed of Diabolic directors. Generally he is a very capable director, although I feel he has many things yet to offer. He has a good sense of humor but sometimes he overdoes it. He is creative but there are times that his scenes can be considered a little bit awkward. He also likes to interview his female performers making odd questions. Sometimes he digs out interesting answers, but again there are times you feel the silliness overflowing. Anyway, let’s see what he has prepared for us in this title.

Scene First. Avy Lee Roth. (Daughter)

Outside. She is smoking and interviewed by Chico. Avy is a cute long hair brunette latina. She wears a sexy school outfit. Inside. Two cocks appear on each of her sides. The dicks belong to Tony T. and Mark Wood. Tony doesn’t have the best feelings about his female partners and often treats them badly. She gives blowjob to both. She Gags. Her plentiful tits are revealed. Tony starts behaving roughly and spits on her mouth. He is choking her. Misogynistic behavior. Her white panties are taken off. Mark initiates the fuck show by invading her twat missionary way. Although she is able to take two cocks inside her vagina, I could claim that her love cavity was rather tight. She gives head at the same time. There is a nice reverse cowgirl power fuck by Tony. She likes it. Soon Avy decides its time to be shared so calls Mark to come in front and provide the second cock for the double vaginal penetration. Dick rubbing is not my thing but Chico captures it nicely giving us many angles. Unfortunately during the action there is some chocking and face slapping from beneath by Tony. There is also some break for PTM. Tony spins her around and fucks her on the carpet doggy way, while she licks his toe. The guys alternate roles. Then she mounts Mark in cowgirl and deep throats Tony on the couch. A few moments later Tony goes behind her and shoves his fat pole inside her already occupied vaginal cavity. He hooks her. There is a PTM on Tony before the DV continues in the same position. He Spits her. Tony goes doggy on her while Mark receives blowjob. Tony cums in her mouth. Tony is choking her and spits her. Tony is lying on the floor exhausted, while his friend unload on her face. Tony commit a last “thanksgiving” spit on her. He collects a “fuck you” from Avy and the scene ends. The scene was intense but the abuse Avy suffered from Tony, made it a bit repealing.

Scene seconds. Kathleen Kruz.

She goes “Boo”! She walks in. She is a pretty slim honeyblonde. She has lost too many pounds and look unrecognizable. Last time I saw her, she was brunette and heavier. Her legs are too skinny for me. They talk about pee-cocky. A stupid conversation about peeing ensues. She hides a big green vibrator. She works her vulva and clit with it. She prefers real fat dicks than dildos. Tony T. comes in and starts fucking her immediately in missionary. He goes fast on her and she enjoys. She gives him a blowjob. Violent behavior from Tony. He takes her pussy in spoon and power fucks it for good. They change to doggy. There is a nice shot of the action. She gives some head before they continue in cowgirl. Check out her wet soaked pussy, full of physical lubricants and internal vaginal fluids. The cowgirl was performed in full speed and Tony went balls deep inside her. He lifts her in the air. Chico delivers a beautiful shot of the action. Kathleen offers her oral skills on the couch. Next she is witnessed bouncing her slim body up and down on Tony fat cock in reverse cowgirl mode. PTM. RCG again. Tony turns Kathleen on the side while she is above him. A twisted version of reverse cowgirl ensues. Uncommon, but not bad. They shift to spoon. They engage in a little more doggy style interaction with a few PTMs between before Tony spews his semen on her face. A very good energetic scene, indeed. I shall overlook some small fortunately signs of abrupt behavior.

Scene Three. Kelly Kay.

She runs down a small cliff. She is a busty, short hair blonde. She is very young and possesses beautiful light blue eyes. She declares us that she wants to get married. Well, she has really found an… interesting way to advertise herself. She deep throats a big black dildo, briefly. Two guys appear in each side. One of them is Joel Lawrence and the other is Brett Rockman. Brett’s dick is very long and bows from weight. They undress her. Cut and she is naked on top of Joel nailed by his massive dick in cowgirl form. Brett comes behind and pushes his… pipe slowly inside her asshole. Kelly owns a big firm pale ass, which now is fully stuffed. Chico provides some close behind their crotch shot of the DP action. Several minutes later Kelly lowers her asshole on Brett’s long pole and she is sodomized in reverse cowgirl form. Soon Joel comes in front of them and inserts his massive penis all the way inside her young pussy. Chico again delivers us a beautiful side view of her fresh body and face as she is getting double drilled. Both penetrations are fairly deep. She seems to love it and she suggests us to try it. (Thank god, my girlfriend wasn’t there. I don’t want her to get any crazy ideas!) RCG anal, briefly. ATM. Joel fucks her sphincter in doggy, while she gives blowjob to Brett. The guys shift roles. Joel unloads on her mouth. Brett fucks her pussy missionary style, before he cums inside her. The cum is dripping out and down onto Chico’s couch. For a DP virgin Kelly surely takes it well. The scene was rather short, but not bad.

Scene Four. Tyla Wynn.

Tyla is a busty honeyblonde who adores anal. She is rather cute with beautiful eyes and ample breast. She is rapidly raising her rank in the adult star system. She is school outfit. She starts bouncing and giggling, acting like psychotic. She says she has a chicken fuck syndrome. Sometimes it is funny to watch her acting like a lunatic, but too much of it is distracting and annoying. Brian Surewood and Mike Foster come in. Brian is a Harley-Davidson look like guy. Mike is a European who has been participated in European adult films for many years now. I though he was retired. Damn, I told you Anabolic/Diabolic has a real manpower problem. Don’t be surprised if you spot Ron Jeremy in one of their titles. Anyway, Brian initiates the show, fucking both of her holes respectively in missionary, while giving blowjob to Mike. Mike gets his turn getting her twat and crack holes in doggy. Tyla deepthroats Brian at the same time. The boys alternate roles as Tyla changes sides. She goes anal Reverse cowgirl on Brian when Mike comes in front of them and fills the void in her pussy. An RCG DP ensues for a short time. During the DP action she acts like rabid, she is hooking her self and mumbles. She has her ass fucked in spoon by Mike and offers her oral talent on Brian. Tyla mounts Mike’s massive pole in cowgirl and Brian comes around and shoves his penis in her asshole. They both fuck her in this pose for quite a while. Throughout the DP Brian is pulling her hair, double hooks her and lays his foot on her head. She gives a double blowjob. Mike fucks her pussy in missionary briefly, before shifting holes going for her anus. Brian reams her bum hole in doggy, while she is rimming Mike. Then there is a ridiculous incident. Tyla sits between them, while they are standing and pretending they are fucking her ears and nose holes. She really looks humiliated like that. Next, she commits anal doggy with Brian. A series of pile drive anals occur when Mike and Brian take turns in her ass successively. Double blowjob. Brian and Mike cum in her mouth. She swallows. Well, you really have to be very patient to enjoy this scene. If it wouldn’t be the silliness of the mad girl act, the scene would be great.

Scene Five. Naudia Nyce.

She is a pretty slim middle hair brunette girl. She has a gape between her front teeth. She announces that her mother is a crack whore and her father a pimp. (Gee, she is so proud for her parents). She is on a scooter rounding in the living room. She steps out the scooter and goes in room. Joel comes in, pulls aside her panties and licks her crack. She gives him a blowjob, returning the favor. A dog lies on the couch, undisturbed. Her panties are taken off. She lifts her blue top up and her natural tits are revealed. Things progresses as she is witnessed bouncing her body up and down in Joel’s big pole reverse cowgirl. Her well-shaped body is on screen as her pussy is fully stuffed. Her jean skirt is still on. Nice view! Joel goes further when he sticks his shaft inside her anus in doggy. Her tight asshole is stretched by the size of his cock. Nice anal packing action. Her buttocks are very attractive. Several spits and gapes. This goes on for a while. She gives ATM. She mounts her butt on Joel’s big shaft cowgirl. Nice action, as Joel stuffs her stinky opening good. ATM. Back in anal cowgirl. She gives blowjob as she is turned upside down. Joel licks her bum hole as she is rubbing her clit. Joel inserts his big cock in her asshole, while she is laid in missionary. His meaty cock slips nicely deep inside her. She likes it. ATM. An intense anal pummeling in missionary takes place. Chico offers us a wonderful shot showing her body along with the anal penetration, as she has her legs spread wide. He chocks her. She slaps her cheek! Damn, she is really wild! Joel slaps her in succession a few more times. He cums in her mouth and she swallows. She kisses the dog in face. A strong anal scene besides slapping. Maybe the best of the title.

Sixth scene. Poppy Morgan.

Poppy is a fairly cute British honeyblond gal. She is in white lingerie and has pigtails. She has a very attractive body. She declares she likes DPs especially when she is able to watch the men balls touching each other. She doesn’t want someone else to squeeze her nipples. (She has beautiful breasts). She makes some “corrections” in use of English language on Chico. (I think Chico tries to fool her about her British accent and Poppy doesn’t appreciate it much). Tony T and Joel Lawrence appear in each of her sides. She gives a double blowjob. Cut to her attempting to sit on Tony’s cock. His fat dick violates her bum hole in reverse cowgirl. Great view of her body as she bounces steadily on it. Tony power fucks her anus briefly. She requests for an additional dick in her vagina. Joel comes in front of her and provides it. He pushes his big meaty pole inside her twat, performing the double penetration. When they start to move both inside her she gets very vocal and excited as she spots their balls banging. The angle of the action is superb, as we can observe her whole body, her ample tits and her facial expressions along with the clear view of both of the her holes getting stretched by the simultaneous penile reaming. Both guys are able to apply some decent stroking. Nice camera catch by Chico. She loves it and we love it too. If they stayed a little more she would definitely experienced a tremendous orgasm. Joel pulls out and Tony fucks her asshole spoon style on the couch. She gives a blowjob to Joel at the same time. She mounts Joel in cowgirl and her love box gets filled briefly before Tony comes around, completing the DP by inserting his dick in her bum hole. Some ATMs occure. Then back to cowgirl DP. She takes a short break and then they go for some more cowgirl DP. Both of her holes get a sheer pounding. She doesn’t feel so great this time, but eventually she takes it well. The DP ends and now Tony fucks her asshole doggy style while she is giving head to Joel. Joel takes a turn on her bum hole too as the guys alternate roles. Tony sodomizes her in the same position. Chico captures it from beneath. Joel fucks her anus in missionary mode. Tony goes the same way. Joel again. Then Tony. Tony tries some foot job too. Then he fucks her vagina. A little more missionary anal and they both unload on her face. A very good DP scene. I liked Poppy Morgan very much. I really want to see her again.

Final thoughts.

This is a nice flick. I would comment it as a rather entertaining creation where you can experience a stream of different emotions by watching it. Sometimes it’s funny, other times is ridiculous, sometimes is exciting, other times is interesting, sometimes is too rough, other rimes is hot. Whatever, the sex generally was intense and all the girls at least attractive. The audio/video quality was flawless, the camera capture was good and the DVDs extras ok.

PS1. A small information for those who care. The vast majority of adult stars, who have performed DPs in multiple ways, prefer the reverse cowgirl position. However, because this pose it is physically and technically demanding, not all of the females, males and directors are able to achieve. I will come back to this matter in a later review.

PS2. I have been slept with a few girls from Britain. You see, my sister used to work in a hotel in Rhodes island. I was visiting her in the summers, where many British tourists were there for vacations. Anyway, most of them were very instructive in bed. They were very experienced sexually and all of them had rather big tits. Gee, I remember J… she was a young British from Newcastle and possessed some huge cans. We had sex on a bench in a patio near the swimming pool at 3.00 o’ clock in the morning. My back was aching for a week and so.

PS3. Guys. I don’t know about you, but there is something about Poppy’s British accent that turns me on. You may consider it odd, still I like to hear this “You are tearing up my munch and my bumhole you bloody bastard” kind of phrases from pretty English ladies whom I fuck the hell out of.


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