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Spin The Bottle (Wicked)

Spin The Bottle (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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GGG's ratings for Spin The Bottle (Wicked):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Spin The Bottle (Wicked) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Spin The Bottle (Wicked) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Spin The Bottle (Wicked) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Spin The Bottle (Wicked) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Spin The Bottle (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Spin The Bottle (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Spin The Bottle (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by GGG  on  9/6/2009

Spin the Bottle (Wicked, 2009)

Directed by Brad Armstrong

Plot Overview: A group of friends spend the evening playing a sexy version of spin the bottle.

Scene 1: Jenny Hendrix and Kris Slater

The first scene – a BJ only scene – is already in full swing when the film opens. As the credits appear, Jenny is going down on Kris in a stair well, treating him to some deep throating and hand work. I’m not sure what is up with this scene, but something is off – Jenny seems bored, and the positioning feels awkward. Jenny tries for some eye contact, but this doesn’t liven up proceedings too much. It should also be noted that Jenny has her implants at this stage, and possibly some other work done, which is not my thing at all. He pops on her chest, she licks him clean, and she asks if they should “go back up there.”

Scene 2: Jenna Haze and Kirsten Price

After Jenny and Kris return upstairs, we see that there is a group of friends playing spin the bottle – Jenna wants to go next, and the bottle stops on Kirsten. They start making out, and even at this point the chemistry and atmosphere is entirely different from the last scene. Maybe it’s because there is a set-up, but I think it’s more than that. It should be noted, though, that having the friends all around them, with occasional chatter, really adds to the eroticism of the scene.

Jenna starts her usual dirty talking, gets Kirsten naked, and starts going down on her with enthusiasm. She turns Kirsten on her back with her legs in the air, and really goes to town – one of the guys helpfully holds Kirsten’s leg and Jenna’s hair, again adding a sexy spontaneous feel to the scene. There are even a couple of times when Alektra Blue invades the scene to kiss Jenna, only to retake her proper place at the sidelines. It all feels quite natural and fun.

After some ass and pussy fingering for Kirsten, they transition into 69, which seems to please the crowd, and Jenna really gets into it. Jenna fingers her own butt in a doggy position, while Kirsten is working on her pussy, but then (amusingly) Jenna pretty forcefully grabs Kirsten’s chin and pushes her face into her crotch. Then the inevitable happens – Kirsten puts a beer bottle in her ass, which seems to impress Jenna, but Jenny can be seen looking bored and unimpressed in the background. Kirsten cums, and she and Jenna engage in some ATM.

This is a pretty decent scene, from two pros, and the atmosphere is fun and spontaneous. If I had to pick a “winner” it would be Jenna, simply for her trademark enthusiasm and spirit, but Kirsten is great as usual too. Jenny Hendrix loses points for looking bored, but then again maybe it was acting – immediately after the scene, she asks Kirsten, “Doesn’t that hurt?” with a scowl. I think her character is meant to be a stick-in-the-mud, but still.

Scene 3: Alektra Blue, TJ Cummings, and Chris Johnson

Alektra’s spin lands between TJ and Chris – spin again? “Fuck that! I’ll take them both!” Alektra and the guys head to another room, and she gets to work on some BJs, including deep throating, ball licking, hand work, and a good deal of spit play. It’s a bit awkward in the sense that she really devotes herself to one man at a time, leaving the other guy to sit and jerk off on his own from time to time. But for those of you that like loud, frantic BJs, this may work for you.

They get into doggy, with Alektra giving a BJ to the other guy. I wonder if this is an awkward position for her, because she seems physically tired. Not to worry though, they soon switch to missionary, where she seems more comfortable. She diddles herself while giving a BJ, and they transition to Reverse Cowgirl, which she performs on each guy briefly. When things get fast, the dreaded boob job crevices appear, but in general I think Alektra’s implants are rather nice. I should note at this point that often things seems out of shot, like the edges of the picture are cut off, and during the credits half of peoples’ names were cut off also. It’s not too much of a distraction though.

After some Cowgirl, with Alektra fingering her ass, she quickly hops off for a dual pop shot on her face, into her open mouth. This is a pretty decent scene, aside from some awkward moments, and I like Alektra’s bad girl persona. She’s a good performer, and this scene had some heat.

Scene 4: Jenny Hendrix and Mikey Butders

The gang are tired of waiting for Alektra and the boys to finish, so they carry on the game without them. It’s Mikey’s turn, and after turning down spins that land first on himself (male solo scenes are “gross” apparently) and then on his buddy Kris (Kris doesn’t swing that way), it finally lands on Jenny. Then we’re treated to a rather unfortunate set-up that only furthers the weird feeling I get about Jenny. First of all, she seems unimpressed by the match up (in fact, all of the girls agree that Mikey is a “tool”), and then Mikey makes her chew gum because she has had his friend’s cum in her mouth only moments before. Kris appeals, “What’s a little cum between friends?” but Mikey’s not hearing it. In spite of Mikey’s douchey attitude, Jenny goes off to a familiar stair well with him.

Starting out with the obligatory BJ, Jenny seems a bit more into it than before (again, perhaps because there is a set-up), and things progress pretty smoothly, with Mikey doing a lot of talking. They get into Reverse Cowgirl, with him doing most of the work, and although Jenny seems kind of into it, she engages in no diddling whatsoever. During standing doggy, Alektra and the guys walk past them down the stairs which adds to the realism, and then Jenny tells Mikey, “I want you to fucking cum,” so he does, in her open mouth.

This scene is average. I didn’t like the set-up too much, and there is something vacant about Jenny in the scene – I like her in other work she has done, but there is a lifeless quality about her in this movie. I considered that maybe she was doing that “alt porn” style, but those alt porn chicks really bring it, even while they’re doing the vacant schtick. I don’t know, something just wasn’t working for me.

Scene 5: Kirsten Price, Alektra Blue, and Kris Slater

The whole gang are reunited, and it’s Kirsten’s turn on the bottle – it lands on Kris, but after Alektra gets jealous, she’s invited to come along and “help.” They retire to another room, and start dirty talking and messing around next to a pole. Before you know it, Kris is handcuffed, much to his dismay, and Kirsten is waggling around a strap-on. Kris starts freaking out, and the girls taunt him for a while, like they’re going to fuck him in the ass. Of course, we know this won’t happen in a regular movie (things are very neatly compartmentalized and labeled these days…) but Kris still does a really good job of acting pissed off and scared.

Finally, he realizes he’s safe, they uncuff him, and the girls start fooling around on the couch. He joins them, and Alektra sucks Kirsten’s strap-on, then rides it Reverse Cowgirl while Kirsten gives Kris a BJ. After some doggy for Kirsten (the strap-on is gone by now), some missionary for Alektra, and some diddling and ass play for both girls, he cums on both their faces and they do some cum swapping. This is a pretty good scene, with great acting from Kris at the beginning, and good performances from all during the sex, especially Alektra.

Scene 6: The Whole Gang, feat. Brad Armstrong

After Alektra and co. return to the main room, Jenna is ready to get it on with TJ, but Alektra tells them to stay and perform for everyone. They’re not comfortable with that, and after some joking around, they compromise by agreeing to a BJ. Just when Jenna’s reaching in TJ’s jeans, somebody knocks on the door. It’s the pizza guy! In comes Brad Armstrong, who naturally wants to stay for the party. Mikey doesn’t want it to turn into “a sausage party” but they all eventually agree that he can stay, and he gives them free pizza (which Kris instantly chows down on, even while everyone else starts getting busy). Jenna resumes her BJ, Alektra suggests they get rid of the beer bottle entirely, and the whole cast participate in an orgy.

I find orgy scenes a bit confusing and frantic, but this is fine if that’s what you like. It’s the natural choice of ending for this particular film, so I have no problem with it, and everyone seems to be having fun.

Final Thoughts: Aside from some shady picture quality, and my ambivalent feelings about some of the more awkward moments, this is really not a bad effort from Wicked, who I normally only trust with features. The set-up really adds some eroticism to the scenes, and the cast is mostly excellent, particularly Alektra Blue and Jenna Haze. I recommend this to folks who like a bit of narrative with their all-sex movies, and of course fans of these particular ladies will most likely not be disappointed.

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