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GGG Spin The Bottle (Wicked) 3 starsSpin The Bottle (Wicked) 3 starsSpin The Bottle (Wicked) 3 stars
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Spin The Bottle (Wicked)
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Spin The Bottle (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Spin The Bottle (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Spin The Bottle (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Spin The Bottle (Wicked) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Spin The Bottle (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Spin The Bottle (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Spin The Bottle (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Spin The Bottle (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Spin The Bottle (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/7/2009
Hello porn fans wanted to do a quickie here, lol. Seriously this is a new one from Brad Armstrong and it goes to a theme that perhaps is not been tapped enough, the ole Spin the Bottle game!! Well these grown ups here are more than willing to use that freshly drunk bottle of beer and get themselves some nookie!

Jenny Hendrix:

The movie starts off with a bang, we've missed the first spin evidently as we come upon Jenny Hendrix and Kris Slater already in the act of doing the dirty deed. Actually it's more of Jenny doing it as she's the only one doing anything and it's a quite nice blowjob. As the dick sucking continued for longer than normal I came to suspect this was a bj only scene and sure enough that was what it turned out to be. We got some boob shots on Jenny, yes her new ones, and that's where the pop went along with some hitting her pretty face. I was disappointed we didn't see that ass any, maybe she'll appear in a later scene.

Jenna Haze & Kirsten Price:

Well Jenny along with Kris return to the living room where the party's centralized and it's time for another spin. Good for us it's Jenna Haze's turn and her spin lands on Kirsten Price so hell yeah some g/g action!! The ladies don't go off to another room, instead keeping this little lesbian party right there in the middle of the room so all their friend can watch, and us too!! Some good kissing by both, Jenna obviously leads the way here so far as dictating the action and Kirsten looks so good too, the ladies mesh well. There is some fine ass footage too on Miss Haze's cute tush when the girls 69. Haha, the spin the bottle bottle then comes into play as a toy. Jenna uses it to play rough with Kirsten's ass and she eats it up, though Jenna does the bottle A2M! Alektra Blue gets in the spirit at one point leaning in to kiss Jenna. Some fine action here.

Alektra Blue:

Well that bottle doesn't rest long as it's Alektra's turn and she ends up splitting between TJ Cummings and Chris Johnson. Well Alektra's a spunky girl and says fuck it, I'll take you both if you're game. Well these are guys who obviously want to fuck this girl, they'll share!! However, this will be a party just for the trio as they head to another room where Alektra gets busy on their dicks, doing the hot traditional kneel between shot for a portion of the headfest. Three scenes in and we're finally getting some dick on pussy action. Condoms are used naturally but that doesn't stop the flow, the boys drill that cookie quite nicely. Alektra keeps the frisky spirit going, slapping her pussy as it's being drilled and doing some hard riding as she switches cock to cock in reverse. No anal this time but we end with two good blasts of jizz to her face, time for another spin!

Jenny Hendrix:

The people still in the living room decide to continue without Alektra and the boys, it's Mikey Butders turn and we get some funny moments here as his first spin lands on himself-- don't think we want to watch him jerk off so another spin. Well this one lands on Kris Slater-- I don't think we're seeing gay sex today,lol, unless it's g/g so another spin and finally we get a female chosen the ultra hot Jenny Hendrix. Again the action heads to another location and we're seeing Jenny working those lips again over a fresh cock. We get another long bj session and I was wondering if again we were going to miss out on her pussy but thankfully we do get some boinking here and another amusing moment during the standing doggie. Mikey's pounding away on Jenny while we get TJ, Chris and Alektra walking downstairs fresh off their menage-a-trois! Alektra can't help but stop and doing a little P2OGM, lean up and leave some drool in Jenny's mouth, back to fucking! We close with Mikey pulling out and dropping a load to her face with POV cleanup from Jenny.

Kirsten Price & Alektra Blue:

Well it's Kirsten's turn, she's being a great hostess for the party so now time for another bit of action for her and this time she adds cock and pussy to the menu as it's Kris Slater and Alektra along for the ride. There is some kissing but then opps Kris is handcuffed to a pole- what do the ladies have in store for him, lol. Coming up from behind we have Kirsten with a strap on and they play with Kris a bit and he's the frightened guy not wanting to tap into that side, the ladies are having fun with this. Kris is good as the victim, not overplaying it to much. So the ladies stop with Kris and head over to the couch, he's also uncuffed and he gingerly walks over, taking a seat. The girls want him to jerk off while they fuck each other. Alektra does some fake head but you couldn't tell with the vigor she goes about it. Kris is then allowed in but not for any bi action,lol. No he gets to munch on Alektra's pussy. Then it's riding time on the strap on for Miss Blue while Kirsten who looks hot in glasses gets to work out her aggressions on Kris's real cock. Cool, fake cock gone and it's Kris's show from then on. Fine doggie on Kirsten who is munching on Alektra's box and we also get Miss Blue some dick luving too in mish with Kirsten doing a little face riding on her female friend. Kris was strong today firing off several ropes to each face and there's joint cleanup too from the girls. Odd start but once they got Kris fully involved this turned into a pretty good scene.

Group scene:

We keep the action going and hello, another Jenna scene!! The spinner was TJ and lucky for him the tip tilted towards the lovely Miss Haze. The group, led by Alektra, wants to keep this bit of action right there so they all can watch. Well this leads to a bit of a discussion and the duo will stay but now it seems no sex just a bj-- well I think most of us guys while missing out on fucking Jenna would die for those lips to work their magic on us, so lucky TJ! Well before the action can start we have the pizza delivery guy showing up, haha! Turns out it's Brad Armstrong and he's curious about what's happening, he senses the sex going on and wants to stay. His offer for staying, free pizza and hey free food is something even horny people can't turn down! Well it turns out we won't just have a Jenna bj but a free for all! Brad gets some with Alektra, Jenna still goes after TJ's cock and we get more pairings off as the action commences. Mikey is diving in again on Jenny's coochie while Chris is content with a tonge a some fingers on Miss Price's cookie. Alektra was definitely the most aggressive girl doing the 2 on 1 earlier, jumping in briefly in Jenny's scene and she was the driving force around keeping Brad as part of the show. Well the ladies do move around some, tasting different cock, it's hard not to gravitate to Jenna whenever she's got a schlong near her mouth and we finally get a good Jenny Hendrix ass shot when she's riding TJ in cowgirl. The action is going on everywhere but we get some fine shots for each lady. The pops then start to fly, Kirsten is facialized, Alektra takes a load on her tits while Jenna's eating her pussy below and we get a load dropped on that awesome ass of Jenna's with Alektra licking it up and then sharing with Miss Haze! Kirsten isn't done and receives another strong facial blast from Kris with some fine cleanup after. Back to Jenny's ass as we get some good doggie to close this one out, Alektra right there and the ladies end up sharing this load with Alektra then rubbing it all over Jenny's boobs and licking at it!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I was curious about this one the minute I got it. The cast was great and the action once I turned it on didn't disappoint. Alektra was a driving force in this one doing some fine work, taking on two cocks in one scene. Jenna Haze doesn't disappoint either doing a sizzling g/g with Kirsten and also using those lips for other naughty things! Jenny Hendrix was pretty good in this too doing the bj scene and then fucking Mikey in the hallway with a nice assist from Alektra doing a quick P2OGM. Well worth a rental for the action captured. Unfortunately no BTS in the extras which is a bit strange but we get a bonus scene from House Of Wicked-- it's the big g/g scene with all the contract hotties save for Stormy Daniels.

We have a few minutes left, time for all the hotties to get together, notably absent here was Stormy, I missed her in this but you had jessica, Kirsten, Kaylani, Alektra and Mikayla. The ladies do a lot of posing here, some you saw in their respective scenes and they have on the same outfits worn too. Lots of good visual here as we see these beauties shown off one final time. We end up with Kaylani sitting doing solo play while Mikayle pairs off with Kirsten and jessica is with Alektra. I don't think Kaylani will be alone for long and the whole group will interchange I'm sure in these last few moments. Sure enough we get Kaylani working herself into the jessica/ Alektra pairing, pussy eating for Kaylani while jessica uses a toy on Miss Lei, licking off the juices when she pulls it out. There is even a bit of face sitting shot for Kaylani, I very much like seeing pussy being placed over a face in such a manner. The girls do switch it up too, Kirsten going with Alektra and Mikayla doing some coochie play on jessica. Brad does a good job letting the shots linger just long enough to give you a flavor of the passion going on. There is some toy anal play too for Kirsten and jessica works in two so a toy dp. The girls end with some good pussy cleaning off the toys/ kissing and I'd say that puts a cap on a pretty good title, only wished Stormy had been in this scene too.

That was my little piece on that scene from my review for the movie. This new one is solid and well worth a look. Hot girls and the sex kept the interest level high.

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