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Sperma Uberraschung

Sperma Uberraschung

Studio: GGG
Category:  Cumshots , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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Ryan81's ratings for Sperma Uberraschung:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Sperma Uberraschung overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Sperma Uberraschung Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Sperma Uberraschung Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Sperma Uberraschung Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Sperma Uberraschung Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sperma Uberraschung DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sperma Uberraschung A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Ryan81  on  8/13/2006
Ok, I bought this title by chance really when I was down in London the other day. There were plenty of GGG titles but somehow I decided to get this one. Boy, did I choose the right one!

The film only has two scenes and two girls per scene but they are long and superb!


The first scene stars Anna and the well-known Annette Schwarz. Both girls are blondes and Anna especially has a great ass and huge, natural tits. It begins with the two girls dancing and rubbing against each other before Annette gets down on her knees and starts to lick Anna's pussy. After abit of foreplay, the main GGG male performer (I think he's called "Beast" or "Machine") comes along and inserts his massive cock into Anna's mouth, while Annette continues to eat her out.

Anna obviously can't take his cock all the way but she does a great job of trying to. Eventually, he starts to titty fuck her and then makes her lick and suck his balls. As if that wasn't enough, she starts to eat his ass aggressively, all the while getting her face pushed deeper and deeper between his cheeks.

Annette then briefly leaves the scene and we see Anna on her knees, smoking his massive cock. The camera then moves behind and underneath him, so we get a better view of how Anna is sucking his cock.
After some time, he begins to fuck her in her pussy. Before long, a group of men jerk their loads into her mouth and onto her face. She swallows their loads without any trouble, with JT asking "is it all gone?" and Anna mumbling "aha"

Before long, Annette is back, lapping up the leftover cum from Anna's face and then spitting it onto her pussy and tits, slurping it back up and spitting it back into Anna's willing mouth. More and more men continue to arrive in droves and jerk off into Anna's mouth, while she continues to get fucked without a pause. Annette naturally slurps up all the cum.

The scene ends with Anna getting an ovation from the GGG crew and barely able to sit up. Absolutely top rate!


Now, for something completely different and original!
The luscious Nicole and the sexy Cissie begin to dance before Cissie starts to lick Nicole's pussy for a little while. After this, they both get on their knees and are provided with a cock each. After some nice, deep, sensual sucking, they get fucked, Nicole in her pussy and Cissie in her pussy to begin with but eventually gets the anal treatment, as does Nicole.

Nicole gets well and truly covered in spunk, walks over to where Cissie has stuck out her delicious ass and buries her face between Cissie's cheeks. JT then pans to Cissie's face and starts speaking to her briefly in German, presumably about how she likes it, etc.
We see Nicole eating and licking Cissie's asshole a little bit longer and then move on.

Both girls are kneeling side by side, with Cissie holding the VHS cover of "Cissie: Sperma Superstar" and are ready to receive loads of cum, with Cissie saying "We are ready to eat...!" or something similar. After both girls get doses of cum, Nicole is handed a long, plastic tube and proceeds to place it on Cissie's face and her mouth, while the guys are still cumming on her face and into her mouth.

Nicole then slurps up all the sperm in Cissie's mouth and as much off her face as she can. She then stands up and slurps all the sperm that has accumulated in her mouth back down into Cissie's mouth. There is so much sperm that even a sexy, experienced cum slut like Cissie gags for a moment. As the sperm keeps flowing, it runs off onto Cissie's tits and the VHS cover.
JT inquires "You haven't swallowed it all?" and Cissie replies with something like:
"No, unfortunately it ran out, but I can slurp it up off the cover" which she does with great aplomb.

Then, Cissie gets up, walks a few paces and lies down on her back, with the cum still in her mouth. Nicole inserts the other side of the tube into Cissie's asshole and Cissie then sucks the tube and gets some cum into the tube but it doesn't quite reach her ass.
What's the solution? More cum, of course! She gets a heavy dose of sperm from about 3-4 guys and is then asked by JT:

"Is the sperm going to go into your ass?" and Cissie replies:
"My ass? Yeah...." and directly slurps the cum down into her ass. Nicole wants a taste and so takes the tube off Cissie and sucks the sperm into her mouth and swallows it.

However, there is still quite abit of cum left around Cissie's ass and so she moves into pile-driver position and Nicole sucks up the rest of the sperm out of her ass. Cissie, however, has not given Nicole all the sperm yet. She holds her face and spits all the sperm into Nicole's mouth. With any that is let over, Cissie rubs it against Nicole's pussy and the film ends with both girls getting fucked doggy-style.

The extras include trailers and that's it. To be honest, though, with quality like this, you don't worry about extras. This film is superb from beginning to end and if all bukkake films were anywhere near this good, we would be very lucky indeed!
Saying that, however, maybe it's more of a treat when we only get to see such a creative and perverse film once in a while. We certainly appreciate them all the more for it!

My recommendation to bukkake and GGG fans is this: GET IT!

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