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Studio: GGG
Category:  Cumshots , Foreign
Directed by:

Released on: 
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ICEFLOE5948's ratings for Sperma-Sadismus!:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Sperma-Sadismus! overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Sperma-Sadismus! Female looks rating 1.5 stars
Male Looks Sperma-Sadismus! Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Sperma-Sadismus! Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Sperma-Sadismus! Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Sperma-Sadismus! DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sperma-Sadismus! A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by ICEFLOE5948  on  12/22/2002

General information
Movie title: Sperma-Sadismus!
Translation: Sperm Sadism!
Spoken language: German *
Scenes: 3
Length: 82 mins

* not much is said in GGG movies in general but in this one, absolutely nothing is said.

About the DVD
Picture: Good quality
Sound: Direct and o.k.
Menu: “Play movie” and “Play Trailers”

Judging from the cover
This girl is a cutie! (note the daisies in her hairs :D) The background image also shows a beautiful blonde with a massive amount of thick sperm on her forehead and another load of the same consistency being dispatched on her tongue! Other than that are images of the main girl being splashed in the traditional way. Compared to what can be found on other GGG covers, the content of this DVD looks rather soft and simple.

The Girls
There’s 7 of them including GGG’s “mascot” Betty. In this movie, she is dressed in a black leather outfit and is “dominating” the other girls, making sure their mouths are being kept open. The main girl (let’s call her daisy-girl) who appears in all 3 scenes is quite beautiful. Her eyes are found to be grey-blue at the beginning of scene 3 as she gives the camera a pleasant dirty look. Face, ass, pussy and legs are really sweet although her breast really lack in the volume department for her tits doesn’t fit the rest of it. (It is worst than on the cover). There is also a black girl whose face is o.k. with her short semi-bleached hairs but again her body is weird (something with her belly :/). Basically, all girls have something icky on them except for one whose tanned butt marvellously matches the curvature of her hips. But keep in mind that the whole film is focusing on daisy-girl and the other ones aren’t shown much.

Swallowing: Yes!
Snowball: Yes!
Anal: No
Golden Shower: No
Spitting (saliva): Yes!
Deep Throat: No (ok, during one second from Betty)
Fisting: No
Big breast: No

Scene 1: The flick begin with the seven girls stirring slowly in a dark and smoky ambiance that somehow reminds me of the ancient Greek and Romans orgies. Originality, nice start! Suddenly, the lights are lit and the women are found standing and bending as a large number of men have been magically dispatched to occupy them. Then again, the scene abruptly changes. Some girls are now lying on the bed-like furniture while Betty is weakly whipping them. Daisy-girl, wearing a light pink dress, is in the middle of them all and the main attraction for Betty’s small whip. It doesn’t take long before men begin to come to daisy-girl for a deposit. As soon as a load is being delivered, Betty grabs what she can of it and let the girls around have a taste of it. This thing goes on and not much happen. After a while Betty gather a bit of cum in her mouth and pass it to daisy through a small snowball. All in all: BAD.

Scene 2: The scene starts with a brunette being banged from behind and leaning on a red chair. She isn’t bad at that :). Then the main girl appears; still wearing that same fade pink dress. Then the black girl joins in. This goes on for a little while before the scenery changes completely to Daisy and the brunette lying on the ground, their legs linked to each other’s by a chain. This is where you can witness daisy-girl’s best attributes. Her tight pussy is being taken care of diligently! Behind them are 3 other girls, leaning on a big blue piece of furniture, who are being submitted to the same treatment. A first CS is being delivered to the group of 3 and the black girl does not hesitate to reclaim her part of the loot! Later on, Beatty comes in and gives some girls a share of her fluid saliva . She does so by using the VHS cover of Sperma Brutal . Then she goes to the chained girls, licks them, and assists the sperm-shower by making sure mouths are in proper disposition to receive the loads. Cum shots are for the most part weak and ultimately swept off the face of the receiver so no fun there for the fans of messy ending. All in all: BAD.

Scene 3: The 3rd and last scene begins with all the 7 girls lining up as the camera parades before every one of them. Then the same thing goes on as they are showing their butts. The sex starts with the same girl as scene 2 did but now she’s wearing yellow apparels. Daisy for her part is dressed as seen on the DVD cover. Both are performing hand jobs on 2 studs. Then the black girl, the blond and 2 other males appears. The blond is wearing a particularly original suit. Lots of good blowjobs are delivered, 2 on 1, nice camera angles, etc. It’s getting hot! Hot enough to start the jizz-fest. Betty comes in with a bowl and the girl in yellow opens the ceremony by eating a heavy load of thick cum from the bowl. She looks happy from her catch! Betty then moves on to the featured girl who is occupied blowing some gals right next to them. We can see impatience reflect in her eyes as she awaits her first cumshot. And what a cumshot! It lends on her right eye first then paints 2 straight lines on her nose. Now that’s art! Unfortunately Betty meddles in and make her eat the whole thing. CS 2,3,4 and 5 are also winners, which makes it so her face is completely white by then. At this time Betty let go of a dim flow of saliva to wash her face and into the bowl it lends. Then daisy swallows the content of the bowl. The scene ends up with ever more semen being spread on the 3 cumsluts. All in all: GOOD.

Personally, I very much disliked this movie. Right at the start the good mood being abruptly torn disappointed me. There’s only 3 scenes in it and 2 out of them are very boring. “Regular sex” scenes are lousy, there’s no heat and the girl moans are obviously fake. Also, I consider the chain thing in scene 2 as well as Betty and her whip in scene 1 aren’t arousing but plain ridiculous. And since I don’t appreciate “forced bukkake”, saliva trick/spitting and the fact that the girl’s look is below average, I rate this DVD 65,3% (75% being average, this explains the 1 and a half star). It would have been way lower if scene 3 wasn’t a better success. So conclusion: avoid this DVD. If you want to buy a GGG product, there are plenty of better ones as out of the 22 titles I have seen, only one rate lower than Sperma-Sadismus! It is Zu jung zum schlucken?

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