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Sperm Receptacles (Red Light District)

Sperm Receptacles (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Cumshots , Gangbang , Gonzo , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Sperm Receptacles (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Sperm Receptacles (Red Light District) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Sperm Receptacles (Red Light District) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Sperm Receptacles (Red Light District) Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Sperm Receptacles (Red Light District) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Sperm Receptacles (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Sperm Receptacles (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Sperm Receptacles (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  3/9/2006

Sperm Receptacles

Last one from Mike John at RLD? Looks like it. Tim Von Swine even chips in with a contribution to the ever-so-subtly titled Sperm Receptacles. Seven starlets send yer man off in style, taking on varying numbers of guys in a series of blowjob bangs that highlight assorted strengths and weaknesses in Mike’s characteristic approach to the mucky movie.

The movie is supposedly something of a trial run for girls who fancy themselves capable of swallowing lots of cum – one can only ask why, and indeed if, they really would choose to do so. The reality is a very occasionally compelling movie based around yet another highly contrived, self-referential premise for porn. Ours is not to reason why, just to watch and tug like fury - count your blessings as sweet Claire Robbins sucks off man after man till her mouth overflows with semen, all for your onanistic pleasure. Isn’t it ironic that such a contribution to an ultimately cheap and disposable piece of erotic entertainment requires an event that will doubtless live unpleasantly long in young Claire’s memory?

While that familiar “gluck-gluck-gluck-ahh!” sound emanating from cock-stuffed throats rends the air on numerous occasions, it might be unjust to paint SR (I just can’t bring myself to type that title again) as some viciously manipulative affair. The movie’s cheerfully exploitative style takes full advantage of the cast’s generous nature with a good-humoured approach that doesn’t merely stem from the goofy male performers stoopid comments and occasional daft underpants. The vibe is in sharp contrast to trans Atlantic offerings in a similar vein such as those from GGG.

So here we have the effusive, ebullient, effervescent Miss Misty May taking on waves of dick wielding geezers – the gorgeous glamour girl can’t quite suppress the OTT teen brat inside. Compare this with the more quietly obliging, dusky Victoria and doe-eyed darling Lexi Luv. One can’t help wondering if Mike takes one look at a young babe like Lexi, contrasts her with the motley crew of knobs assembled to supply cock, and thinks to himself: isn’t it wrong that I’m asking this young girl to suck Dick Nasty’s veiny old dobber? Should she really be blowing all those hoary old geezers, often-anonymous troopers from the ranks of porn’s unheralded foot soldiers? I know the answer, and I fully appreciate Mike’s dilemma. A profound awareness of the double-edged sword is surely involved here.

Still, it took me two or three goes to make it all the way through, watching in piecemeal fashion, and that was with the serious incentive of seeing the fabulous if omnipresent (at time of writing) Gianna in action. If making a choice on a movie to buy, my suggestion would be to try Service Animals 22 to see her in some fiery old action in tandem with Misty May, two girls who’re damn close to making a fan boy out of me. Almost. But not quite.

Like a lot of Mike’s stuff, SR sticks resolutely to its stated theme with some sound shooting but modest imagination – only Vivian’s scene features any actual fucking and (as the other astute reviewers of this movie have noted), the pre and post scene chats can be just as interesting as the action itself.

While I might be intrigued in the mentality that allows an attractive young woman like Erin Moore to be quite so sanguine about the prospect of sucking off fifteen men before ingesting ejaculate by the bowlful, Mike’s limited tolerance (or perhaps his sense of the potential audience’s limited tolerance) for such cerebral concerns is perhaps what constrains the movie’s ultimate appeal. Having breached the topic, given the extraordinary circumstances of the events depicted, I would have thought a little more insight might lend the movie a little more interest, but one comment from Mike sums it all up: “Fuck all this talk, let’s see your tits.”

Maybe Mike’s a meat and potatoes man at heart, but he also knows what side his bread is buttered on – why waste the stroking public’s time on amateur psychoanalysis when 2 hours 40 of sword swallowing feats and goo guzzling could be theirs for a mere $20 or so?

DVD Information
Studio/Label: Red Light District
Director: Mike John
Cast: Misty May, Gianna, Lexi Luv, Erin Moore, Vivian West, Claire Robbins, Victoria Sweet, Lefty LaRue, Tone Capone, Juan Cuba, Face Blaster, Kyle Stone, Dick Nasty, Mike Hash, Jon Dough, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Nick East, Carlton Banks, Brandon Iron, Frank Black, Brad Baldwin, and the Sperm Donors
Running time: 2hrs 41mins
Video: NTSC / All regions
Audio: Dolby 2.0
Features: Behind the scenes, photo gallery, web access

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